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Far, Far-out Face Jewelry by Givenchy

We’ve come to expect wild fashion displays on the runway. It’s part of the theatrics and certainly not intended for streetwear. But designer house Givenchy took it one step beyond at a recent fashion show where intricate face jewelry almost upstaged the clothing.

Body art migrated to the face at Givenchy’s Fall 2015 runway show for Paris Fashion Week on Sunday.

There, the models’ cheeks and noses competed with their gothic-inspired garments for the audience’s attention. Pat McGrath, the show’s makeup artist, told it took six hours to complete the elaborate facial decorations, trying to keep the heavy jewelry in place and working with each girl’s facial features.

Each model was decorated with intricate facial jewelry sets in golds, silvers and blacks. The ornaments sat on their cheeks and chins and hung off their septums and nostrils. Their ears featured matching earrings from their lobes to their upper cartilage.

The jewelry made specifically for the show consisted of dark jewels, such as sapphire and ruby, but also of a material that was supposed to look like jet, a fossilized coal worn in Victorian times to display mourning, according to Collector’s Weekly.

Source: Mashable


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