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  • A.T. Custom Cathedral Engagement Ring

  • Fancy Yellow/Canary Yellow Marquise Diamonds

    Shown in different lighting

  • J.M. & J.Y. Custom Made Three Stone Round and Pear Engagement Ring

  • O.K. Emerald Cut Anniversary Band

  • F.C. & J.V. Pear Shape Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

  • S.W. & S.W. Wide Bypass Cathedral Engagement Ring

  • D.B. & C.B. Custom Halo Wedding Set with Round Center

  • V.D. Oval Marbella Engagement Ring

  • J.S. Oval Rosebud Solitaire with Twist Band

  • 5 Stone Oval Trapezoid Trillion Ring

    We’re seeing an uptick in interest when it comes to 5 stone rings. And why not? It makes an incredible anniversary ring and can be deeply customized where each gem represents something personal and significant to the one wearing it.

    Visually, what a five star sparkle experience huh?

    If you’re interested in your own custom design 5 stone ring, let’s talk details.