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  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    My story is about a wonderful
    Christian Lady.  As we were dating, I kept asking her if she was sure
    what she was getting herself into.  She said she new exactly.  You see
    I have a very rare form of cancer only 1 in 14,000,000.  The prognosis
    is no one has ever survived 3 years and I was approaching that date, in
    fact I had 3 different of the best Oncologist tell me within two days
    of each other, I only had two weeks left, three at the top.  She and
    1000's prayed and on deaths door step I became stronger everyday.

    She told me she knew what she
    was doing, because she had taken a stand and that was God was a long
    way of being done with me.  She said I still have thousands to help.

    We continued dating and as I
    talked to a gentleman in the support group I was attending and told him
    of my idea of proposing he was so very happy.  I kept thinking about it
    and the next week he gave me a 2.07 carat diamond in a wedding band. 
    He explained to me that the ring was his wife's, who had died of cancer
    a year earlier and he wanted me to give it to my sweetheart and pop the
    question.  He told me when he handed me the ring and it was clutched in
    my hand with both of his around mine, he said you are going to be just
    fine, I can feel it in my Spirit, this ring is not given in vane, but
    to a couple that will celebrate their 50TH Anniversary, he added Fifty
    years of absolute love of one another and one of so much joy, he let go
    of my hand and said it is only happy tears from here on.

    I went and had the ring
    re-mounted to a more modern style and it was so very gorgeous.  The
    night came and I asked her and we both cried and hugged, I guess that
    is the happy tears from here on  part he told me.

    I stopped Chemotherapy the
    next day, I had been going for almost three years four times a week. 
    The Doctor, told me he was not going to sit around and watch a 44 year
    old waste away.  He said He has watched me loose 60lbs (and I was slim
    at the time before I got sick.) He has stuck around and I see him every
    two to three months.

    I am gaining weight like
    crazy and believe the way my dear wife does and that is God is a long
    way from being done with me.  I have never felt better or known love
    and happiness as I have since taking my beautiful, wonderful Carla as
    my wife.

    It took a few months before I
    was ready to  try riding my horses again. (Something I had lost all
    hope in ever doing again.)  They were my life, I was the World Champion
    in 96.

    Last Spring I said why don't
    we go for a ride and we have been riding almost everyday in the Spring,
    Summer and Fall and every semi warm Winter day.

    I can never look at that Hugh
    diamond without thinking, I did not choose to live with cancer, however
    my wife did.  What a lady of 100% Faith, she will not allow me to speak
    anything about not feeling good, or hurting and the word cancer is not
    allowed to spoken within our home.  She also has uplifting,
    inspirational music piped in our home 24/7.

    How a great big pretty rock, from a man of Faith given to a Lady of Faith has changed every moment of my life.


    God bless,

    Dr. Bryan G Howard 

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    My story isn't one of romance but it is one of
    My mother and I were out one day and we stopped by the
    jewelry mart in our town and we were looking around. My mother was never one to
    buy herself anything, I mean anything. But she caught her eye on a beautiful
    diamond ring. She looked at it for the longest time. Months later when she and
    her husband decided to divorce I said to her "you should go trade your wedding
    ring in that one at the jewelry mart" and her face lit up.
    Well, let me backtrack, 6 months before her husband left
    her she was diagnose with pancreatic cancer and was told that she was terminal.
    So needless to say every moment with her wash precious to me.
    So we went the next week and traded her old wedding ring
    in on that diamond. Her face was happy. The happiest I had seen it since her
    diagnosis. She wore that ring everyday for two more years. She took it off on a
    Wednesday night and she took herself to the hospital as I was at work with
    a client and my sister could not be reached. I went to the hospital after I got
    the phone call that she was there. She was gravely ill but still able to take
    out her makeup bag and retouch her makeup. My mother was a young 55 year old
    woman that was just beautiful. She looked at me and said "I left my diamonds at
    home." I could barely hold back the tears. Just before her doctor gave her the
    morphine for pain she said "Wendyann, you keep that diamond, don't bury me in
    it." The next night we brought her home and she passed away on hospice. I
    wore her diamond to the funeral with such pride.
    My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) was talking of
    marriage and I planned to wed in her diamond. Unfortunately we went on a weekend
    trip to the Colorado River and low and behold the diamond slipped off my
    finger into the River and was gone. I was heart broken, even sick over this. But
    my cousin called and said to me, the diamond was meant to be with your
    mother. So it slipped off your finger so that like her it could be
    I am still very sad about losing it but in some strange
    sense I believe she has it on and that she still looks at it everyday and
    Thank you!

    Wendyann Tillery

  • Kimberly and Nelson’s Engagement Story


    When Nelson and I began the process of selecting the most important rings we will ever purchase in our lives, we sat down with Joe Schubach.  I have seen first-hand Joe's amazing work because his beautiful custom wedding ring designs are worn by my mother, and both of my two sisters.  When we completed the design of the ring, it was just days before Thanksgiving and Nelson and I were headed to snowy Ann Arbor, Michigan to spend time with his side of the family.  On the day before Thanksgiving, we sat down in front of the cozy fireplace, and Nelson was holding his newborn nephew in his arms.  When he gave me his nephew to hold, I saw there was a little pink ribbon attached to the baby's front pocket.  As I slowly pulled the ribbon out of the pocket, the end of the ribbon revealed "the ring!"  I think the first thing I said was "this is the ring," completed to perfection in just days.  Then Nelson knelt down and proposed marriage and I said yes, with tears and all.  Just about a month later, I was doing a segment for FOX 10 Arizona Morning Show and they announced our engagement.  In their normal family fun, they made me show the ring and the camera zoomed right in.  Here is a close up from the segment: 
  • Service Worth Paying For

    Today, Seth Godin posted an article about great customer service and how much this is worth. In his post, Seth mentions being stuck in an airport trying to figure out how to transfer your seat home from one airline to another (especially appropriate this holiday season!). The question he poses is, "Would you pay $20 to talk to a competent,
    empowered agent who answered on the first ring
    ?" (Read the article

    My staff and I pride ourselves on the level of customer service and knowledge that we offer our customers. We have taken our three generations of jewelry expertise and successfully moved it to the world of the Internet. We like to say that we offer the same service to our customers whether they live in our home town of Scottsdale, AZ, or anywhere in the world.

