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Are you Ready for Platinum?

Platinum has a positive connotation for just about anyone in search of an engagement or wedding ring: It stands for the “best of the best.” It also feels different – it tends to be heavier, which most of us think of as more durable, solid.

According to Diane Breitman of Queen of Diamonds in Calabasas, California:

“The difference is when you hold [platinum] in your hand, it’s heavy, which is really nice,” Breitman says. “But is that enough for $800 more that can make the diamond that much bigger or better?”

At Lux Bond and Green, with locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts, co-owner Marc Green says that the “bridal category is still a great category,” but in terms of platinum, there has been “nothing real noticeable.”

“I would say on a percentage level, it’s gone up a little,” he says.

Yet Green also points out an obvious plus when it comes to securing the platinum sale.

“You do make more profit dollars because platinum is more expensive, so the dollar is there,” he says.

The plus side is that while platinum is more expensive, it’s at an all-time low for the jewelry market. For some, that means taking advantage of a window of opportunity to possess a ring made of one of the finest metals around.

You only buy your engagement and wedding ring once (hopefully!) If platinum is your dream metal, then it seems worth considering now. Sure, you may be spending a little extra – but its a lifetime purchase and you deserve to be satisfied.

Partial Source: National Jewelry Network

Take a look at our platinum wedding band. Even from the photo, you can the lusterous glow of platinum and why it is often the metal of choice:

Style 6816WB

Platinum Comfort Fit Band With High Polished Flat Center

Platinum comfort fit wedding band, high polished, flat center, 8mm wide.