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Choosing the Right Necklace for your Neckline

If you are like me, you haven't thought much about where your necklace falls in relation to your neckline and how it can accentuate an outfit. I recently purchased a gorgeous moissanite pendant necklace but didn't think much about the way it worked on me, in relation to my size or my clothes. But there is an art to choosing the length of your necklace, depending on your wardrobe and your body type.

Here's some advice from the experts:

1. Consider the occasion. Opt for a simple, understated piece for daytime and a more precious or extravagant piece for evening.

2. Accent a V-neck with a drop pearl necklace or solitaire pendant. This
same piece also complements boat-neck and crew neck tops. Match gemstone
colors to those found in your outfit and earrings.

3. Accessorize strapless and off-the-shoulder necklines with a necklace
that remains close to the neck. Pair a faux gem choker on an invisible
string with a top made of satin or silk. Add elegant sophistication with a short strand of pearls.

4. Pair an open-collar blouse with a thicker, chunkier piece of costume
jewelry. Faux silver or gold interlock chains that lie flat on the
collarbone accent a dressy casual outfit or business suit. Coordinate your earrings and belt with the tones in your necklace.
5. Enhance a jewel-neck or turtleneck sweater with a long string of
colorful beads. Precious stones work well with a thicker day look,
while crystals bring a little glamor to an evening ensemble.
6. Pair a square-neck top with a pendant that dangles from a long chain.
Consider lengths that fall between the collarbones.