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  • A Rose by any other Name – a Proposal Story

    Joseph Schubach Jewelers is home to a million romantic stories. We get to know our customers on an intimate basis and we enjoy the many touching love stories we hear.

    Here's a recent one from Charles F., whom Sherry Sheridan, a very experienced and prized staff member of ours, had the pleasure of helping:

    Years ago, I took my girlfriend to have dinner at a swanky hotel restaurant for Valentine's Day. We were seated near the romantic warmth and crackling of a fireplace. While eating dinner, the waiter switched out the vase of roses at the table with another, saying: "Since these are so close to the fire, we have to rotate them out or they will dry up."

    My girlfriend thought nothing of it since we were at a nice place, but I was impressed…not by the care and attention being given to the roses, but because I thought that was a very clever line the waiter made up.

    Little did she know that when I had excused myself to go wash my hands, I had also made a detour to the concierge desk. I explained to the concierge that I had a rose-shaped ring holder with an engagement ring inside and that I was hoping she could arrange to have it placed on the table during dinner.

    After dinner, I asked her if the roses looked unusual to her. She noticed that one did not appear to be real. I reached into the arrangement, pulled that one out and opened it up. Since this was a formal proposal, the situation called for me to get on one knee and ask her if she'd marry me while presenting this token of my affection. I noticed that her eyes had opened wide and her smile even wider, signifying to me that I had chosen well. She nodded and said yes. We removed the ring from the rose and placed it on her finger.

    I suddenly became aware that the entire restaurant had been watching when it seems everyone in the place started applauding. I was totally embarrassed at this public seal of approval, turning to wave at everyone while blushing a deep red I am sure. Shortly thereafter, the head chef came out and congratulated us on our engagement.

    Truly a magical evening….

      Charles F.

    Below, one of our most prized custom made diamond engagement rings:

  • The Making of a Custom Made Chatham Created Sapphire Ring

    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we pride ourselves in our artistry. And nowhere is that better showcased than with our high-end custom designed jewelry. It's our specialty and what we love to do best.

    We wanted to give you a "behind-the-scenes" peak of the making of a recent stunning Chatham created sapphire ring. Chatham is one of the world leaders in gemstone production with a multi-generational history similar to Joseph Schubach Jewelers. Read more about Carroll Chatham's amazing history and his accidental discovery of his crystal making abilities.


    A gorgeous sapphire, but not quite the right shape.


    The most desirable sapphires possess an intense blue
    color and a sharp "sparkle." These two factors are
    usually developed by high optical clarity and skillful cutting. Our customer wanted her sapphire to be shaped like this, only slightly more rectangle and made from similar material as the first stone pictured above next to the ruler.


    Hand fabricated (not cast) settings partially completed. All that's left to do is set the stones. 


    This sapphire was specifically cut as per the customer's instructions. 


    And the stunning final product – a custom cut 18kt yellow gold Chatham created Sapphire engagement ring.

    Take a look at our Gallery of Custom Made Jewelry for our other works of art!

  • Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – a Brief History

    "A kiss on the hand may be quite continental

    But diamonds are a girl's best friend

    A kiss may be grand but it won't pay the rental

    On your humble flat, or help you at the automat"

    And so the lyrics go to this clever classic. "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend", a song introduced by Carol Channing in the original production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1949). It was written by Jules Styne (who wrote scores for musicals such as Funny Girl and Gypsy.)

    And of course, who could forget the show-stopping Marilyn Monroe performing this number in the film version of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Monroe's version inspired other performers for generations to come, including Madonna and Kylie Minogue.


    And while diamonds may or may not be a "girl's best friend," they certainly bring a sparkle to any woman's eye (note Monroe's gaga look above!)

    Peruse our stunning collection of Joseph Schubach Diamonds.

    Here's a ring to make any girl go giddy:


    Ashcher Cut Clarity Enhanced Diamond Ring With Pave Diamonds

    one-of-a-kind heirloom creation of 14kt white gold features a 3.41 ct
    ashcher cut clarity enhanced diamond with 1.13ct t.w. of fully faceted
    pave' set white diamonds. Click here for more details.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Winner!

    The gang here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers has pored over the Gems from the Heart Story Contest entries for the last several weeks and after much deliberation, we’ve come up with a winner!

    First, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the participants for so many thoughtful entries this year. We were genuinely surprised at the overwhelming response. It goes to show that everyone has a story to tell when it comes to a prized piece of jewelry. Our entries ranged from the simple and poignant to the funny and offbeat.

    Of all of them, we found The Phoenix Zoo Story to be the most dazzling story of them all. Not only did the writer tell us a genuinely moving and romantic tale but her use of photos really made us feel like we were right there with her!

    Read the Winner of the Gems from the Heart Story Contest here!


    (above, our Winning Storytellers)

    Honorable Mention goes to The Ugly Little Ring Story for her effective and touching piece that shows it’s not always the quality of jewelry that counts, but the meaning behind it.

  • Giving Yourself the Gift of Jewelry

    As Valentine's Day approaches, many of us can feel the pressure.

    What if you don't have that significant other? What if you're going through a break-up? What if that special someone consistently forgets about Valentine's Day or buys you something that just isn't…you?

    Maybe its time to switch focus a little. Instead of expecting others to make the day magical for you, why not become the creator of a special day, regardless of who joins in!

    When was the last time you bought yourself something really special? Something that genuinely reflects real self-love? Jewelry is a powerful and long-lasting way to say "I matter." When you buy a piece of jewelry for yourself, it is a constant reminder that you are the maker of your own happiness…and that love ultimately starts with you.

