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A One of a Kind Diamond Destined to make Two People Very Happy

The person who receives this diamond will love it for its beauty and mystique and the joy of wearing it. The person giving it will love the incredible deal and the smiles it brings. However, there’s only one diamond like this, so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Pear Shape Diamond
5.01ct Pear Shape Diamond (14.5mmx9mm)

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

As we are seeing in the current real estate market, unprecedented deals on important gemstones are popping up, where prices are marked significantly below average. We are able to present this rare and beautiful natural pear-shaped diamond for less than it would be wholesale in today’s market and markedly less than its retail price of a year ago.

This diamond weighs 5.01 carats, has a color of F, a clarity of VS2 and is accompanied by a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) diamond grading report. The color places it in the highest “colorless” category according to the GIA diamond grading system. The clarity assures you that there are absolutely no visible inclusions to the eye.

The beauty of this particular diamond lies with the cut, or the way this diamond is proportioned: to reflect the most amount of light that enters the stone. Unlike round diamonds, fancy-shaped diamonds do not have an exact mathematical formula or set of parameters to follow to allow for maximum brilliance. The diamond cutter is the artist, when it comes to creating fancy-shaped diamonds. It is his or her knowledge, expertise and skill that ultimately determine how brilliant and bright the diamond will be.

And brilliance, after all, is what a diamond is all about. Brilliance is what makes a diamond speak to you or what captivates you.

This particular pear-shaped gem has one of the prettiest cuts we’ve seen. It has an elegant, graceful, elongated shape and the radiance this diamond exudes is breathtaking. The color is crystal clear (again, it falls in the top “colorless” category, according to GIA.) These two factors – the fire and the color – assure you that this diamond will be a constant eye-catcher.

To add to its rarity, this is a naturally occurring diamond, found in nature and not man-made. The size and quality of this stone make it even more rare. A search on a leading online diamond dealer shows a similar diamond with one color grade better costing over $100,000.00 more than the price of this diamond. One can only imagine the price this would command from any of the leading national or international jewelry houses.

And again, to assure you of the quality of this diamond, it is accompanied by a Diamond Grading Report from the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s foremost authority on diamonds and diamond grading. A report by the GIA far outweighs any other kind of diamond grading report. The GIA is the final authority when it comes to diamond grading and identification. After all, they are the originators of the grading system and the place gemologists go for their training. Any important diamond sold in the market, whether wholesale, in a retail store or at auction, is accompanied by a GIA report. For more information visit the GIA website.

A diamond of this quality would be stunning in a hand-crafted ring or necklace or would be a great addition to an investment portfolio. In the diamond world, as in real estate, this is a “buyer’s market.” If you can take advantage of this rare opportunity, the time to act is now.

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38ct D color, flawless clarity pear-shaped diamond necklace owned by Christina Onassis

38ct D color, flawless clarity pear-shaped diamond necklace once owned by Christina Onassis

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