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Structural Earrings this Fall 2017

Well, let’s face facts: statement earrings are here to stay. And for good reason: who doesn’t want their jewelry to stand out? Aside from the wow factor, statement earrings are also a simple and easy choice to really jazz up a simple outfit easily. (But remember: if you decide to go the statement jewelry route, let it standalone. Wearing other jewelry can lead to the dreaded accessory overkill!)

This Fall season 2017, statement earrings are taking a new, harder-edged geometric twist. This means (at least in our humble opinion) outfits should support or reflect that more linear look. So unthink your Boho look and instead integrate clean lines and sharp colors that your geometrically-loving statement earrings will love.

If you’re a beginner to statement earrings, try this pair on for size. They obviously still possess the “wow” factor (hello, pink tourmaline!) and trending geometric style, but a smaller size.

Super pretty with a touch of whimsy, genuine Pink Tourmaline, Baby Pink Topaz, and Rhodolite Garnet earrings, set in your choice of 14kt rose, yellow, or white gold. Click on the image for more info.