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“Must Have” Pieces of Jewelry

Many people are on tight budgets these days. Yet they still want a few luxury items to make them feel good.

If you’re just starting to build your jewelry collection, then this list will help guide you. Start with one piece at a time. Make sure the piece you pick out is truly one that resonates with you.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be high-end pieces (cocktail rings, for instance, are quite affordable).  There are many great diamond alternatives out there that are meant to last a long time. Moissanite in place of natural diamonds, for instance, are becoming quite popular among the eco-conscious sort, who want the dazzle but don’t want the damage. (Mined natural diamonds are ecologically harmful in numerous ways).

So here’s your “go to” list:

The Five Staples of Women’s Jewelry

  • Pearl Earrings – One of these jewelry staples is a pair of pearl earrings. If only one set of pearls is desired, stick to the classic white pearl, about ¼ or ½ inch in diameter. Pearl studs are a classic, timeless addition (and necessary addition) to a woman’s jewelry box. Pearls can be worn with a casual outfit, professional attire, or an evening gown – even to a cocktail party or black tie event. The perfect pair of pearl studs will never go out of style and can complement or enhance any style. Pearls range in price and one can easily find a pair fit to any budget! Pink and silver pearls are also gorgeous additions to any jewelry case.

  • Diamond StudsAnother set of earrings that is an absolute must are a pair of diamond studs. Diamond studs will last a lifetime and will complement a range of looks from casual to extremely elegant. When purchasing a pair of diamond studs invest in a good quality pair and pay attention to the 4 Cs: Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color. A nice pair of diamond earrings will not break the bank, but they are something you will have forever.

  • Cocktail RingA great way to add excitement and glamour to an outfit is with a cocktail ring, which is why it is one of the five jewelry staples. A large, fun, glitzy cocktail ring can adorn any finger – it looks best on the ring or pointer finger – and is a great attention getter. Cocktail rings are sold at numerous retailers, and they can be bought very inexpensive at stores including H&M and XI Forever for under $10. Make sure at least one cocktail ring is in the jewelry box, but at prices under $10, purchase a few in different stones and designs.

  • Wristwatch A timeless – no pun intended – jewelry piece is a watch, another item on the list of must-haves. A classic style to own would be one in silver or gold (depending on what matches most with the other jewelry in the jewelry box) or one with a leather strap. A boyfriend style, one with a bigger face, is a great addition to any wardrobe, and most consumers find a watch a necessity, especially in the workplace. Michael Kors makes amazing watches at prices around or under $250 in all colors and materials. For a leather brand, try a classic watch by Timex.

  • Conversation PieceThe last jewelry must have is a piece of costume jewelry, mainly a necklace. A fun, colorful necklace can add a pop of color or a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise simple outfit. A costume necklace can also completely change the appearance of the neckline and give a whole new look to an outfit. Costume items can also be purchased at many different retailers, so purchase a few and add new looks to that wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Cushion Cut Moissanite Stud Earrings

Antique cushion cut stud earrings, four prong wire basket settings with friction backs

and Charles and Colvard created moissanite. 2.10ct t.w. (dia equiv, 6mm stones)