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General Jewelry Info

  • DIY Feather Earrings Fun

    I remember the first wave of feather earrings way back in the 70’s. We all wore them whether it was long, dangling feather hanging from our ears or feather clips in our hairs. They felt feminine, primal and Stevie Nicks-style romantic.

    More recently, feather earrings can be seen back on the runways. But you can create your own DIY feather earrings without that high end cost.

    Custom designed by self…we love it!


  • It’s all in the cutting!

    Cutting is also important for smaller stones. Here’s an example of how cutting affects a gemstone’s appearance. These are 3.5mm yellow sapphires going into a bracelet. Stone #1,  in addition to having better proportions, has a flower, or star pattern at the base/culet of the stone. The result is a much brighter looking stone.

  • Eddie Borgo’s Jewelry Box

    Where you store your jewelry is as important (okay, almost!) as your jewelry itself. Not only does a smart jewelry box keep your jewelry safe, it keeps it organized.

    More on this work of art:

    [Borgo’s jewelry box is] a structured carrier that features multiple storage trays, a beveled mirror and lock-and-go key, was modeled after a train case that Borgo’s mother used for travel. Decorated with custom hardware and covered in leather embossed to look like exotic skins — stingray or snake — the box comes in four colorways, including navy with gold metal embellishments (shown here). Inside, compartments accommodate sets of cuffs, smaller pendants, larger collars and necklaces. “For every piece in a modern jewelry collection,” Borgo explains.

    For the low, low price of $2000. Read more at The New York Times.

  • What Goes with Platinum?

    That’s kind of a trick question. A better question would be, “What doesn’t go with platinum?” Platinum is known to work with just about any gem. Designer Erica Courtney has this to say about this magic metal that is well-known to bring out the best in colored gems:

    The richness of platinum when designed around pavé diamonds and colored gemstones is beyond compare,” Courtney says. “Any gemstone pairs well with platinum, but I’m excited about using platinum with green gemstones, like emerald.”



    Erica Courtney’s Fringe earrings are made in platinum with diamonds and blue topaz