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A Peak into Summer Jewelry Trends 2012

Well, summer is almost here. (Well, in Scottsdale, Arizona, it’s been plenty hot already.) So what will you be wearing this summer? Have you treated yourself to a few new pieces? A new bathing suit? A floppy hat that provides tons of sun protection? How about some movie star sunglasses?

If you’re looking for tips on jewelry trends, this is what one expert has to say:

In 2011 the jewelry tendencies showcased big, bold and chunky pieces. In 2012 the top 10 jewelry trends are all about classic pieces for the spring as well as natural pieces for the fall collection. 2012 will be all about sustainability, recycled, raw pieces that will range from classic to exotic. We will also see that few trends that started out in 2011 that will continue to be hot fashion items in 2012, such as the big and bold rings as well as mix of vintage with a contemporary flair.

In addition bright colors will also be a huge within jewelry industry and you can expect to see bold / unexpected color combinations. Large gemstones and natural geodes and crystals will also be so in!