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Jewelry Education and Advice

  • Layering (Stacking) your Necklaces Like a Pro

    We’ve shared several videos over the years on the topic of necklace layering (or stacking) but many have commented that when they do it themselves, it can look “too much” or “clumsy.”

    This video shares advice for those who are looking for subtler layering techniques so you don’t feel like Mr. T ; )

  • Statement Earrings Poised to Get Even BIGGER for 2019

    If there has been one jewelry trend that I keep writing about, year after year, it’s the statement earring. And just when I thought they couldn’t make any more statements, I read today that they’re about to get even bigger!

    How will earlobes handle it, I wonder? Will we need ear reinforcements designed to withstand all this fashionable weight? (Truth be told, the last time I wore really big earrings, I was surprised how light they were to wear. Maybe designers feel our pain.)

    According to Bazaar, the Fall 2019 collections highlight large, LARGE earrings, chockfull of colorful crystals, tribal beads and angular shapes. Mismatched earrings are still up and down the runway (so make sure you keep those single earrings of yours). And last but not least, long, dangly earrings that often make it as far as your shoulder.

    Looking for your own statement earrings? We’ve made many custom jewelry design statement earrings over the years. Check out the Fall trends for 2019, send us your inspiring images and lets make a statement out of you this season!

    Peace Earrings, Peace symbol measures 7mm, entire piece is 53mm tall.

    Peace Earrings, Peace symbol measures 7mm, entire piece is 53mm tall.

  • Crystals Used in Facials – Fact or Fad?

    Crystals have a long New Agey history. Who hasn’t heard about the powers they may (or may not) possess and how they can help balance your energy, “center” you or even heal a broken heart (thank you, rose quartz).

    But can crystals be used in facials to beautify the skin? Before you think its just some fly by night fad, know that some of the top celebrities in Hollywood (thank you, Jennifer Aniston) are using crystals in their skin treatments…and with high praise.

    We’re not talking about ground up crystals put in cleansers as a form of exfolloiant (though undoubtedly that has also been tried). The current crystal trend either entails rolling a shaped crystal over your face to loosen muscles and stimulate circulation (called facial rolling) or simply placing crystals on your face for an extended period of time. Pretty easy, right? 

    “Crystals vibrate at different [frequencies] and help bring our faces and bodies into sync so they can glow,” claims Joey Wargachuk, a crystal reader at Happy Soul in Toronto. “When you place them on different meridians, which are the different energy pressure points of the face, they literally absorb heat and release it.” [Fashionista]

    But do crystal facials work? Well, there will most probably be no scientific studies on the topic, nor would they yield many helpful results. But if you believe in the strength and power of crystals, then lying them on a particular region of the body would target its strength, at least in theory.

    Even if you don’t believe in crystals, there is something comforting about having the weight of something that smooth and heavy on your face. It reminds us of your facial muscles and (hopefully) reminds us to relax a little!

    Learn more about gua sha:


  • The Jewelry People Were Wearing the Year you Were Born

    This really fun Cosmo article takes you back to the year of your birth so you can see what kind of jewelry others were wearing. Really cool, right? 

    Well there’s one caveat: it only goes back as far as 1985. Sorry old timers  – if you were born before 1985, you’ll just have to do some Google research yourself. (Which is relatively easy: simply Google your year of birth along with the words “jewelry trends.)

    Here’s a shot of a jewelry trend from 1976. (Yes, it is a show about the 1950’s but Laverne & Shirley was such a hit that oversized pearl necklaces were donned all across America in ’76. Plus, a nod to Penny Marshall, whom we lost last week…sigh.)



  • Could Pasta Jewelry EVER Look Good?

    Making pasta jewelry as children made sense: what else could you string more readily than elbow macaroni, with the hole built right in?

    But pasta jewelry could never be something you wear as a “grown up” right?

    Um…think again.

    Pasta company Barilla and Delicacies Jewelry have joined forces to create wearable, fun pasta jewelry for adults with a strong “child within.” The name of the collection? The Al Dente collection of course.

    Chef Kristin Kish said the following to say about this distinctly yummy jewelry:

    Elbow macaroni is one of those shapes that you see and immediately think of your childhood, and these are the memories that stick with me the most. As a chef and with new dish creation, I pull an immense amount from my childhood memories. To me, the elbow is also a reminder to see the world through the eyes of a child, with innocence, curiosity, acceptance, growth, and resilience.


  • Sustainably Sourced Wood – Jewelry Trend 2018

    Tree, Nature, Wood, Kahl, Log, Tribe

    Is it merely a fashion trend for the summer? Or is an indication of trends to come, where women wear jewelry with more sustainable and ecologically sound implications?

    As wood continues to replace heavier metals in fashion jewelry, the reasons for it are varied.

