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Customer Testimonials

  • A three stone ring!

    Thank you for the kind words below.  I feel like we not only picked up a nice ring, but also a distant friend.  Sometimes you never know who you’ll run into, but you seem like a great person with a wonderful energy.

    Details–well, it worked out that the ring was trapped in the ice and snow that weekend.  So, when our last day before vacation came (a Tuesday), I suggested that we go out after work and get a nice dinner.  The first place I tried to take us was this nice lake and park not too far from here, but it was dark and closed (and Judy was a little nervous about that).  So, I went to plan B–there was this beautiful Holiday Lights celebration at a park not too far from here.  3.5 miles in a warm car driving through pretty amazing displays.  Add to that it was dark, pretty lights, 2 feet of snow still on the ground and a frozen lake. Judy was really having a great time, and then when we pull up by a frozen lake, and a peacock display (which is a sign of good fortune and wealth in her culture), I surprised her with it.  She was totally shocked and then quickly said yes and was in a daze for the rest of the ride.  We then went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants which happened to have a variety of dishes from her culture (she’s Taiwanese).  It’s funny–was a total surprise for her even though we recently discussed designs.  She thought that it would have taken you guys several more weeks to do it, and was suspicious when I was mentioning how great it would be to have Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day on the same weekend (she thought I would do it then in February).  Also, I got the package without her knowing, so she didn’t have a clue.

    As I mentioned, she loves the ring.  She’s constantly playing with it and looking at it, and even just a little while ago was commenting on another little nuance that she really likes about it (the smooth progression and rounding on the band).  She comments regularly with how great of a job was done on it.

    Without torturing you any more, we’ve just taken some pictures.  They’re attached below (these are reduced in size).  I’ll send the large resolution ones in a separate email (rather large).

    Happy New Year and thanks!
    Emanuel (and Judy sends her best wishes too)

  • Customer Testimonial


    The ring is awesome. Passed the mother test today. I couldn’t be happier
    with the entire process. I don’t think I’ve been more comfortable making a
    “major” purchase. You’re a true professional that will get our business
    again (wedding bands) and any referral I can find.

    Thank you again. Pic attached.


    Engagement Ring Style 276

  • Custom Claddagh Engagement Ring and Testimonial!

    Custom Claddagh Engagement Ring With Wedding Band

    Custom Claddagh Engagement Ring

    I was able to pick up the rings from Fedex this afternoon, but was only able to really get a chance to look at them now. They both look spectacular! It really came out better than I could have hoped for! I think the ruby heart surrounding the pink center stone really makes a statement, and is certainly something I’ve never seen before! No one could say no to a ring like that! I also love how well the wedding band fits in with the engagement ring. It really fits together perfectly, just like they were made to. Certainly a sign of an excellent craftsman! Thank you for all your help and for putting up with me! I will be sure to tell you how and when the proposal goes down (haven’t quite decided on details just yet) but I know I will certainly be calling on you again for pieces in the future. Of that I am sure!

    Thank You so very, very much!

    For more custom ideas visit our Custom Jewelry Design page.

  • Custom Engagement Rings – Dare to be Different

    Custom designed engagement rings means the love of your life will receive a ring especially made with her in mind. Every choice you make reflects the love that you feel. The beauty of custom designing your own engagment ring? You have total creative freedom!

    Working closely with the designers at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, you can create a custom engagement ring that’s a perfect fit in style, stone and price. Featuring endless possibilities, our exquisite diamond and moissanite engagement rings can be customized in a range of ways. Some of our most popular options include:

    • Moissanite engagement rings. Our exquisite moissanite engagement rings sparkle like diamonds but cost just a fraction of the price. Ranging from virtually colorless to raspberry pink, our moissanite engagement rings offer size, quality and style that’s both stunning and affordable. Choose from classic, affordable styles like solitaire engagement rings, or ask us about a custom moissanite ring.
    • Choose a pave diamond ring. Derived from the word “pavement,” pave diamond rings are made using small cobblestones of tiny diamond clusters to create rings that appear to be paved in glistening diamonds.
    • An unexpected setting. Although engagement rings are traditionally set in gold or platinum, palladium engagement rings offer a modern, affordable alternative that’s equally lovely. This white, hypo-allergenic, lightweight and durable setting provides the perfect shimmering canvas on which diamonds and moissanite stones can truly sparkle.
    • Unique side stones. Whether you select a diamond or moissanite engagement ring, you can customize her ring using side stones in standout shades. At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, you’ll find moissanite in champagne and raspberry pink, as well as Gemesis diamonds in a beautiful array of hues – even rubies or sapphires. Whatever her signature color or favorite gem may be, you can accent her engagement ring with it for a singularly stunning look.
    • Specially cut stones. Round and princess-cut stones are popular choices for diamond and moissanite engagement rings, but with our experts by your side you won’t have to be limited by the shapes you know or see in the case. From the timeless Asscher cut to the playful brilliance of a heart-shaped stone, we can help you create the perfect ring for the woman you love.

