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How to NOT Lose your Cool, or your Earrings

Your heart races. Your eyes widen. You begin a mad search, all the while saying, “Oh no, oh no!” Losing jewelry is stressful and upsetting. That’s because jewelry is such a personal item – losing it can feel like losing a part of ourselves.

Here’s a few tips on how to protect yourself from the commonly lost earring:

1) EASY No-Lose Earrings

The best style of earrings (that are are able to be removed but hard to lose) are leverback earrings. They are made in such a way you can’t lose them as they fasten closed. That is why Diamond Leverback Earrings are so popular. They are worth investigating when buying earrings as they look beautiful, are simple to use, and are hard to lose.

Many dangle earrings can be converted to a leverback style at your local jeweler — but you may want to try our next tip as an inexpensive alternative.

2) Earring Stoppers For Your Fish Hook Earrings

Many people don’t realize that when they buy earrings and there are rubber stoppers on the back of the card, that they can use them to keep the earrings on their ears.

If you already own fish hook earrings but didn’t keep the rubber safety stoppers (or the earrings didn’t come with safety stoppers), you can buy rubber stoppers for the back to make sure your won’t lose them. They take an extra moment to put on, but they work like magic.

3) Easy Storage When NOT Wearing Your Earrings

Storing earrings properly makes it much harder to lose earrings. You’ll want 2 places to store your earrings.

One place will be in your purse so if for any reason you need to take your earrings off, you have a designated place. A second a known place should be where you live. If you only own a few pairs of earrings, you can keep them all in the same portable place. However, many of us have several pairs of earrings.

To store earrings in your purse, I recommend one of the small silk zippered bags. A small silk pouch can easily hold any pair of earrings, look beautiful and usually be very inexpensive.

Not being able to find your earrings in the morning, is almost the same as losing them as you can’t wear them when you want. So make sure the place at home keeps your earrings neat and easy to find like an earring tree.

So follow these earrings tips and save yourself money and time.

Here’s a pair of leverback earrings guaranteed to stay in place:

Style 452MR

Classic Wire Basket Lever Back Moissanite Earrings

Classic wire basket lever back earrings with Charles and Colvard created round Moissanite.

Source: JewelryMall