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  • V.V. & R.M. Rosebud Engagement Ring with Custom Band

  • J.G. & C.M. Custom Wedding Band

  • S.H. Antique Sapphire/Emerald Halo Ring

  • A.B. & O.K. Six Prong Solitaire with Accent Diamond

  • J.Y. & J.A. Three Stone Pear and Baguette Engagement Ring

  • J.C. Oval Sapphire Filigree Antique Style Ring

  • C.S. Marquise Cross Pendant

  • C.L. & N.L. Tanzanite Necklace

  • M.R. & R.B. Black and White Diamond Wedding Band 2

  • The Rock Band (Custom Design Men’s Jewelry)

    Simply put: this ring rocks.

    This men’s ring is inspired by a famous rock and roll guitarist who was famously known for taping his guitar with gaffer’s tape to create this completely iconic look. The relief is cut with a laser and the red is a cerakote coating (a super hard ceramic-based finish applied to metals).

    We can create this rock star ring in any metal including all colors of gold, platinum and alternative metals (like cobalt chrome, tantalum and titanium).

    So if you really want to “dance the night away” or go “running with the devil” this ring is for you. No, we “ain’t talking about love” but a distinctively fun and seriously “unchained” ring.

    (Did you guess the rock star yet ; )

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