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A Techno “Life Leaf” – Jewelry that Takes Care of You

Well, this is not your grandmother’s jewelry. Unless her necklaces could track her sleep, exercise and baby’s heartbeat. It’s no surprise that smart jewelry would become more fashionable (since the first incarnations were a little…robotic looking, to say the least) but what’s interesting is the increasing abilities of these tech pieces. In short, who woulda thunk?

Bellabeat started as a company that designed a spherical wooden device for pregnant women that could record and share a baby’s heartbeat from inside the womb. From there, Bellabeat’s co-founder Urška Sršen and her team started thinking about creating other devices that would help improve women’s health during all stages of their lives.

The company’s answer is the Leaf, a small piece of jewelry that tracks all the basic fitness metrics and sleep quality, while also keeping tabs on stress levels, women’s reproductive cycles, and potentially more.

And it doesn’t stop there. This techno leaf can even monitor your stress levels, giving you a little buzz when it notes you’re breathing more rapidly for no reason (an indicator of stress). Expect it to fry an egg or take out the trash out in the near future!

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