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Don’t look now. Pokemon jewelry coming to a store near you!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the massive Pokemon app trend sweeping the notion. Everyone you know is either playing it (or complaining about it!). The votes are split in our studio but we couldn’t help but notice the cuteness of the jewelry that’s spawned from this Internet craze.

U-Treasure by, a Japanese company, has introduced a line of Pokémon jewelry, proving it has its finger on the cultural pulse—and impeccable timing.

The new line, called Pocket Monsters, contains seven pieces and is advertised as a bridal collection. The items are available in platinum, silver, gold, and are fully customizable with mix-and-match metals and even gemstones.

Silver and 18-karat yellow gold Pikachu ring, which retails for 99,000 yen (US$984.29).


Electric Pokémon features on a diamond and platinum engagement ring for 120,000 yen.


Source: Rocket News