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D.I.Y. Contestant Thrilled with Results!

One of our D.I.Y. Custom Design Jewelry contestants is already raving about the finished product. (Frankly, he was the mastermind behind it – we just did the legwork!)

You have a few more days to toss your hat in the ring, so what are you waiting for? Our contest allows YOU to choose the design and the material (from diamonds to moissanite to cubic zirconia, for instance.)

Since you choose the material, you ultimately choose the price. Just by entering, you receive a 50% discount on our design fees. And if you win? $500 toward your purchase.



To the Staff at Joseph Schubach Jewelers:

Thank you Joe, and thank you Sarah so much for all your help. And thanks
to anyone else who helped make this awesome ring!! The picture didn't do
it justice, its so much more spectacular seeing it in person!!!

It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! It's a lot bigger than I imagined it to be too!

Anyway, thank you so much again and you do excellent work!
All of my coworkers saw it and got jealous – they're all going to vote for
it when the contest is over.

I can't thank you enough, its just amazing!!

Have a great weekend!

Here's last year's D.I.Y. Contest Winner: