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Crystals Used in Facials – Fact or Fad?

Crystals have a long New Agey history. Who hasn’t heard about the powers they may (or may not) possess and how they can help balance your energy, “center” you or even heal a broken heart (thank you, rose quartz).

But can crystals be used in facials to beautify the skin? Before you think its just some fly by night fad, know that some of the top celebrities in Hollywood (thank you, Jennifer Aniston) are using crystals in their skin treatments…and with high praise.

We’re not talking about ground up crystals put in cleansers as a form of exfolloiant (though undoubtedly that has also been tried). The current crystal trend either entails rolling a shaped crystal over your face to loosen muscles and stimulate circulation (called facial rolling) or simply placing crystals on your face for an extended period of time. Pretty easy, right? 

“Crystals vibrate at different [frequencies] and help bring our faces and bodies into sync so they can glow,” claims Joey Wargachuk, a crystal reader at Happy Soul in Toronto. “When you place them on different meridians, which are the different energy pressure points of the face, they literally absorb heat and release it.” [Fashionista]

But do crystal facials work? Well, there will most probably be no scientific studies on the topic, nor would they yield many helpful results. But if you believe in the strength and power of crystals, then lying them on a particular region of the body would target its strength, at least in theory.

Even if you don’t believe in crystals, there is something comforting about having the weight of something that smooth and heavy on your face. It reminds us of your facial muscles and (hopefully) reminds us to relax a little!

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