Industrial designer Naomi Kizhner has developed a concept for an invasive jewellery

collection that converts kinetic energy from the body’s involuntary movements

into electricity.

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizner

Naomi Kizhner designed the Energy Addicts accessories in response to the world’s

impending energy crisis, looking for an existing energy source that is yet to be

tapped in to.

“It interested me to imagine what would the world be like once it has experienced

a steep decline in energy resources and how we will feed our energy addiction,”

Kizhner told Dezeen.

“There are lots of developments of renewable energy resources, but the human body

is a natural resource for energy that is constantly renewed, as long as we are alive.”

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizner

“Technologically we are not too far away from these ideas becoming a

reality,” said Kizhner. “But practically speaking, will we be willing to

sacrifice our bodies in order to produce more energy?

My intention is to provoke a discussion.”

Source: DeZeen