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  • Natural Pink Diamonds

    PinkdiamondssharpSubtle but beautiful! We have these little tiny natural pink diamonds in for a customer. While subtle and light in color, they would look absolutely gorgeous set into rose gold, say in an accent band around a center diamond in a white gold engagement ring, for instance! We can hardly wait to make something with these!!!

  • Custom Made Blue Sapphire and Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

    CustomsapphirebluediamondengagementBeautiful Blue! Blue sapphires and blue diamonds encrust this beautiful, custom made engagement ring. The center stone of this unique engagement ring is a sapphire while alternately channel set down the sides are blue diamonds and more blue sapphires. Complete with a custom message engraved inside the ring!Customsapphirebluediamondengageme_2

  • Custom Necklace Made From Costume Sample

    A client came to us with his wife’s favorite necklace to have re created.  The original was costume jewelry, made from base metal and imitation stones. We custom made a new necklace using 14kt white gold, natural blue sapphire, blue topaz and aquamarine stones. The shiny new favorite is shown on the left and the original on the right.Samplesapphirebluetopazwhitegoldnec

  • Customer Testimonial: Moissanite vs CZ (cubic zirconia)

    We had a customer inquiry today that we thought was very interesting. The customer is looking into replacing the center stone in a ring they already have. We thought the comments on moissanite vs. CZ (cubic zirconia) were compelling. We couldn’t have said it better!

    <<I know at this time i can’t afford a diamond center stone. I already
    have a moissanite necklace and i love it. I’m tired of cz’s that i have
    to change very year because of the everyday wear and tear. My ring is
    18k 1kt princess/round diamonds, but my center stone is cz. I’m ready
    for a new ring or a moissanite centerstone.>>

  • Beyoncé Shows Off $5M Wedding Ring

    Beyonce_knowlesdiamondengagementrinHere’s one for you! Beyoncé is sporting an 18ct flawless emerald cut platinum diamond engagement ring at the Fashion Rocks red carpet last Saturday. It seems that Beyoncé secretly married rapper Jay-Z back in April, and this is the first time she’s gotten around to showing off her ring.

  • The World’s Largest Pearl!

    Giantpearl The European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) recently authenticated the worlds largest pearl weighing in at 5 pounds! The 6" pearl was found in the giant clam Tridacna Gigas off the waters of the Philippines and is said to be the most valuable ever. We’re wondering just how to make this into a ring. . . . . . . . . .

  • New Engagement Ring

    9642diamondormoissaniteengagementriThis pave diamond engagement ring is new to our line. It can be made to your specifications with either a natural diamond, a clarity enhanced diamond, a moissanite, a Gemesis cultured diamond or just about anything you can dream of in the center! The center stone is bezel set while the pave diamonds are set 3/4 the way down the shank. It is also available in any of our eight metals including platinum, palladium, 14kt and 18kt gold. We’ll post the ring with all of the options on our website soon. If you decide you just cannot wait until we do, give us a call and we’ll help you out with it over the phone!


  • Half Way Through!

    CustominlayweddingbandThis is how a ring looks in the middle of the process. The ring on the right is the one that we're copying for our client and the ring on the left is about half way finished. We're now having stones specially cut to fit each of the elongated spaces. Princess cut diamonds will top off each stone. We added a solid back to give the ring some heft! We'll post a photo of the finished piece when we get it back. We're nearly there Bruce!!


  • Custom Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring

    Customplatinumradiantcutdiamonden_3 We just realized we haven’t been posting many of the custom diamond engagement rings that we’ve been finishing! So, here’s a classic platinum beauty with pave set diamonds and a square radiant cut diamond in the center. We are able to make this ring with virtually any size and shape stone in the center.


  • Recent Customer Testimonial

    Just wanted to let you know I received my new ring safe and
    sound and it looks even better in person. I wanted to thank you guys
    for the great service and specially for the little touches, like the
    grow-a-ring, I thought it was so funny, also for the hand written note
    on my receipt, you guys were great and I will be shopping there again
    and recommending your site.