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Top 5 Ways to Lose your Jewelry



It’s a heart stopper, that’s for sure. Losing jewelry can stop us dead in our tracks and cause a hefty amount of grief, especially if that lost jewelry consists of your wedding ring. So think of this list as a precautionary warning.


Top 5 Ways to Lose your Jewelry

1. In the ocean (or other large body of water)

Have you heard of shrinkage? When your body gets cold, it contracts and shrinks. The most common scenario is wearing a ring into the water of the beach and losing your jewelry due to your body contracting and getting smaller in the water.

Solution: Always remove jewelry from your body before diving in.

2. Washing dishes / Cleaning & Housework

This typical scenario happens far more often than you may realize. It can simply go down the drain if your hands are slippery wet and soapy, or perhaps you forgot where you placed it when you took it off to clean.

Solution: Have a set place where you put your jewelry during cleaning times.

3. Partying too hard 

Who among us hasn’t lost something when out at a club and buzzed (or worse)? If you must wear your valuables out, keep track of them at all times and have a friend keep track as well. It’d be a good idea if that friend was the designated driver.

4. Theft

Unfortunately thievery is still alive and well. If you’re going to be in a sketchy or unknown area, be safe and tuck your jewelry into your handbag or pocket. Also don’t flash your bling around either — in some places, it’s an invitation to be robbed.

5. Simple misplacement

Most jewelry is so small, making it incredibly easy to lose. Set aside a drawer with containers or bowls to place your jewelry in or buy a jewelry holder case. Things get lost unless they have a home — put your jewelry back in its home whenever you’re done with it to avoid losing it.

6. Sports / Gym / Running around

Physical activity of any kind can mean loss of your jewelry if you’re not careful with it. My advice is to always take it off before engaging in any sort of sports or exercise.

Source: TraxNYC