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Diamond Engagement Rings

  • C.S. All Marquise Stackable Wedding Band

  • Blake Lively (Esque) Oval Engagement Ring

    Do you have celebrity ring dreams?  So do we!  One of the most fabulous celeb engagement rings belongs to the lovely Blake Lively, and we are ready to recreate the glam look just for you!  Shown here, with a massive 10x14mm oval moissanite center set in rose gold, this ring is nothing sort of amazing. 

    If 8ct feels a little *too* celeb for you, we can recreate this using the center stone of your choice.  You can keep it like the original, and make this ring in rose gold, or make it all your own and pick the metal of your choice.  This dazzling setting sparkles from all angles and showcases pave on all three sides of the shank, as well as under the center stone.  Let us make your celebrity ring dreams a reality.

    The above is a CAD rendering to show you how this ring could look. Below is a real-life version of this ring that we recently made with a round center stone.

    Check out the beautiful 10x14mm oval moissanite we have reserved for this design. This is quite possibly the last remaining 14 x 10mm oval Forever Brilliant moissanite left.

  • Buying a Wedding or Engagement Ring you Can Afford

    What’s the top stressor for a soon-to-be married couple?

    It’s a pretty easy guess, right? Finances. And it stands to reason. The way we manage our money says a lot about us. Often we don’t realize the way our significant other deals with money until we’re living with them.

    But even beforehand, in preparation of the Big Day, managing money certainly plays a part. Weddings can be exorbitantly expensive and we often overspend in an attempt to have the most perfect wedding possible. Then the bills rolls in months later and a newly wed couple feels the distinct strain of financial woes.

    Ever since we started our business (over 100 years ago!), we considered finances along with the couples who have passed through our doors, always attempting to make sure the engagement and wedding ring you choose is something you can afford. The beautiful part? No sacrifices are needed. Diamond alternatives (like moissanite or lab grown diamonds) are available, making that “wow” factor so many women search for more than possible.

    When you contact us, we discuss your budget and happily work within it. Start your marriage off fiscally right without sacrificing a single bling