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Current Custom Projects

  • Enchanting and Powerful Elegance: Ring of Barahir with a Natural Unheated Ruby

    When it comes to custom jewelry, every finished masterpiece tells a unique story. Today, we have the privilege of unveiling a remarkable creation that not only captures the essence of custom craftsmanship but also pays homage to the allure of fantasy.

    Behold, Joseph Schubach’s extraordinary Ring of Barahir with a Natural Unheated Ruby—a piece that transcends jewelry and transforms into a work of art.

    The Spark of Inspiration

    Every exceptional design begins with a spark of inspiration and this magnificent ring is no exception. Joseph Schubach embarked on this creative journey with a customer with a vision inspired by the “Ring of Barahir.

    For those not familiar with it, the “Ring of Barahir” is a significant magical artifact in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth mythology, worn by Barahir and later his son Beren. This ring features a serpent motif and represents the House of Bëor among Men.

    In Tolkien’s legendarium, the Ring of Barahir is a cherished heirloom, embodying courage and the enduring legacy of the Edain, and it remains an iconic element of Middle-earth’s rich history and lore.

    The Unearthly Gem

    The star of this show is undoubtedly the natural, untreated ruby—an exquisite gem that proved to be as elusive as it is captivating. With its rich, deep red hue, this ruby is more than just a stone; it’s a manifestation of nature’s artistry. The photographs may come close, but as our team attests, words and pictures can scarcely do justice to its radiant beauty.

    Craftsmanship Meets Storytelling

    The craftsmanship behind this creation is nothing short of exceptional. The ring is a harmonious blend of platinum and 18kt gold, meticulously cast and assembled in multiple pieces to achieve its perfect form.

    The true magic, however, lies in the details. Each scale, meticulously hand-engraved, adds a level of crispness and shine that elevates this piece to the realm of wearable art. It’s a testament to the skill, dedication and passion that go into every Joseph Schubach design.

    To marry the design with a mythical backstory…well, we couldn’t be more happy to “go there.”

    A Priceless Masterpiece

    While we cannot put a price tag on artistry, it’s worth noting that the stone alone in this magnificent ring is priced quite high. This sheds light on the rarity and exceptional quality of the natural, untreated ruby gracing this creation. With its interesting back story, this piece of jewelry is more than a wearable treasure—it’s a conversation starter, a symbol of individuality.

    We’re super proud of this special piece. It’s a celebration of imagination, beauty and the transformative power of jewelry. In every scale and facet of this ring, we find the embodiment of a dream turned into reality—a dream that transcends the boundaries of fantasy and becomes a tangible, wearable masterpiece.

    What wearable story do you want to tell?

  • Radiance® Antique Emerald Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring by Joseph Schubach

    This polished beauty defines our high bench craftsmanship with handmade prongs and a near perfect finish. The center stone is a Radiance®  antique emerald cut diamond. The sides are Radiance®  antique tapered French cut baguette diamonds. The setting is platinum. This three-stone ring represents our “best of” work here in our Scottsdale studio.

  • Hearts and Arrows Round Brilliant Cut


    If you are looking for a “perfect” round, diamond alternative, this is the cut for you. An AGS 000 rating means that this stone is recognized as an ideal cut with regards to light performance, polish, and symmetry.

    Our Hearts and Arrows Round Brilliant cut displays a precise hearts and arrows pattern, while maintaining an ideal standard for light performance, polish, and symmetry.

    The custom design possibilities, endless.

  • Step Cut Halo Engagement Ring


    Something new! Step cuts are often seen as a three stone but look fabulous in a halo too.

    That’s the beauty of custom designing your engagement ring: every creative detail comes from you. If you want to experiment with a new cut or distinctive gem placement, we can guide you on the best way to do it.

    Your genius ideas + our custom design abilities = a completely unique and gorgeous ring!

  • Paisley Design in Jewelry


    Most of us are familiar with the paisley pattern, a design with a lengthy history. Persian in origin, the design became popular in the West in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    What is a “paisley” exactly?

    Well, Paisley is a town in Scotland where paisley designs were produced. But the actual symbol resembles a twisted teardrop or a fig.

    Paisley became hot during the psychedelic era of the 70’s where the influence could be seen in decor, fashion and even in rock and roll (where bands like the Beatles brought this design motif into the forefront).

    But what about paisley design in jewelry?

    Often overlooked is the paisley imprint in jewelry making, which extends back centuries. A symbol of growth and fertility, the paisley motif can be seen in jewelry around the world.

    As custom design jewelers, we too have worked with this powerful design, most recently in the eternity bands below. What better symbol to represent long-lasting love than a design that’s been equally as long lasting?

    If you have a symbol in mind that you want integrated into your custom design jewelry, contact us.


  • Blake Lively (Esque) Oval Engagement Ring

    Do you have celebrity ring dreams?  So do we!  One of the most fabulous celeb engagement rings belongs to the lovely Blake Lively, and we are ready to recreate the glam look just for you!  Shown here, with a massive 10x14mm oval moissanite center set in rose gold, this ring is nothing sort of amazing. 

    If 8ct feels a little *too* celeb for you, we can recreate this using the center stone of your choice.  You can keep it like the original, and make this ring in rose gold, or make it all your own and pick the metal of your choice.  This dazzling setting sparkles from all angles and showcases pave on all three sides of the shank, as well as under the center stone.  Let us make your celebrity ring dreams a reality.

    The above is a CAD rendering to show you how this ring could look. Below is a real-life version of this ring that we recently made with a round center stone.

    Check out the beautiful 10x14mm oval moissanite we have reserved for this design. This is quite possibly the last remaining 14 x 10mm oval Forever Brilliant moissanite left.