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  • Points on Palladium

    Last week, you learned a little about platinum and its finer points. This week, we shift the spotlight to palladium, the lesser known “little brother” to platinum. What is this wonder metal and how can it add to your jewelry wardrobe?

    According to Wikipedia:

    Palladium itself has been used as a precious metal in jewelry since 1939, as an alternative to platinum or white gold. This is due to its naturally white properties, giving it no need for rhodium plating.

    It is slightly whiter, much lighter and about 12% harder than platinum. Similar to gold, palladium can be beaten into a thin leaf form as thin as 100 nm (1/250,000 in).

    So not is it only highly durable, it’s affordable – making it quite popular during a struggling economy. According to Pierce Mattie Public Relations:

    A sure sign of its rise to fame came at the 2009 American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards where they announced that Palladium is finally gaining more acceptance in the designer world.  Many designers including Tenthio, Sasha Primak, and Michael Sugarman will be developing an entire palladium collection in conjunction with high-karat gold and platinum lines.

    Additionally, retailers can expect to see an increase in palladium pieces at upcoming trade shows.  Solidifying the trend, some of the most highly acclaimed names in the design world will also be adopting the metal, including Robert Lee Morris, Paul Morelli, Zoltan David, Alishan, Michael Bondanza, and Barry Kronen.

    (above) Wedding bands were in demand during the 1940s, and many were made of palladium. This diamond-set eternity band is engraved “E.A.E. & M.O’R. Oct. 20, 1943” and “Palladium – Tiffany & Co.” (see inset). Courtesy of Kurt Rothner, Excalibur, West Hollywood, CA.

    Here are a few other stellar examples of palladium pieces:

  • Points on Platinum

    Platinum is a bit of an elusive metal. We all have a historical understanding of gold and silver but platinum can seem like the odd man out. What is it exactly? And why would you choose platinum over other metals for a wedding band or other fine jewelry? Well, here’s a few points on platinum to ponder prior to purchase:

    All the platinum ever mined would fit in the average size living room!

    Annually, only about 133 tons of platinum are mined, compared to about 1,782 tons of gold.

    Louis XVI of France proclaimed platinum the only metal fit for royalty!

    10 tons of ore and a five month process is needed to make up one ounce of platinum.

    1a.gif (204 bytes)lthough Platinum may seem new, it is also legendary. The Ancient Egyptians and South American Incas prized it. France’s Louis XVI proclaimed it the only metal fit for royalty.

    1l.gif (181 bytes)egendary jewelers such as Cartier, Faberge and Tiffany created their timeless designs in Platinum. The world’s famous diamonds, including the Hope, Jonker I and Koh-I-Noor, are secured by the permanence of Platinum.

    1p.gif (248 bytes)latinum reached its peak of popularity in the early 1900’s, when it was the preferred metal for all fine jewelry in America. When World War II began, the U.S. government declared Platinum a strategic metal and its use in non-military applications, including jewelry, was disallowed. To appease consumers, who preferred Platinum’s white luster, white gold was substituted in Platinum’s absence.


    It is very fashionable to wear Platinum with your gold jewelry. In fact, many Platinum designs combine the two metals. Platinum’s white color beautifully contrasts with yellow gold and adds versatility to your jewelry wardrobe.

    No other jewelry metal is more precious, more lasting or more appealing than platinum. Its rich white luster and understated elegance are beyond compare.  Discover why platinum is the metal of choice for today’s discriminating jewelry buyer.


    It is the heaviest of the precious metals, weighing almost twice as much as karat gold. Its strength ideally secures diamonds and other precious gems.

    Even after many years, platinum will not wear away or wear down. For example, after many years of wear, a gold wedding band’s shank will wear down and become thinner. This is not the case with platinum.

    As with all precious metals (gold, silver, etc.), platinum can be scratched. However, with platinum, there is actually no material lost from the scratch as there is with gold. If your platinum jewelry becomes scratched, simply take it to your jeweler for a quick polish.


    In America, platinum jewelry contains either 90% or 95% pure platinum. By comparison, 18 karat gold is 75% pure and 14 karat is 58% pure gold. Platinum will never tarnish or lose its rich white luster.


    Ten tons of ore must be mined to produce a single ounce of platinum. It takes five months to process platinum ore into pure platinum. Only after this time can skilled hands work their creativity and craftsmanship, transforming platinum into pieces of wearable art.