    So break the mold. Dare to be different. You’ll offer a ring that has your love built right into it!

    Style 6656M

    Round Pave’ Diamond Ring

    Beautiful hand engraved pave’ diamond ring with a round  center stone and four rows of pave diamonds weighing approximately .55ct in total. Can accommodate a center stone size of 2ct+ and is shown with a 4ct.

  • Brides and Grooms Building Rings Together

    Nowadays, engagement rings and wedding bands are an investment for couples. Some don’t feel comfortable just leaving it up to chance or the groom’s ability to choose the right piece of  jewelry (nothing personal guys – but you don’t always know best!)

    Today’s bride is taking part in the process of choosing or often creating her own engagement ring or wedding band. It takes the guesswork out and opens the door for countless possibilities.

    The couple can decide on the materials use in the ring’s creation, whether it’s naturally-mined diamonds or diamond alternatives such as moissanite or cubic zirconia. Metals such as platinum or silver or gold are decided upon mutually as well.

    Some may think that building an engagement ring takes the mystery or fun out. Others really like working together to come up with an engagement ring that reflects both parties’ personalities.

    If you’re unsure how to custom design or semi-custom design your own engagement ring, contact us. It’s our speciality and we’d be happy to walk you through the process.

    Style 8714M

    Hand Made Cushion Cut Ring With Pave’ Diamonds

    Custom made fashion ring featuring a cushion cut center stone and 1/3ct t.w. pave’ side diamonds with a bezel set diamond on each end. This piece is hand made and has hand applied filigree engraving and scroll work on two sides, approximately 5mm wide at the top. Also made to accommodate round, cushion & princess center stones starting at 2.0ct and shown with a 2 1/2ct.

  • 10 Perfect Spots to Pop the Question

    Location, location, location…and it applies to the world of proposals as well. Whether you’re giving a moissanite engagement ring or a fancy colored gem like Gemesis, atmosphere is everything, as this MSNBC article points out:


    La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur, Paris

    Proposing in Paris may be a cliché, but clichés exist for a reason, especially this one.Near dusk, head to the top of Montmartre; if you can tolerate the steep streets and steps, which aren’t too difficult, skip the funicular and go by foot. Walk through Le Moulin de la Galette (the setting for Renoir’s masterpiece of the same name), but avoid Pigalle (the setting for Paris’s red-light district). Head to the illuminated Basilique du Sacre-Coeur and relax on the white stone steps of the famed church. From here you’ll get the best view of Paris that doesn’t require an admission fee or lengthy wait.

    If that vista doesn’t inspire love, tell your sweetheart it was the setting for U2’s “Two Hearts Beat as One” video. And while it might make that engagement ring you bought dim in comparison, time your walk back so that you see the Eiffel Tower after nightfall: At the start of every hour until 2 a.m. (1 a.m in winter), its 20,000 bulbs glitter for 10 minutes.

    Central Park, New York City

    With 843 acres of lawns, woodlands and lakes, Central Park is a relaxing retreat in the middle of Manhattan. If you can’t find a romantic setting here, it’s your fault, not that of the park’s main designer, Frederick Law Olmsted, whose general plan for the park persists today despite many additions.

    In the winter, ice-skating at Wollman Rink is a great way to get your beloved’s heart racing. Later, take a break for hot chocolate and popping the question.

    When the weather’s warmer, the Conservatory Garden’s six acres make a great proposal site — they’re filled with hedges, as well as an impressive number of roses. Or propose marriage on a rowboat rented from the Loeb Boathouse.

    And if you’re afraid that a proposal in a free public park might seem cheap and less than romantic, don’t be — Central Park’s property value was appraised at $528 billion in 2005.

    Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence

    This 19th-century terrace with a sweeping view of Florence, framed by the Arno River and the Tuscan countryside, is one of the most romantic sites in a country full of them. (While on a solo trip through Italy, I almost proposed to myself here.)

    The plaza attracts a lot of tourists, however, so make sure the subject of your wooing is looking out to the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio, rather than at people dripping gelato on their jean shorts.

    Guidebooks suggest riding local bus No. 13 to Piazzale Michelangelo, but it’s better to go by foot; it’s a romantic 30-minute stroll through a charming part of Florence’s Oltrarno district that you wouldn’t otherwise visit. And public transportation is rarely romantic.

    Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz.

    There’s something about looking into a gaping display of two billion years of the Earth’s history that says, “Hey baby, we can make it until death do us part.” The colors brought out at sundown give the Grand Canyon one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world (try to catch it at Hopi Point on the South Rim, which has a view that stretches at least 30 miles and includes a glimpse of the Colorado River). At 277 river miles long, as much as 18 miles across and a mile deep, the canyon’s got plenty of secluded spots of proposing.

    And if getting to such a place on foot or by mule doesn’t appeal to you, there’s always helicopter: Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, a tour company, has had many customers get engaged during a romantic picnic on the canyon floor (just make sure your intended is comfortable hovering 5,000 feet above the ground on the trip there and back).

    Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Authors’ Lounge, Bangkok, Thailand

    Is sipping afternoon tea on white rattan furniture as Siamese umbrellas, bamboo, and palm trees shield you from the sun coming in through the translucent roof romantic enough for you?

    While all this atmosphere doesn’t come cheap, you’d be hard-pressed to find its idyllic combination of colonial East and West elsewhere. Afterward step outside and buy your betrothed flowers from a wooden long-tail boat as you walk along the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

    Siasconset, Nantucket Island, Mass.

    ‘Sconset, as it’s sometimes called, is so quaint, rustic, and free of brash day-trippers from Cape Cod that it makes Nantucket’s other villages seem like Tijuana.

    Rent bikes at Young’s Bicycle Shop near Steamboat Wharf ($25 for the day), but avoid the tandem models, which are romantic in theory only. From there pedal to Siasconset, on the island’s eastern shore. Buy some picnic food at the ‘Sconset Market, and head to one of Nantucket’s most secluded and beautiful beaches.

    It doesn’t matter whether you face the ocean or the bluffs — both are gorgeous. On your way back, stroll along Baxter Road, a grassy lane, to admire the picturesque cottages. It’s best in the late summer, when the hydrangeas are blooming.

    Wailua Falls, Kauai, Hawaii

    There are almost as many places in Hawaii for a kitschy proposal as there are for a romantic one. Stay away from man-made attractions like Don Ho’s Island Grill and instead opt for a natural setting.

    Wailua Falls, on the east side of Kauai, is one of the best. Although the 173-foot-high falls are in a lush green setting, they are easily accessible by car. And Wailua Falls has a long history of being a choice spot for romantic bravado: In ancient times, Hawaiian men leapt from the top to prove their manliness (unfortunately, they often killed themselves in the process).

    And while your friends might not have heard of Wailua Falls, getting engaged here will impress them once you tell them it was in the opening credits of the frequently romantic (and even more frequently campy) TV show Fantasy Island.

    Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nev.

    Held annually in late summer since 1986, this eight-day festival’s intention, as stated on its Web site, is to “generate society that connects each individual to his or her creative powers, to participation in community, to the larger realm of civic life and to the even greater world of nature that exists beyond society.” (You may also know it as a New Age event where a bunch of naked people come together to make art and party.)

    And you might expect Burning Man to disavow a tradition like marriage. But it can be the perfect place for a romantic and symbolic proposal: Its principle of communal effort is the pillar of a strong marriage; it’s in the beautiful, often very warm outdoors; and its emphasis on gifting means you’ll have one heck of an engagement party.
    But why stop there? Weddings are common enough here (there are about 35 a year) that the official Web site has a page devoted to how to get hitched there. You may want to propose earlier in the festival rather than later, though — showering can be difficult.

    Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs, Louisville, Ky.

    Thoroughbred horse racing is the sport of kings, so what better way to make your would-be spouse feel like royalty than by proposing at the Kentucky Derby, one of the world’s premier horse races?

    Held annually on the first Saturday in May, “the most exciting two minutes in sports” provides all the pageantry needed for a memorable proposal. While general admission tickets to the infield (a mob of alcohol-infused barbarians enjoying things other than a horse race) are easier and cheaper to acquire than grandstand tickets, get the latter.

    There you can sip $9 mint juleps out of commemorative glasses and check out the expensive, and frequently bizarre, hats. And with plenty of celebrities in attendance, you’ll have a great story to share with your friends.

    For example, if you’d proposed at the Derby in 2007, you’d have been able to brag that you’d gotten engaged in the presence of Queen Elizabeth (probably best not to mention that it would have happened in the company of O. J. Simpson too).

    Macworld Conference & Expo, San Francisco

    This one’s strictly for the fanboys. If you’re an Apple-lover and want your love life to be as integrated as your hardware, propose at Macworld. The world’s largest trade show dedicated to Apple technology has been held annually since 1985, most recently in San Francisco this past January.
    Before going, make sure you’ve saved on your iPhone the Robert Hess Macworld Memorial Events List, which catalogs the parties and other events taking place, and you’ll have lots of options for a fun, fully geeky place to propose.

