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Custom Claddagh Engagement Ring and Testimonial!

Custom Claddagh Engagement Ring With Wedding Band

Custom Claddagh Engagement Ring

I was able to pick up the rings from Fedex this afternoon, but was only able to really get a chance to look at them now. They both look spectacular! It really came out better than I could have hoped for! I think the ruby heart surrounding the pink center stone really makes a statement, and is certainly something I’ve never seen before! No one could say no to a ring like that! I also love how well the wedding band fits in with the engagement ring. It really fits together perfectly, just like they were made to. Certainly a sign of an excellent craftsman! Thank you for all your help and for putting up with me! I will be sure to tell you how and when the proposal goes down (haven’t quite decided on details just yet) but I know I will certainly be calling on you again for pieces in the future. Of that I am sure!

Thank You so very, very much!

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