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Jewelry Trends

  • High Drama Jewelry Trends for 2015

    A hearty wow to some of these high drama Fall jewelry trends found in the recent Bazaar. Its inspiring to see such risk-taking jewelry designs. If you find any pieces that tickle your Fall fancy, contact us for a custom design piece with your personality in mind.





  • A Bangle-Heavy Fall Ahead

    We don’t like to talk about Fall too ahead of its time (especially in Scottsdale where its still broiling hot) but these pretty bracelets found in the recent JCK made us stop and say ah…pretty. Be prepared for layers of bracelets this upcoming season.

    And don’t forget to check out our sweet collection of bracelets too!


    Belle Etoile Songbird black bangle bracelet

    Belle Étoile


    Garavelli Dedalo diamond bangle bracelet



    Thistle and Bee Isadora hinged bangle bracelet

    Thistle and Bee.


    main view of Round Moissanite Filigree Roll Style Tennis Bracelet

    Round Moissanite Filigree Roll Style Tennis Bracelet

  • Lab Grown Diamonds have Finally “Arrived”

    We can’t say we’re surprised but we are certainly pleased. Its time that these viable, high quality lab-made diamonds are given their props. Not only are they an eco-friendly gem choice but the quality is equivalent to that of a natural, mined diamond.

    At the recent JCK tradeshow in Las Vegas, lab grown diamonds clearly had their place in the spotlight.

    Now that millennials are becoming more sophisticated consumers, the time for lab-grown gemstones has clearly arrived. From Pure Grown Diamonds to Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite, the selection of lab-grown products has begun to change the marketplace. It’s no longer a matter of if or when they will become sought after, rather, it’s by whom and how. At the Charles & Colvard booth at the recent JCK Las Vegas show, independent jewelers, e-commerce buyers, and designers were three-deep to view the new colorless moissanite set to debut this fall.

    main view of Round Martini Style Earrings

    Forever Brilliant Round Brilliant Moissanite Martini Style Earrings Forever Brilliant round moissanite stud earrings featuring low profile three prong martini settings. Includes the Charles & Colvard Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Warranty.

  • The Colorful Rebellion of Mixed Gemstones

    Once considered taboo, mixing different types and colored gemstones in one piece of jewelry is becoming a way to enhance each gem’s beauty, not detract. Like a bouquet of flowers, the visual experience is rich, multi-layered…and certainly colorful. The takeaway? Dare to mix your gems and metals. The rules that applied a generation ago just don’t cut it today…thankfully!

    Irene Neuwirth

    Irene Neuwirth’s 18-karat white and yellow gold necklace with turquoise, tourmaline, pink tourmaline, aquamarine, quartz, Akoya pearls and diamonds. Courtesy Photo

    Michael John Jewelry

    Michael John Jewelry’s 18-karat rose gold ring with diamonds. Photo by Courtesy Photo.


    Mish New York

    Mish New York’s 18-karat gold cuff with brown diamonds, garnets, sapphires, peridot, aquamarine, citrine, pink tourmaline and iolite.

    Source: WWD

  • Rustic Cuffs Grace Wrists this Summer ala Miranda Lambert

    Celebrities and their accessory choices while on tour often beckon an emerging trend. Which is the case with singer Miranda Lambert whose mother forged a merchandise relationship with Rustic Cuff. Coincidentally it’s also one of Lambert’s favorite pieces of jewelry.


    Miranda Lambert Rustic Cuffs

    Brianna Paciorka/ Times-Picayune/Lando

    Bev [Lambert’s mother] worked with Rustic Cuffs to create the Platinum-themed pieces (there are three designs) after noticing that her daughter was already a big fan of the brand. “Rustic Cuff has been sending Miranda cuffs for as far back as her career began,” she tells PEOPLE. “On the Platinum Tour I noticed her nightly wardrobe included pieces from their collection. Miranda loves the pieces so much that I knew that fans would love them too. There are fans that wear the logo tees and caps but there are also fans that don’t wear that type of tour merch. They want something to represent their loyalty that is a little more subtle. The cuff is the perfect fit for them!”

