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How to Care for your Jewelry the Right Way

If you’ve recently invested in a fine piece of jewelry, whether its moissanite, Gemesis or natural diamonds or whether it’s platinum or gold, tending to your jewelry ensures a long, brilliant life.

Here are some basic tips to remember to keep the sparkle in your bling!


Soak for 20 minutes in a solution of one cup warm water and 1/4 cup ammonia. Then gently scrub with a soft-bristle toothbrush, getting into the small areas between the diamond and the setting. Rinse with warm water, and lay on a tissue to dry. If your diamonds are set in platinum, this method will also clean the setting.


Rub each pearl individually with a soft, clean cotton cloth dampened with a solution of two cups warm water and a few drops of a mild dishwashing liquid, like Joy. (Soaking strands of pearls can cause the string to stretch.) Let air-dry overnight.


Rinse in warm water and pat dry. If silver is tarnished, use a silver-polishing cloth or a jar of silver-cleaning fluid, such as Goddard’s Silver Dip (available at drugstores). (Silver cleaner won’t harm gold and platinum, but it won’t clean them, either.) For jewelry with intricate designs, use a silver-cleaning paste, which can get into small crevices. (Don’t use toothpaste or other abrasive cleaners, which will scratch.) Wipe with a clean, soft cloth.


Dip in warm water. Gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. Rinse with warm water. Let air-dry.


Soak for 15 minutes in a solution of two cups warm water and a few drops of a mild dishwashing liquid, like Joy. Gently scrub with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Rinse with warm water, and dry with a soft cloth.


14kt Rose Gold Earrings Set With Pink Moissanite And White Diamonds

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