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  • This Blog’s For You!

    To our valued clients, friends and
    family, this blog is for you! The idea behind this blog is to provide
    another way for you to
    communicate with us. We want to know how we can help you find the
    jewelry that will make your eyes sparkle and your wallet happy!
    Your comments will help us do a better job because after all, we’re
    in business for you, to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that will
    bring you happiness and joy for a lifetime!

    As a third generation jeweler, my aim
    is to help you find the best value possible. Whether it’s brokering a
    collection-quality natural diamond, creating a one of a kind heirloom
    or helping you decide between the many excellent diamond
    alternatives, you can always expect world class service and excellent
    overall value from my company.

    So let’s have some fun with this great
    interactive medium! I encourage you to ask questions on anything fine
    jewelry related such as making a custom piece of jewelry, choosing
    the right metal for your piece or questions on gemstones and pearls.
    I also welcome any questions and comments on natural diamonds and
    diamond alternatives such as clarity enhanced diamonds, moissanite
    and Gemesis cultured diamonds. Sign up for the feed and check back
    often. I’ll do my best to keep the posts informative, interesting and
    with you in mind. And remember, we want to hear from you, so keep the
    feedback coming!