    Source: People StyleWatch

  • A Techno “Life Leaf” – Jewelry that Takes Care of You

    Well, this is not your grandmother’s jewelry. Unless her necklaces could track her sleep, exercise and baby’s heartbeat. It’s no surprise that smart jewelry would become more fashionable (since the first incarnations were a little…robotic looking, to say the least) but what’s interesting is the increasing abilities of these tech pieces. In short, who woulda thunk?

    Bellabeat started as a company that designed a spherical wooden device for pregnant women that could record and share a baby’s heartbeat from inside the womb. From there, Bellabeat’s co-founder Urška Sršen and her team started thinking about creating other devices that would help improve women’s health during all stages of their lives.

    The company’s answer is the Leaf, a small piece of jewelry that tracks all the basic fitness metrics and sleep quality, while also keeping tabs on stress levels, women’s reproductive cycles, and potentially more.

    And it doesn’t stop there. This techno leaf can even monitor your stress levels, giving you a little buzz when it notes you’re breathing more rapidly for no reason (an indicator of stress). Expect it to fry an egg or take out the trash out in the near future!


  • Fashionable Jewelry that (Literally) is the Bomb

    Following an continuing and important trend of turning weapons into jewelry, Article 22 (named after the universal declaration of human rights) is producing politically-inspired items that include necklaces that read “Peace is the Bomb.”

    “A portion of profit from every Article 22 item goes to the artisans themselves, a local community fund, and a professional company that works to demine the approximately 80 million bombs that still haven’t detonated in Laos. According to one official estimate, at the current rate of removal, it will take nearly 300 years to rid the country of mines.” Source: NBC News




  • Dior Launches Short Films for New Jewelry Line

    Short films or artistically-leaning extended commercials have become increasingly popular in the world of marketing jewelry. It’s a new way of reaching audiences and showcasing jewelry as part of a larger creative vision.

    BLOWING IN THE WIND: Dior is marking the launch of its new fine jewelry line Rose des Vents with four animated short films based Victoire de Castellane’s fanciful drawings detailing her imaginary encounters with the house’s founder, Christian Dior.

    Each mini movie is based on a cardinal point corresponding to one of the four types of stones used in the jewels: north for mother-of-pearl; east for pink opal; south for turquoise, and west for lapis lazuli.

    The latter film, for instance, shows de Castellane and Dior preparing for a party at the Dior headquarters on Avenue Montaigne in Paris when lapis lazuli medallions start to twirl around the room like light bouncing off a glitter ball.

    Source: WWD

  • Shy and David Dayan’s “Manno Line”

    A show-stopping men’s ring – bold and decidedly masculine. Designers Shy and David Dayan’s work has been getting some serious notice. And for good reason.

    4. Shy Creation’s Manno Line

    Designer Shy Dayan aimed to create a ring that his brother and business partner, co-owner David Dayan, would wear. The result: a 14k yellow gold ring with colorless and champagne diamonds in a squared-off, European-shank style with a gallery and black rhodium behind the brown stones “to make them pop,” says David, the 22-year-old firm’s toughest critic. The piece, the colors of which accented his Daytona Rolex watch, received so many compliments that the siblings turned the design into the Manno line.
    Starting retail price: $1,260 in 14k gold
    Accounts: 40 of the firm’s 300 doors carry Manno
    Trade fairs: Smart Show, JCK Las Vegas, JCK Tucson, JA New York, Jewelers International Showcase Miami Beach
    Minimum buy-in: $10,000
    Contact: 213-623-8900;

    Band in 14k yellow gold with 1.78 cts. t.w. colorless and champagne diamonds; $2,850; Shy Creation, Los Angeles, 213-623-8900;

    Source: JCK