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Matching Earrings to Suit your Face

Just like clothing, jewelry needs to match the wearer. Though interestingly, we don’t usually think of jewelry that way – you just like it or you don’t, right?

Take earrings for instance. Face shape comes heavily into play when choosing earrings. Here’s what one expert has to say:

Earrings can work towards or against the shape of your face. Depending on the shape of your face, you can use particular earring styles to emphasize a deemphasize flaws in the shape. When we talk about face shapes we are referring to the basic shapes of round, rectangle or, heart-shaped, oval, or square

Those with an oval shaped face are the luckiest because they can wear pretty much any style and look good. If your faces round, however, you don’t want to emphasize the fullness so you want to stay away from big button style earrings or hoops. Long earrings or square or rectangular shaped will help to elongate your face.

Heart-shaped faces are thinner by the chin and so you want to wear earrings that can widen out your chin such as triangular shapes or chandeliers are wider at the bottom. if your faces long or rectangular shaped you don’t want to wear longer dangling earrings as this will tend to elongate your face. Stick with smaller stubs to match your face shape.

Here’s a chart to help you decide your type of face:

These clarity enhanced stud earrings work with just about any face type:

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