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The Difference between Freshwater and Saltwater Pearls

Pearls will always remain a standard when it comes to jewelry choice. Every woman should own pearls as part of her jewelry warddrobe because it adds such a classic and stylish touch to just about any outfit.

But how much do you know about pearls? And how do you choose the right kind of pearl for you?

Read on:

Freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls differ in the type of luster, first of all. In appearance, freshwater pearls are noted for a softer luster, a glow that comes from deep within the pearl. Saltwater pearls include Akoya pearls, which may be a similar size to freshwater pearls but have a more brilliant superficial luster.

The difference is due to the type of mollusk used to produce the pearls and the thickness of the nacre. Freshwater pearls tend to have thicker nacre.

Classification of Pearls:

Pearls are classified in to two types:

1)     Natural Pearls

2)     Cultured Pearls

1) Natural Pearls: The Natural Pearls are further classified in to
two types:

a)     Salt Water Pearls

b)     Fresh Water Pearls

Salt Water Pearls and the Fresh Water Pearls: Salt water pearls are
mostly found oceans, gulfs, and bay areas. Fresh water
pearls are found in the rivers and the lakes. These two types of pearls are
produced under environmental and natural conditions.

Nowadays the natural pearls are very rare because of air and water pollution. Natural pearls are very sensitive to the weather conditions, so the production of the pearls has
fallen down. Because of less availability, natural pearls are very expensive. Natural pearls will have more thickness of nacre than the cultured pearls.

Cultured Pearls: Cultured pearls are also similar to the natural pearls. There are salt water pearls and the fresh water pearls. An irritant is placed in the mollusk and it creates a pearl in response to it. The production of these pearls has increased to 95% all over the world.

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