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Jewelry Trends

  • Welcome, the Lobe Cuff


    Anita Ko’s ‘Floating Diamond’ lobe cuff in 18-karat rose gold with white diamonds.


    When you think about it, its amazing that we humanoids have figured out so many ways to adorn the ears. And we show no sign of stopping with the latest of ear decor hitting the mainstream. Spotlight on: the lobe cuff.

    The lobe cuff is a fun, new earring style that’s basically a hybrid between a hoop earring and an ear cuff. A lobe cuff can be worn in the first or second piercing, fits snugly against the lobe and gives the appearance of wrapping into the ear. It can also be referred to as the “ear hook” (though we much prefer lobe cuff!).

    Says jewelry designer Ara Vartanian (who creates lobe cuffs with larger stones):

    “Customers love this style because the design is aesthetically different, and it helps balance the weight of the earrings with such a large stone.”

    We think this jewelry trend may stick around for a while because the look itself has a classic, comfortable appeal.

    If you’re interested in co-designing your own type of lobe cuff, reach out to us and let’s talk beauty!

    [Source: The Observer]

  • Beard Jewelry – a Bold Statement or Fashion Faux Pas?

    There’s always been a fine line with jewelry trends. Some stand the test of time (statement necklaces are still going strong) while other are a bit more…questionably temporal.

    Beard jewelry, according to a recent GQ article, would definitely fall in the latter category. But why? Men’s jewelry can often be limited. It can often be viewed skeptically, which doesn’t always seem fair. Men deserve to wear jewelry too, right?

    According to GQ:

    Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

    In an era when the grooming pendulum is swinging back in favor of being clean shaven (despite the protestations of insecure bar owners, that’s actually what’s happening), having a beard is enough of a statement in its own right. If you have a beard, it’s better to save your money for deep conditioning treatments that’ll actually help your look than to waste it on glorified sequins.

  • Gold and Black – a Perpetual Color Combo Favorite

    Gold and black jewelry have a long and winning color combination history. And its easy to see why. Nothing sets off the richness and warmth of gold’s yellow hues like a dark-as-night black. The two colors just naturally (and dramatically) enhance the best in each other.

    Need a little proof? Look no further than Amanda’s Style File (in National Jewelers) where she provides stunning examples. (We just love the dog tag, which would work just as well for the female persuasion we think!)


    Todd Reed men’s collection dog tag in 22-karat yellow gold, 18-karat yellow gold, silver with patina, black brilliant-cut diamonds and a raw diamond cube ($4,620)

    Oxidized sterling silver and 18-karat yellow gold Dangling Open Pebbles earrings by Rona Fisher ($695)


    Limited edition 14-karat yellow gold black druzy stick and black druzy free-form five-drop earrings by Melissa Joy Manning ($2,100)


    Lashbrook zirconium band with 14-karat yellow gold inlay detailed with a Versailles pattern and eight black diamonds spaced evenly around the band ($1,700)

    We proudly carry Lashbrook so please check out our full line here.

  • Indian Jewelry continues to Trend

    An elaborate diamond and ruby necklace was among more than 100 pieces of jewelry shown by Nirav Modi at the 2016 Paris Biennale des Antiquaires.

    A highly elaborate diamond and ruby necklace shown by Nirav Modi at the 2016 Paris Biennale des Antiquaires.

    Indian jewelry continues its global focus with amazing jewelers hailing from the country and creating stunning pieces like the one shown above.

    Not only did the creator (Nirav Modi, a third-generation diamantaire) produce this stunning piece but he is the proprietary owner of several diamond cuts. That’s impressive!

    According to Forbes:

    Since opening his first store in India in 2014, Modi has become known for extravagant diamond jewels and four innovative proprietary diamond cuts: Jasmine, Endless, Ainra, and Mughal, all of which are evident in both his high-jewelry and standard collections.

    It’s great Modi is getting the global attention he deserves for such fine and groundbreaking work!


  • Don’t look now. Pokemon jewelry coming to a store near you!

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the massive Pokemon app trend sweeping the notion. Everyone you know is either playing it (or complaining about it!). The votes are split in our studio but we couldn’t help but notice the cuteness of the jewelry that’s spawned from this Internet craze.

    U-Treasure by, a Japanese company, has introduced a line of Pokémon jewelry, proving it has its finger on the cultural pulse—and impeccable timing.

    The new line, called Pocket Monsters, contains seven pieces and is advertised as a bridal collection. The items are available in platinum, silver, gold, and are fully customizable with mix-and-match metals and even gemstones.

    Silver and 18-karat yellow gold Pikachu ring, which retails for 99,000 yen (US$984.29).


    Electric Pokémon features on a diamond and platinum engagement ring for 120,000 yen.


    Source: Rocket News


  • Joan Rivers Jewelry, Up for Auction

    Joan Rivers did more than just wear jewelry; she celebrated it. She viewed it as art (rightfully so, in our opinion) and now, since her passing, her belongings are up for auction, along with an extensive collection of designer gowns, home furnishings and other personal belongings.