    Platinum jewelry is as versatile as it is beautiful. The choice is yours: platinum with karat gold accents for breathtaking new versatility or, for the purist, the subtle look of all platinum.

    Whether inspired by classic or contemporary themes, platinum jewelry is perfect for any occasion under the sun, moon or stars. A quiet luxury in today’s world. A treasure to be worn.

    Source: History of Platinum

    Style 6813WB

    Platinum Comfort Fit Band With Hammer Finish And High Polished Sides

    Platinum comfort fit wedding band, hammer finished center, high polished sides, 6mm wide.


  • How to Care for your Jewelry the Right Way

    If you’ve recently invested in a fine piece of jewelry, whether its moissanite, Gemesis or natural diamonds or whether it’s platinum or gold, tending to your jewelry ensures a long, brilliant life.

    Here are some basic tips to remember to keep the sparkle in your bling!


    Soak for 20 minutes in a solution of one cup warm water and 1/4 cup ammonia. Then gently scrub with a soft-bristle toothbrush, getting into the small areas between the diamond and the setting. Rinse with warm water, and lay on a tissue to dry. If your diamonds are set in platinum, this method will also clean the setting.


    Rub each pearl individually with a soft, clean cotton cloth dampened with a solution of two cups warm water and a few drops of a mild dishwashing liquid, like Joy. (Soaking strands of pearls can cause the string to stretch.) Let air-dry overnight.


    Rinse in warm water and pat dry. If silver is tarnished, use a silver-polishing cloth or a jar of silver-cleaning fluid, such as Goddard’s Silver Dip (available at drugstores). (Silver cleaner won’t harm gold and platinum, but it won’t clean them, either.) For jewelry with intricate designs, use a silver-cleaning paste, which can get into small crevices. (Don’t use toothpaste or other abrasive cleaners, which will scratch.) Wipe with a clean, soft cloth.


    Dip in warm water. Gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. Rinse with warm water. Let air-dry.


    Soak for 15 minutes in a solution of two cups warm water and a few drops of a mild dishwashing liquid, like Joy. Gently scrub with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Rinse with warm water, and dry with a soft cloth.


    14kt Rose Gold Earrings Set With Pink Moissanite And White Diamonds

    Beautiful, one of a kind 14kt rose gold earrings with 1.0ct t.w. (dia equiv) Charles and Colvard created round moissanite color enhanced to spring pink, surrounded by 1/3ct t.w. white diamonds.

  • Are you Ready for Platinum?

    Platinum has a positive connotation for just about anyone in search of an engagement or wedding ring: It stands for the “best of the best.” It also feels different – it tends to be heavier, which most of us think of as more durable, solid.

    According to Diane Breitman of Queen of Diamonds in Calabasas, California:

    “The difference is when you hold [platinum] in your hand, it’s heavy, which is really nice,” Breitman says. “But is that enough for $800 more that can make the diamond that much bigger or better?”

    At Lux Bond and Green, with locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts, co-owner Marc Green says that the “bridal category is still a great category,” but in terms of platinum, there has been “nothing real noticeable.”

    “I would say on a percentage level, it’s gone up a little,” he says.

    Yet Green also points out an obvious plus when it comes to securing the platinum sale.

    “You do make more profit dollars because platinum is more expensive, so the dollar is there,” he says.

    The plus side is that while platinum is more expensive, it’s at an all-time low for the jewelry market. For some, that means taking advantage of a window of opportunity to possess a ring made of one of the finest metals around.

    You only buy your engagement and wedding ring once (hopefully!) If platinum is your dream metal, then it seems worth considering now. Sure, you may be spending a little extra – but its a lifetime purchase and you deserve to be satisfied.

    Partial Source: National Jewelry Network

    Take a look at our platinum wedding band. Even from the photo, you can the lusterous glow of platinum and why it is often the metal of choice:

    Style 6816WB

    Platinum Comfort Fit Band With High Polished Flat Center

    Platinum comfort fit wedding band, high polished, flat center, 8mm wide.

  • De Beers Diamond Demand Drops Dramatically

    De Beers, the world’s leading diamond producer, announced that rough sales in the first half of the year dropped some 57%, to $1.4 billion, 57 per cent lower than the first half of 2008. Net earnings were $3 million for the first half of 2009, compared to $316 million, a 99% drop. That’s right – a 99% drop.