    If the conference itself isn’t romantic enough for you, take a break and propose nearby while hiking in the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, or while looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field.

    Regardless of where you propose, we hope you’ll be as self-satisfied about your choice of a spouse as you are about your computer.

    Okay, well proposing at MacWorld does seem pretty geeky but who are we to judge? Regardless, you’ll need the perfect engagement ring and that’s where we step in. Check out our Gallery for an affordable and stunning ring – or custom make one with our guidance!

    Style 8799MR

    Princess Cut Moissanite Bypass Solitaire

    Bypass prong princess cut solitaire engagement ring with Charles and Colvard created moissanite.

    Available Center Stone Size: 1.36ct-2.16ct

  • A Custom Antique Engagement Ring and an Incriminating Photo!


    An old friend of mine from grade school was engaged and married a few years ago. We were fortunate to be able to help him make this custom antique style engagement ring. During the process, he showed up with this picture of the two of us along with a few other friends. No clues as to which one is me other than I have a hat and  suspenders on and have a brass band instrument!

    Here's the ring!

    Here's the ring!

  • Three Cushion Cut Diamonds – Which one would you choose?

    un set cushion cut diamonds

    un set cushion cut diamonds

    It’s all in the make! That’s an industry term for stating the importance of a diamond’s cut, or proportions, which is what you ultimately see once the microscopes are put away and the diamond is set into a ring. This is what gives a diamond it’s ‘Wow’ factor and determines how much sparkle the diamond has.

    We are currently helping a client choose a diamond for an engagement ring. As you can see in the picture above, we have three nearly identical cushion cut diamonds with three very different proportions giving us three different looking diamonds. All three diamonds have nearly the same weight and are similar in color/clarity.

    Which do you prefer? Let us know.

  • The Diamond… Is Bigger Always Better?

    Oh, the big rock! Many of us think a big, stunning diamond is the only way to go. But is it right for you? Let’s address the “bigger is better” myth for a second:

    1. Consider your personality. Are you an extroverted type? Do you really like the “wow” factor? Then maybe a big diamond (or moissanite or Gemesis) is perfect for you, so you can dazzle with the best of them.

    2. Consider your style. Are you an understated dresser? Or do your fashion choices scream, “Look at me!” A ring will be something you’ll be wearing for a long, long time. While a big ring looks great while showing it off to friends, it may not be appropriate for the long haul.

    3. Quality counts for me than size. There are many large stones out there that have no life to them. Or they may be poorly cut. Or have visible inclusions. A subtle, smaller gem may speak more loudly than a big, ol rock.

    4. Setting counts more. You can often have a big diamond feel on an appropriate setting. Diamond shapes such as marquise, pear shapes and oval can exude a larger feel, especially when set properly.

    5. Diamond Alternatives. If you simply must have that big experience (but don’t have such a big budget to match it), you’ve never been luckier than now. There are fantastic alternative such as moissanite and Gemesis that are affordable and “wow”able!

    All of these factors – and more – come into play when purchasing a piece of jewelry. Big gems may impress…but they may not be right for you. Or perhaps you can have a big rock experience based on a smart cut and setting choice. Bottom line: wowing people is great but a ring needs to match you and your soul. Then it’s a big ring, no matter what!

    Here’s a ring of ours, where the simplicity and clean cut speak volumes:

    Solitaire Engagement Ring

    Style 9915-7.5mm

    Round Solitaire Engagement Ring With Pave Diamonds

    Four prong solitaire engagement ring with 1/10ct t.w. pave’ diamonds. Fits an 7.5mm round center stone. (setting only, does not include center stone)

  • Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – a Brief History

    "A kiss on the hand may be quite continental

    But diamonds are a girl's best friend

    A kiss may be grand but it won't pay the rental

    On your humble flat, or help you at the automat"

    And so the lyrics go to this clever classic. "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend", a song introduced by Carol Channing in the original production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1949). It was written by Jules Styne (who wrote scores for musicals such as Funny Girl and Gypsy.)

    And of course, who could forget the show-stopping Marilyn Monroe performing this number in the film version of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Monroe's version inspired other performers for generations to come, including Madonna and Kylie Minogue.


    And while diamonds may or may not be a "girl's best friend," they certainly bring a sparkle to any woman's eye (note Monroe's gaga look above!)

    Peruse our stunning collection of Joseph Schubach Diamonds.

    Here's a ring to make any girl go giddy:


    Ashcher Cut Clarity Enhanced Diamond Ring With Pave Diamonds

    one-of-a-kind heirloom creation of 14kt white gold features a 3.41 ct
    ashcher cut clarity enhanced diamond with 1.13ct t.w. of fully faceted
    pave' set white diamonds. Click here for more details.