    Here are a few pieces you might consider at Joseph Schubach Jewelers:


    Cushion Cut Pendant With Side Stones

    Square pendant with 1/5ct t.w. round brilliant stones set on an 18" cable chain. Fits a 7mm (1.66ct) cushion cut center stone.


    Curved Round Journey Pendant

    Five stone curved journey pendant with 1ct t.w. round brilliant stones set on an 18" cable chain.

  • Joseph Schubach Jewelers Christens its New Facebook Business Page

    Even though we have 3 generations of stellar jewelry service under our belt, we know the importance of changing with the times. Facebook has seen a massive increase in traffic in the past year. Just look at some of the statistics:

    • More than 150million active users
    • Average user has 120 friends on the site
    • More than 3 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide)
    • More than 15 million users update their statuses at least once each day
    • More than 3.5 million users become fans of Pages each day

    If you haven't joined Facebook, it's time to get with the program…literally! It's easy to join and allows you to connect with friends and businesses on a global platform.

    Once you've joined, come visit our Joseph Schubach Business Page and become a Fan. It's an more intimate way we can connect with our favorite customers!


  • Last Minute Valentine’s Gift for the Last Minute Types

    You know who you are. You buy your mother a bouquet of flower at a roadside stand on Mother's Day. You consistently forget your best friend's birthday to a point where its become a running joke. You sweat it out with the masses on Christmas Eve. And now here comes V-Day, where expectations can run high for a last minute person such as yourself.

    Joseph Schubach Jewelers offers elegant solitaires, guaranteed to sweep any significant other off their feet. Solitaires send a message of divine beauty, loyalty and simplicity. Keep it simple this year by going with a solitaire. Perfect for a newer relationship or someone on a limited budget.

    Surprise everyone. Send a message that you didn't forget this year!


    Classic Round Brilliant Moissanite Stud Earrings

    Come view our gallery of solitaire choices

  • The New and Improved Freshwater Pearls

    Freshwater pearls have a bad rap. They are often considered the poor step-cousin to the ever-glamorous saltwater pearl. For many years, freshwater pearls came in awkward sizes, rough textures and garish colors. But the past ten years, the freshwater pearls have experienced a real “makeover” in the jewelry world.

    Freshwater pearl farmers have revamped their cultivation and processing techniques, creating a pearl that is comparable to saltwater pearls in luster and nacre.

    Thing is, seawater pearls are very regulated to ensure that the customer is only presented with the cream of the crop, whereas freshwater pearls don’t have the same restrictions. In other words, you have to find the right jewelry dealer with the highest quality product.

    That’s where we come in. For a short time only, we’re offering luscious, high-quality freshwater pearls at a price that won’t cost a lot of clams.

    As the economy worsens, more customers are opting for the quality, revamped pearls, which give expensive cultured pearls a run for their money…literally.

    Take a look at the photo below (courtesy of The Pearl Outlet) of a strand of saltwater pearls (running close to $19,000) entwined with a strand of freshwater pearls:


    Click on the photograph. Look closely. Can you tell the difference? That’s how far Freshwater Pearls have come!

    For the full pearl experience, view our
    wide array of oversized Chinese Freshwater Pearl necklaces, available
    for a limited time only.

  • Bringing a Ring back to Life

    One of the most important facets of Joseph Schubach Jewelers is our personalized customer service. We have customers spanning decades, returning to us because we genuinely care about what we do and how our customers feel.

    Take Katherine Mowry for instance. She came to us with an engagement ring that needed some serious loving care. It was over 20 years old and needed our touch to appear as dazzling as the day her husband proposed.

    We completely refurbished it, including replacing two bezel set
    sapphires, one on each side of her diamond, with new ones and replacing
    the shank (which is the bottom part of the ring) that had worn out. One of our prize team members, Sherry Sheridan, spent time with Kathryn, experimenting with different stones until the ring was just how Katherine dreamed.

    If you’re in the market for an anniversary band with a classic style like Katherine’s, consider a unique, custom jewelry design of your own.

  • The Genesis of Gemesis

    (above) A variety of Gemesis cultured diamonds offered at Joseph Schubach Jewelers for custom designed jewelry, where you are the artist

    So what is Gemesis and why is it causing such a stir in the market?

    Well, let’s explore what Gemesis is not, first:

    • It is not a diamond imitation, like cubic zirconia
    • It is not as expensive as mined diamonds
    • It is not lacking in brilliance, fire or hardness as a mined diamond

    Gemesis is a laboratory-grown diamond of exceptional color and clarity. It is considered a “cultured” diamond but a diamond nonetheless.

    How does one “grow” a diamond?

    With a diamond seed, of course! Seriously. The seed is placed in a carbon-rich environment, heated and pressurized, then begins to grow, molecule by molecule into a beautiful gem.


     A diamond seed (do not try this in your garden!)

    Gemesis diamonds can be produced in a myriad of rich, inviting colors such as yellow, pink, blue, green, or even red. In these times, customers are looking for a quality gem and affordable prices. Gemesis offers just that, hence its success.

    So what is a “Gemesis cultured diamond”? As the Gemesis Company puts it so aptly:

    “Simply put, a Gemesis Cultured Diamond is a diamond.”


    Hand engraved pendant with hand applied scrolls and a 3/4ct Gemesis
    cultured diamond with fancy yellow or orange color on an 18″ wheat
    chain. Pendant measures approx. 8mm in diameter.

    Available Metal: 18kt White Gold and Platinum
    Available Stone Size: 3/4ct

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