    De Beers diamond production fell dramatically as well. Production at its mines was 73 percent lower in the first half of 2009, with a more than 91 percent drop in  the first quarter, the result of production holidays at De Beers’ mines in Canada and Africa. The company anticipates that carat production for 2009 will be half that of 2008.

    So what does this all mean to you, the consumer? During difficult economic times, diamond sales drop, for obvious reasons. Who can buy a diamond necklace when your behind on your bills?

    But it doesn’t mean that you have to do without either. Diamond alternatives, like moissanite and Gemesis, continue to forge ahead, as more eco-savvy and smart shoppers opt for jewelry that fits their budget and their conscience.

    Source: JCKOnline

    Here’s a sampling of some of our finest moissanite products:

    Custom Designed Cushion Cut Moissanite And Pave’ Diamond Ring

    Stunning and unique custom designed platinum ring with a 5.0ct (dia equiv) Charles and colvard created cushion cut moissanite and approx. 1.0ct t.w. round pave’ diamonds.

    Metal: Platinum
    Ring Size: 4 – 8

    Style 3366M

    Three Stone Moissanite And Ruby Ring

    One of a kind 9.25ct (dia equiv) radiant cut moissanite and two genuine recrystalized trillion cut rubies weighing 4.0ct in total, set into a hand made platinum three stone ring with hand applied platinum scrolls.

    Metal: Platinum
    Stone size: 9.25ct
    Ring size: 4 – 8
    Call For Pricing

    Style 3364M

    Oval Shaped Moissanite Dangle Earrings

    Custom made 15.50ct t.w. (dia equiva) oval cut moissanite and 3/4ct t.w. (dia equiv) bezel set round moissanite dangle earrings. This one of a kind piece is hand made and has hand applied filigree engraving and scroll work.

    Metal: Platinum
    Stone size: 15.66ct t.w.
    Call For Pricing

  • The Anniversary Band – Saying “I Do” Again

    Anniversary bands are becoming increasingly popular. They are a simple, elegant and effective way to show and renew the longstanding love between you and your spouse. And in a day when divorce constitutes the demise of almost half of all marriages, isn’t a longstanding love worth celebrating?

    Many couples will celebrate a landmark anniversary with an anniversary ring, such as their 25th or 50th – but there is no ironclad rule. When you use materials such as moissanite or Gemesis, an anniversary ring becomes a more accessible and affordable gift on any anniversary.

    Typically, anniversary rings are worn to compliment the wedding ring itself. Or sometimes, an anniversary ring is reminiscent of the original engagement ring.

    Many women wear anniversary bands with their wedding sets on their left hand. If the anniversary band is more elaborate than the set, it it acceptable to wear it on the right hand. Occasionally, a woman may choose to wear her anniversary ring alone, because her wedding set it outdate or no longer suits their style.

    Whatever the case, an anniversary ring makes an ideal gift for your spouse.

    Below is one of our most popular anniversary rings:

    Channel Set Moissanite And Blue Sapphire Anniversary Band

    Channel set anniversary band with Charles and Colvard created princess cut moissanite and Chatham created blue sapphires set all the way around with a total gem weight of 3 3/4ct! Band is 5mm wide.

  • Summer Jewelry Trends – Back to Nature

    It’s arrived in its typical splendor and fashion. Summer. Time to show a little more skin and dress with a little more pizazz and color. Put your beige and navy blues aside and let some brighter hues shine through.

    The “bigger is better” trend still continues when it comes to jewelry. It’s time to find a piece that really shows off. Subtly is for another day! This summer, find a piece that showcases all that Mother Nature has to offer: bright, blooming jewelry that practically grows on you!

    According to one expert:

    Charms, Charms, Charms

    As sleeve lengths become shorter and necks become more exposed, expect to see necks and wrists dripping with colorful charms. Taking a lead from such celebrities as Gwen Stefani, charms are a way to express your individuality and your personal interests. Whether you wear a bracelet or necklace with a few carefully selected charms or chains overloaded with them, they’re sure to make a statement this year.


    With the economy in the doldrums, a flash of silver adds a touch of brightness. Gold may be out of most people’s price range, but silver is still an affordable option. You can also expect to see silver mixed with other metals including brass, copper, and gold-filled for a fun and affordable jewelry alternative. Oxidized silver will give a slightly vintage look will be seen. The good news? Silver is timeless and never really goes out of style.

