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Diamond Engagement Rings

  • The Significance of a Three Stone Ring

    Three Stone Ring
    Three Stone Ring - Lower View
    Three Stone Ring - Top View

    As seasoned custom designers, we’ve seen three stone engagement rings wax and wane in popularity during our decades in business… but frankly, they only wane so much.

    Visually, there’s the classic appeal of a three stone ring, with it’s dazzling “wrapping effect” around the finger.

    But perhaps more importantly, there’s the deep significance that resides in a three stone engagement ring. Of course, there’s the obvious symbolism: a ring that represents the past, present and future of love.

    Some opt for the middle stone to be the largest, to serve as a reminder of the importance of living in the present, not holding on to grudges from the past or worrying excessively about the future.

    Three stones can also symbolize fidelity, friendship and love–a wearable reminder of the keys to a good relationship.

    Lastly, three stone rings can also possess religious significance with the stones representing the Holy Trinity.

    So as you see, a three stone ring can mean many things to the wearer. One thing it always means? Beauty.

    Let us custom design a three stone engagement ring that’s right for you. We’re experts at translating your deepest wishes into a wearable reality.

  • Blake Lively (Esque) Oval Engagement Ring

    Do you have celebrity ring dreams?  So do we!  One of the most fabulous celeb engagement rings belongs to the lovely Blake Lively, and we are ready to recreate the glam look just for you!  Shown here, with a massive 10x14mm oval moissanite center set in rose gold, this ring is nothing sort of amazing. 

    If 8ct feels a little *too* celeb for you, we can recreate this using the center stone of your choice.  You can keep it like the original, and make this ring in rose gold, or make it all your own and pick the metal of your choice.  This dazzling setting sparkles from all angles and showcases pave on all three sides of the shank, as well as under the center stone.  Let us make your celebrity ring dreams a reality.

    The above is a CAD rendering to show you how this ring could look. Below is a real-life version of this ring that we recently made with a round center stone.

    Check out the beautiful 10x14mm oval moissanite we have reserved for this design. This is quite possibly the last remaining 14 x 10mm oval Forever Brilliant moissanite left.

  • Not All “High Quality” Diamonds Are The Same

    We’ve been working with a client who was working with another jeweler on a very high quality diamond, Triple X (cut, polish, symmetry), GIA graded, but it had a super low price, which we found difficult to compete with. See his comments below.

    “Yes, the 1.5ct was ex cut, ex sym and ex polish. They showed me the certificate too because I thought maybe it was labeled incorrectly. Compared to the stone I bought it really didn’t sparkle as much.”

    This is a great example of how seeing a diamond, or having someone help you with choosing one, is the best way to buy a diamond rather than relying solely on the paperwork. It would be similar to buying a piece of artwork based only on a typed description. They both need to be experienced! We’re here to help you find the perfect, most beautiful diamond!