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  • E.H. Pear Shape Duchess Engagement Ring

  • C.D. Diamond Cross Necklace

  • J.F. & E.W. Old Mine Cut Scottsdale Solitaire

  • Custom Design Lavender Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Necklace

    This custom design pendant and necklace pictured below is a wedding gift to a bride from her groom. So many couples have had their special day dramatically changed or even cancelled because of Covid-19, it truly warms our hearts to see this groom go the extra mile to make his new bride’s day extra special.

    This piece truly exemplifies custom design in our opinion, where every detail represents this couple’s particular love.

    What are the different colors of Tahitian pearls?

    Tahitian pearls come in a range of colors from white to black. They can contain various undertones and overtones of green, pink, blue, silver and yellow.

    Which pearl overtones are right for me? 

    The overtone color of a pearl is a translucent, subtle hint of color that covers the pearl’s surface. It is secondary to the body color of the pearl. It’s always safe to go with “no overtone” unless you know what overtone the wearer prefers.

    With that said, here are a few hints when it comes to choosing your Tahitian pear:

    Fair skin is better complimented by a slightly rose overtone.

    Graying hair or darker skin is compliment by a more silver overtone.

    Looking for a special pendant or necklace, where every aspect of the necklace is infused with your unique love?

    We create custom design jewelry meant for a lifetime of cherished wear. Reach out to someone on our team for a consultation. We’re happy to discuss your ideas, even if you’re not 100% sure of what you want. (We’re good at guiding!)

  • D.T.


  • E.F. Oval Engagement Ring


  • C.B. Custom Turquoise Wedding Ring

  • I just wanted to reach out with a very heart filled Thank You!

    Good Morning Joe!
    I just wanted to reach out with a very heart filled Thank You! Ani and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary yesterday. As planned, I surprised her with the ring I purchased from you. It was a complete shock and brought her to tears when I gave it to her. The ring is absolutely perfect. Exceptional quality, fit and finish. She said I knocked it out of the park on this one!

    Thank you again for all the help. Hopefully we will see each other the next time we are in Phoenix and I/we can thank you in person.

    Best Regards

  • B.B. & A.V. Three Stone Round and Baguette Engagement Ring

  • B.H. Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring