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Hearts are Back! (Were they ever gone?)

Romantic diamond heart necklace featuring 1/8ct t.w. of diamonds, includes a 16" cable chain. Measures approximately 11x18mm. Available in all metals.

Romantic diamond heart necklace featuring diamonds and a 16″ cable chain.

When we read this recent piece in JCK, we had to smile. From a jewelry designer’s view, hearts are a long-standing symbol in many types of jewelry, including engagement rings.

But this basic symbol of love is also appearing more and more on the red carpet and on the runway more frequently, including collections by Lizzie Forunato, Brent Neale, Retrouvaí and Carolina Bucci. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron embrace the shape of heart in many of their fun fashions.

One friend of mine recently purchased a heart pendant so she could attract love into her life. “I figured by wearing a reminder every day that I wanted more love in my life, it sure couldn’t hurt.”

And why not? The symbol of the heart if powerful and beautiful. And who couldn’t stand a little more love in their lives?

So we stand behind this heart-wearing trend…but for us, it’s always been there!