    But, as Seth states, today's dilemma is, "Increasingly, the web makes pricing cutthroat. And service suffers, because it's expected for free."

    Everyone knows that superior service is not free, it costs plenty to attract, train and maintain qualified individuals who not only know their stuff, but can successfully communicate and work with customers to help them with their needs. And, fine jewelry is not a simple widget-type product to work with, it's very complicated. You cannot take a person who was selling mens socks one day and move them into the loose diamond or custom jewelry design departments the next day.

    So what is this level of service worth and how does it fit in with the 'cutthroat' nature of the web today? What is it worth to be able to get on the phone with a real, live, knowledgeable professional to obtain product information, to gain peace of mind about a major purchase like jewelry, or to troubleshoot an issue should one arise? I encourage you to give our customer service oriented online business a try and see for yourself what a difference good old fashioned customer service can make.

  • Custom Jewelry Designs – Another Customer Testimonial

    We always love to hear back from our customers, especially when we do a good job! Here is a custom design ring we made using black diamonds and ??? (we can't say what else)! This particular ring involved making a computer rendering first (CAD) which the customer was able to approve before hand. Enjoy!
    Custom-jewelry-designs-black-diamonds1 Custom-jewelry-designs-black-diamonds2

    "Hello, thank you for the ring, sorry it took so long to get back
    with you  but i just wanted to say Annah loves the ring and she wears
    it with pride everyday. It turned out better than we hoped and everyone
    she talkes to about it wants to know more about it; nobody expects it
    to not be a real diamond. so great job on the ring and keep up the good

    Greg T.
  • Custom Cut Blue Sapphire For A Custom Engagement Ring

    Haley-Peele-Custom-Cut-Chatham-Sapphire A customer came to us with a request for a custom made engagement ring. She also wanted a custom cut sapphire to set into it. Well, here is the results of the Chatham sapphire, cut to our customer's specifications! The stone is a cushion cut with a beautiful, deep blue color and weighs 4.42ct. We'll post an image of the ring when it's finished.

  • A $30,000 Rhodium And Diamond Ring For Barack Obama’s Wife Michelle????

    Yesterday's rumor was that President Elect Barack Obama was buying his wife Michelle a rhodium and diamond ring as a 'thank you' for her support over the past two years. Well, it appears from today's statement this is not true. (See the article here)

    We thought it interesting that the ring was made from rhodium, the world's most expensive metal. If you're not familiar with rhodium, it is the substance that most white gold jewelry is plated with to give it the bright white platinum-like color. Rhodium is a very rare metal that as recently as 6 months ago cost $10,000/oz. (Currently, it's trading for under $1,000/oz!). We at Joseph Schubach Jewelers would love to custom make a ring made from rhodium. So, if you're interested in something unusual like this, give us a call!

  • 30,000 Loose Diamonds, New Engagement Ring Styles and the Ease of On-Line Shopping.

    Banner-bridal-builderJoseph Schubach Jewelers expands its diamond offering
    online with the Bridal Ring Builder program, an online
    database of over 30,000 certified loose diamonds and a
    collection of over 50 new, customizable engagement rings.

    Now you can explore one of the largest inventories of loose
    diamonds from the world's leading diamond cutters – and design
    your own engagement ring – from the comfort and ease of your
    home. And when you're ready for some expert help, the staff at
    Joseph Schubach Jewelers will be there to answer any questions
    you might have. We can even bring the diamonds into our office
    for you to view and inspect prior to purchasing. The ease of
    online shopping with the peace of mind of professional help,
    it's just another way for you to have the diamond jewelry of
    your dreams! Visit our website and start dreaming today!

  • Save 1/2 on Custom Design Fees – Early Bird Special!

    While an early bird special usually refers to a late
    afternoon meal at the local buffet, we’re using the idea as an
    opportunity for you to save some money on a custom jewelry
    design before the holiday rush starts.

    Between now and
    November 15th, 2008 save 1/2 on custom design fees. It’s a great
    opportunity to save money and get your holiday shopping out of
    the way ahead of time. So if you’re thinking about having a
    special piece of jewelry made for your loved one this holiday
    season, now is a great time to act! Call our custom jewelry
    specialists today for assistance or visit our custom jewelry

  • 1/2 Price Platinum!

    The price of platinum jewelry is falling and, actually, the metal is currently less than 1/2 price. Back in February of this year we sent a newsletter featuring the cost benefits of using alternative metals due to platinum’s high price.

    Well, the price of platinum has now dropped from over $2200/oz earlier in the year to under $900/oz as of today. Now is a great time to take advantage of this unusual situation and have a platinum anniversary band, a platinum engagement ring or any other piece of platinum jewelry made. Visit our website or call us today for assistance.