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Skin Tone and Jewelry – Making the Right Match

Most of us think only in terms of clothing when it comes to matching our skin tone, but instinctually we gravitate toward one metal or another because we know silver or gold simply looks better. If you’re unsure, here’s a smart chart to guide you:

Determining Skin Tone

Look at the skin in natural light. Try to find a spot where the veins are easily noticeable. For most people, the wrists are their best bet. Use the table below to determine one’s skin tone.




Cool Pink or red Blue
Warm Yellow or gold Green

Matching Skin Tone to Metals

Metals are easy to divide into cool and warm categories. The following table highlights the most common cool and warm metals found in jewelry.


White and silvery metals are best. Examples include: silver, platinum, titanium, stainless steel, and white gold.


Brown and yellowish metals are best. Examples include: yellow gold, copper, brass, and pewter.

Matching Skin Tone to Gem Colors

Metals are the base of jewelry. They need to match the skin tone so as not to distract, but the metal itself is usually not the focus of a piece of jewelry. Whether artificial or real, gems need to match one’s skin tone in order to create a cohesive look. Pale skin can look great with the right jewelry, but the wrong jewelry can make such skin look washed out and even unhealthy. Use the following table to find the right gem colors.


Bright colors such as pink, red, blue, purple, and green are best because they bring life and vivacity to cool skin.


Earth tones such as orange, brown, yellow, and turquoise are ideal because warm skin is very earthy as well.

Source: eBay

Image: Fire Mountains Gems