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How to NOT Overaccessorize!

While statement pieces have been all the rage this last year, it’s important to realize when you’ve overdone it! Many of these statement pieces, for instance, are meant to to standalone – meaning that piece and that piece only! Not only do you muddy the look of your central piece when you add too many extras, you also resemble a 3-ring circus desperately in need of a ring leader!

Here are some sage words of wisdom from Heather Edden, a specialist in the field:

Jewelry is one of the more commonly thought of accessories but there are simple rules that should be remembered with jewelry. There are classic pieces which everyone should have gold hoops and pearls. Pearls are especially important because they can go with most anything. A nice string of pearls can be used to make casual outfits look classier. Also remember when accessorizing with jewelry do not drown yourself in it. If you wear a thick/large necklace avoid wearing large hanging earrings, settle for simple studs instead. Like wise if you do decide to wear large earrings wear a thin chain or avoid a necklace all together and show off your natural neckline. The same can be said for wearing bracelets, though bangles are fun too many of them just becomes distracting. Remember pearls and diamonds go great with black, think Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Also pay attention to accents and buttons in your clothing. If the outfit you are wearing has gold buttons or accents try to wear gold jewelry with the same finish.

Here is a classic of ours that goes with just about anything:

Freshwater Pearls – 8.5mm – 11.5mm

Freshwater pearls, 17″ with 14kt yellow gold clasp

8.5mm-9.5mm: Now $299
9.5mm-10.5mm: Now $399
10.5mm-11.5mm: Now $499

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