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Custom Jewelry Designs

  • Custom Infinity Ring


    Forever, boundless, time and knowledge without limit, endless beauty. These are a few of the descriptions for the simple but powerful symbol of infinity. And what better way to represent this idea than with a custom made platinum ring with pave set diamonds from Joseph Schubach Jewelers! (sorry, had to get the shameless marketing in there somehow!) A special thanks to XXX (Name withheld until he gives her the ring) for letting us create this beauty for the special person in his life. Cheers! Here is to never ending joy!

  • New Custom Jewelry Pieces Added To The Gallery!

    CustomantiquestylediamondengagementWe just finished two more Stunning pieces for the Custom Jewelry Contest and did we have fun with these! We may have a first with Candy’s triangle shape anniversary band. I know this is the first time we have made an anniversary band using triangle shaped stones, and a Google search did not turn up anything like this anywhere else that I could find. So, Candy, you just might have a one of a kind piece here!

    The My Three Son’s piece was also a lot of fun and a perfect example of combining different elements and ideas to make something completely unique and special. We took the idea of a three stone ring (one for each son), added small diamond accents around each one, added baguette and round diamonds from the original engagement ring down each side, applied hand filigree accents and hand engraving for a little more bling then topped it off with a matching wedding band. Wow! Be sure to click on both of these photos to see the detail on the enlarged view or click on the photo in the Custom Jewelry Contest for an even larger, more detailed image.

  • Asscher Cut Diamond

    2_14ctasschercutdiamondA client recently purchased this stunning 2 1/4ct asscher cut GIA certified loose diamond from us. It is going into a custom made platinum diamond engagement ring and will be accompanied by two baguette shape diamonds – a definite classic! We’ll post a photo of the finished piece when it’s ready.

  • Moissanite Trade Up

    RadiantcutdiamondengagementringAnother moissanite trade up!
    A client recently traded up his wife’s moissanite engagement ring for this square radiant cut diamond engagement ring. Apparently, the husband did this as a surprise without the wife knowing. We say nice job! For more information on trading up your diamond or moissanite, check our Unparalleled Trade-Up Program.