    Of course, there’s the obvious: in the summer, jewelry made of wood instead of metal is simply lighter to wear. (We know how annoying heavy metal jewelry can be in a hotter climate. Come visit us in Scottsdale, AZ! )

    And according to a recent Bloomberg article, this trend is nothing recent:
    “We can see it in artisanal crafts going back 6,000 years,” Katey Brunini says. And unlike precious metals and mined stones, it’s naturally renewable: Her sources for woods such as Costa Rican cocobolo follow rules from the Forest Stewardship Council, an international nonprofit which promotes responsible forest management.
    And also, there’s an interesting metaphysical element to this kind of jewelry making as well:
    As for Brooklyn-based designer Mark Davis, in addition to sustainable American walnut and African blackwood, he says he reclaims timber from old buildings because it’s a “dense wood that lived its life previously.”
     Of course, there’s the cost as well. Wood in jewelry is less expensive than precious metals. A customer can opt for a larger piece without it costing drastically more. Whatever the reason, we love the idea of natural materials being integrated into jewelry making. It brings us closer to nature…and simply looks good!



  • Hearts are Back! (Were they ever gone?)

    Romantic diamond heart necklace featuring 1/8ct t.w. of diamonds, includes a 16" cable chain. Measures approximately 11x18mm. Available in all metals.

    Romantic diamond heart necklace featuring diamonds and a 16″ cable chain.

    When we read this recent piece in JCK, we had to smile. From a jewelry designer’s view, hearts are a long-standing symbol in many types of jewelry, including engagement rings.

    But this basic symbol of love is also appearing more and more on the red carpet and on the runway more frequently, including collections by Lizzie Forunato, Brent Neale, Retrouvaí and Carolina Bucci. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron embrace the shape of heart in many of their fun fashions.

    One friend of mine recently purchased a heart pendant so she could attract love into her life. “I figured by wearing a reminder every day that I wanted more love in my life, it sure couldn’t hurt.”

    And why not? The symbol of the heart if powerful and beautiful. And who couldn’t stand a little more love in their lives?

    So we stand behind this heart-wearing trend…but for us, it’s always been there!

  • Structural Earrings this Fall 2017

    Well, let’s face facts: statement earrings are here to stay. And for good reason: who doesn’t want their jewelry to stand out? Aside from the wow factor, statement earrings are also a simple and easy choice to really jazz up a simple outfit easily. (But remember: if you decide to go the statement jewelry route, let it standalone. Wearing other jewelry can lead to the dreaded accessory overkill!)

    This Fall season 2017, statement earrings are taking a new, harder-edged geometric twist. This means (at least in our humble opinion) outfits should support or reflect that more linear look. So unthink your Boho look and instead integrate clean lines and sharp colors that your geometrically-loving statement earrings will love.

    If you’re a beginner to statement earrings, try this pair on for size. They obviously still possess the “wow” factor (hello, pink tourmaline!) and trending geometric style, but a smaller size.

    Super pretty with a touch of whimsy, genuine Pink Tourmaline, Baby Pink Topaz, and Rhodolite Garnet earrings, set in your choice of 14kt rose, yellow, or white gold. Click on the image for more info.

  • Raw Diamonds – the Next New Trend for Engagement Rings?


    There’s a certain unmistakable beauty to a raw diamond. It’s full of possibility and wonder (to designers like us). For others, the raw diamond represents the truest form of the gem, from the earth and beautiful without any adulteration. Apparently, its also set to be a new trend in engagement rings:

    According to House Beautiful:

    When it comes to engagement rings, more and more brides are looking for designs that are unique and one-of-a-kind. That’s why colorful gems were a huge trend this past year. And now, a new stunning style is taking over: raw diamonds. These rings embrace the rough, natural texture of stones, instead of polishing them down to a smooth surface.

    Considering a raw diamond engagement ring? We can make your custom design dream come true! Contact our highly skilled staff, waiting to make an engagement ring with a distinctly raw and natural touch!

  • Model Kate Moss launched Jewelry Line

    Who knows more about jewelry trends than a supermodel who has literally donned thousands of magnificent pieces over decades? Kate Moss joins a massive registry of celebrities who have launched jewelry lines. But jewelry has been more than a passing fancy for Ms. Moss. She has loved it since she was a wee lass:

    According to Vogue:

    “I would always hunt at Christmas for the smallest box and hope there was a piece of jewellery inside.” In 1997 she told Vogue, “It’s my drug of choice.”

    Collaborating with Brazilian designer Ara Vartanian, the jewelry reflects “pieces that have meaning and that you can wear every day.” This includes pieces with medieval symbolism and amulet-protection qualities. “These pieces aren’t about fashion,” insists Vartanian. “The stones and attitude give them a powerful energy, they are forever.”