    A Natural Touch

    Although bright colors will dominate, stylish trendsetters still want their jewelry to have a natural, organic touch. Think natural beads and gemstones such as turquoise, jade, and coral for a splash of color straight from Mother Nature. A newer natural material that will be showcased in necklace and bracelet creations is bamboo which is the new “wood” for spring. Don’t forget about the standard semiprecious stones such as onyx. If it’s natural, it’s in for spring and summer 2009.


    This is another play on nature. You can expect to see nature blooming on the wrists, ears, and necks of fashion forward women this spring and summer. Leaf and floral themed pendants and charm will bring fashion closer to nature while adding an elegant touch to spring fashions.


    Jewelry for summer 2009 is anything but demure. If you can’t afford to make a statement with a new designer outfit, you can at least layer on the necklaces and bracelets for high impact. Expect to see multiple eclectic necklaces and bracelets worn on wrists and necks, creating visual drama. What better way to express yourself?

    Focus on the Wrists

    If you want to make a strong fashion statement this season, rediscover your wrists. From jewelery cuffs to bold bangles, wrists and arms will be in the spotlight. “Arm candy” is an inexpensive way to update your spring and summer wardrobe for 2009. Think statement making!

    With so much jewelry excitement, you can quickly update your wardrobe without spending a fortune this year and still step out in style.

    Here’s a Joseph Schubach Jeweler piece de resistance from our Joe Jeweler line that simply screams summer:

    Style 7380GM

    Yellow Gemesis Sun Pendant

    “Sun” pendant with a 1/3ct Gemesis cultured diamond with fancy yellow or orange color, and .14ct t.w. natural round pave’ set diamonds. The pendant sits on a 16″ black rubber cord with a 14kt gold clasp. Approximately 5/8″ tall.

    Available Metal: 14kt White Gold, Yellow Gold And Platinum
    Available Stone Size: 1/3ct

  • Elizabeth Taylor’s Love Affair with Jewelry

    Taylor’s long lasting love affair with jewelry has been memorialized with her book “My Love Affair with Jewelry” where she takes the reader on a tour of her astounding jewelry collection.

    She writes “I mean, how many young women get a set of rubies just for doing something wholesome like swimming laps? Or win a diamond ring at Ping-Pong with their husband…? Well, I did, and for all of these memories and the people in my life I feel blessed.”

    Elizabeth Taylor wearing the Taylor-Burton pear shaped diamond pendant

    Taylor wearing the famous Krupp Diamond

    (above) This platinum-set diamond ring is from the Elizabeth Collection of House of Taylor Jewelry, a Los Angeles-based international jewelry company whose principal shareholders include movie legend Elizabeth Taylor. The 5.98-carat oval-cut diamond in its center is “internally flawless” and surrounded by 3.96 carats of round brilliant diamonds in a floral design. Of course, star power doesn’t come cheap. This ring will cost you a cool $1.3 million.
    (House of Taylor Jewelry)

    Taylor’s book can be an inspiration for all sorts of jewelry choices. If there’s something that catches your eye, contact us and we can bring your dream to life!

  • How to NOT Overaccessorize!

    While statement pieces have been all the rage this last year, it’s important to realize when you’ve overdone it! Many of these statement pieces, for instance, are meant to to standalone – meaning that piece and that piece only! Not only do you muddy the look of your central piece when you add too many extras, you also resemble a 3-ring circus desperately in need of a ring leader!

    Here are some sage words of wisdom from Heather Edden, a specialist in the field:

    Jewelry is one of the more commonly thought of accessories but there are simple rules that should be remembered with jewelry. There are classic pieces which everyone should have gold hoops and pearls. Pearls are especially important because they can go with most anything. A nice string of pearls can be used to make casual outfits look classier. Also remember when accessorizing with jewelry do not drown yourself in it. If you wear a thick/large necklace avoid wearing large hanging earrings, settle for simple studs instead. Like wise if you do decide to wear large earrings wear a thin chain or avoid a necklace all together and show off your natural neckline. The same can be said for wearing bracelets, though bangles are fun too many of them just becomes distracting. Remember pearls and diamonds go great with black, think Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Also pay attention to accents and buttons in your clothing. If the outfit you are wearing has gold buttons or accents try to wear gold jewelry with the same finish.

    Here is a classic of ours that goes with just about anything:

    Freshwater Pearls – 8.5mm – 11.5mm

    Freshwater pearls, 17″ with 14kt yellow gold clasp

    8.5mm-9.5mm: Now $299
    9.5mm-10.5mm: Now $399
    10.5mm-11.5mm: Now $499

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