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Not All “High Quality” Diamonds Are The Same

We’ve been working with a client who was working with another jeweler on a very high quality diamond, Triple X (cut, polish, symmetry), GIA graded, but it had a super low price, which we found difficult to compete with. See his comments below.

“Yes, the 1.5ct was ex cut, ex sym and ex polish. They showed me the certificate too because I thought maybe it was labeled incorrectly. Compared to the stone I bought it really didn’t sparkle as much.”

This is a great example of how seeing a diamond, or having someone help you with choosing one, is the best way to buy a diamond rather than relying solely on the paperwork. It would be similar to buying a piece of artwork based only on a typed description. They both need to be experienced! We’re here to help you find the perfect, most beautiful diamond!