    The comedienne’s private collection will be auctioned at Christie’s in New York City on June 22nd. Nearly 300 lots are for sale, ranging from a Tiffany dog bowl, to the desk and chair where she may have written her jokes, to an Edouard Vuillard painting that may fetch more than $120,000.

    “There’s really just incredible depth to her collections,” Gemma Sudlow, Christie’s specialist head of Private & Iconic Collections, told ABC News. “There’s glitz. There’s glam. There’s that Hollywood feel to it, that show business feel to everything.”

    The collection is on view and is free and open to the public at Christie’s through June 21. Items range in price from $400 to well over $100,000.




  • Tassels, when the temps start rising

    At the risk of full disclosure, our temperatures (in Scottsdale, Arizona) are usually pretty darn hot year-round. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still love the concept of summer jewelry. Summer jewelry gives the wearer the opportunity to take bolder chances (especially with color) and express a more relaxed side of her personality.

    This summer 2016, one type of jewelry is certainly hot, hot, hot: tassels.

    Here are a few examples to get you into the summer groove:



  • Are Choker Necklaces right for you?

    Choker necklaces are a bold fashion statement  with a lengthy history.

    Chokers appeared in 1798 as a French cultural jewel that was worn by wealthy ladies. in 1874 it was worn by ballerinas and in the early 1880s by queens.

    Historically, chokers are associated with high fashion, but could take on different meanings under different circumstances. Ballerinas and the upper class in the late 19th century commonly wore certain types of chokers. However, at that same time, a plain, thin, red or black ribbon choker had ties to prostitution in the late 19th century, as seen in Manet’s Olympia (1861), while a plain black woven choker or ribbon could signify secret lesbianism in the Depression era.

    But chokers are certainly not for everyone, especially if you don’t want to draw attention to your neck. Some can also border on the restrictive or uncomfortable, so if you’re the type who simply doesn’t like that sensation, then move on to different types of adornment.

    For the ones who simply love chokers, here are a few mentioned in JCK’s latest article on the topic that our staff really liked.


    Ball and Chain choker in 14k gold-plated silver, $289; Liberty I. Exchange


    Wraparound choker in black silk with an 18k gold fleur de lis motif and 0.2 ct. t.w. diamonds, $330; Gintare

    Choker in 14k gold with 0.12 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,595; Ariel Gordon Jewelry



    Choker necklace in 18k gold with South Sea pearls and 24.45 cts. t.w. diamonds, price on request; Yoko London



  • Fancy Cuts, for the Fun of it

    Fancy cuts are what motivates jewelers to excel because its in the cut where our expertise, imagination and love of the gem really shows.

    Round brilliant cut is  far and away the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings (it accounts for more than 75 percent of all diamonds sold). But fancy cuts are increasing in popularity since it provides its own level of distinction.

    Fancy cuts generally fall into four categories: modified brilliants, step cuts, mixed cuts, and rose cuts. Any style (that’s not a round brilliant or single cut) is called a fancy cut (or fancy shape). Fancy cuts include: the marquise, heart shape, emerald, oval, baguette, pear shape, kite, triangle and trilliant.




    Earrings in 18k gold with marquise-cut peridots, fancy-cut aquamarines, and diamonds, $7,700; Suzy Landa


    A PAIR OF ART DECO COLOURED DIAMOND AND DIAMOND EAR PENDANTS  Each designed as a central fancy intense yellowish-green diamond weighing 0.74 carat within the circular-cut diamond geometric surround to the graduated diamond line surmount:

    A PAIR OF ART DECO COLOURED DIAMOND AND DIAMOND EAR PENDANTS Each designed as a central fancy intense yellowish-green diamond weighing 0.74 carat within the circular-cut diamond geometric surround to the graduated diamond line surmount


    Citrine and Peridot Gemstone Earrings Round 7mm Citrine and Pear Shaped Genuine Peridots Gemstones are Hand Set in 18 Carat Yellow Gold Claws. David Unger/London.



  • Swinging, Colorful Tassel Jewelry for Spring 2016

    We’ve been seeing glimpses of a new (yet historically old) jewelry trend that we can’t help but love: tassels.

    Why? It’s fun. And it’s textural, perfect for Spring where everything (including your jewelry) comes to life.

    Tassels have a long history. According to Wikipedia:

    A tassel is a finishing feature in fabric and clothing decoration. It is a universal ornament that is seen in varying versions in many cultures around the globe.

    But they’re not just for graduation caps anymore. Here are a few examples:

    Extra long necklaces, Loving this trend. Sautoir An extremely long neck chain, which falls below the waistline and terminates with a tassel or pendant. Popular in the early 20th century ...:

    Sautoir. An extremely long neck chain, which falls below the waistline and terminates with a tassel or pendant. Popular in the early 20th century

    Ring Tassel Necklace

    On a delicate gold chain, the Ring Tassel Necklace.

    Fun in the Sun Long Beaded Necklace with by uniquebeadingbyme #tassel #necklace #beaded:

    Fun in the Sun Long Beaded Necklace with by uniquebeadingbyme, Etsy.


    DIY Ideas | DIY Jewelry Making | Check out this tutorial to make a mixed metal filigree ball necklace like Stella & Dot!:

    Stella & Dot.

    Source: Cafe Mom and Pinterest.