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Diamond Engagement Rings

  • Tension Set Engagement Rings – the Right Choice for You?

    Tension set engagements rings are a popular engagement ring choice that allows the diamond or moissanite stone to appear as if it is simply floating on the band. This process is nearly 40 years old and has been perfected to allow for this beautiful visual design while being secure enough to ensure that the diamond will stay safely in place. In short, tension set engagement rings also provide the gem with greater visibility.

    History of tension set rings

    Tension set rings were created in the early 1960’s by German goldsmith and kinetic jewelry creator, Friedrich Becker. Mr. Becker utilized lateral pressure to secure the stone between a spring-hardened ring shank.

    By the 1990’s, tension ring setting methods were improved upon, by using a mixture of alloys to create spring compression. These tension settings exert approximately 12000 pounds per square inch, securely holding the precious stone in place. Only the hardest of gemstones can be tension mounted. This includes moissanite, diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

    Are tension set stones lost more often?

    Many worry about losing the stone. And who wouldn’t wonder? The stone can seem precariously placed on the ring. But created correctly, these rings will last hundreds of years before losing even a little of its compressive strength.

    Interestingly, a four-pronged engagement ring has a higher likelihood of gem loss. And as long as proper metallurgy techniques are put in place (which we ensure), you can have a ring that truly showcases the gem in an almost magical way.

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  • Video of Style 8714

    Here’s a short video of our style 8714 with hand applied filigree, hand engraving, pave set diamonds and a cushion cut center stone. The ring is made of platinum. (scroll down below the picture for the video).