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Sustainably Sourced Wood – Jewelry Trend 2018

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Is it merely a fashion trend for the summer? Or is an indication of trends to come, where women wear jewelry with more sustainable and ecologically sound implications?

As wood continues to replace heavier metals in fashion jewelry, the reasons for it are varied.

Of course, there’s the obvious: in the summer, jewelry made of wood instead of metal is simply lighter to wear. (We know how annoying heavy metal jewelry can be in a hotter climate. Come visit us in Scottsdale, AZ! )

And according to a recent Bloomberg article, this trend is nothing recent:
“We can see it in artisanal crafts going back 6,000 years,” Katey Brunini says. And unlike precious metals and mined stones, it’s naturally renewable: Her sources for woods such as Costa Rican cocobolo follow rules from the Forest Stewardship Council, an international nonprofit which promotes responsible forest management.
And also, there’s an interesting metaphysical element to this kind of jewelry making as well:
As for Brooklyn-based designer Mark Davis, in addition to sustainable American walnut and African blackwood, he says he reclaims timber from old buildings because it’s a “dense wood that lived its life previously.”
 Of course, there’s the cost as well. Wood in jewelry is less expensive than precious metals. A customer can opt for a larger piece without it costing drastically more. Whatever the reason, we love the idea of natural materials being integrated into jewelry making. It brings us closer to nature…and simply looks good!