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More on Fall and Winter Jewelry Trends

It’s not too late to get with the “seasonal” fashion program. And here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we can take any of these pieces and custom design a piece so it becomes distinctly your own, especially since many of these trends have a warm, personal side built right in. Take a look:

Bangles and Cuffs – Stacked bangles, cuffs and bracelets continue to be the strongest of all accessory trends. Broad solid cuffs and layered stone bangles are hot! Mix materials – yarn with leather, plastic with metal and glass and watch your style quotient go zoom. This is a very adaptable trend and inexpensive too.  Pick up some glass or plastic bangles from the roadside and pair them with a broad metal piece from your closet – but for the trend to work this season remember to keep all our cuffs/bracelets in the same or coordinating colours.

Leather & Lace – Internationally both leather and lace are big trends in clothing and that has reached the accessory segment as well. Dainty laser cut leather that looks like lace and leather cords or lace ribbons with crystals as bracelets and necklaces are getting really popular.

Bold Chain Necklaces – From high end to faux jewels, big and bold chain necklaces are so very in. Heavy bag handle chains like have become necklaces. Chains with Pendants, adorned links and heavy metals are great ways to make a statement in silver, gold, rose or oxidized metals.

Super Chunky Rings: Statement making rings in metal, acrylic, fabric, stones and leather are the in things now. Bigger the better is the mantra here. But if you are not comfortable wearing huge rings or have very dainty fingers then try the stacked ring trend. Stack together 2 or 3 thin beaded or metal rings on the same finger to create this look.

Chandelier earrings: These never go out of fashion but this year the chandelier earring got even bigger and funkier. Cut to our TV serials if you need further proof. Light weight glass beads, pieces of chains hung together from a loop make a great statement. I recommend that you purchase items that are created with light weight materials, this way they will not be to heavy on the ear.

Layers of pearls: You can either wear multiple layers of pearls (different lengths) or go for a twisted multi strand pearl necklace or bracelet that is combined with other materials like ribbons or chain. It is very luxurious and looks fabulous.

Fabric Jewelry: Rise in expenses has really brought back this trend. Usage of fabric, yarn and fibre scraps combined with crystals and beds is really hot now.



Layer these amazingly affordable freshwater pearls:

main view of Freshwater cultured Pearls
front view of Freshwater cultured Pearls
side view of Freshwater cultured Pearls

Single Strand Freshwater Cultured Pearls – 8.5mm – 11.5mm

Single strand freshwater cultured pearls, 17″ with 14kt yellow gold clasp.

8.5mm-9.5mm: Now $299
9.5mm-10.5mm: Now $399
10.5mm-11.5mm: Now $499