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  • Vintage Jewelry – Let me Call you Sweetheart

    Sweetheart jewelry has a touching history. It began during World War I when soldiers in the trenches would send mementos home to their loved ones. Along with letters, it was a way to stay connected during perilous times.

    Sweetheart jewelry was often machine made and sold to servicemen abroad but many pieces were also handcrafted in the trenches. This "trench art" as it is referred to, is often made from available material such as wood or scrap metal.

    Sweetheart jewelry continues to garner attention from collectors, decades and decades later.

    If you want to send a long-lasting message to a loved one faraway, consider Joseph Schubach Jewelers Custom Designs. We can make a piece of Sweetheart Jewelry that speaks only to the two of you.

    Here are some vintage samples of Sweetheart Jewelry from Bay State Militaria and Antiques:


    Souvenir bracelet made form Aircraft aluminum


    Elaborate Silver bow with  heart and liberty head
    cut from

    a silver dime.


    WWII Sweetheart Bracelet  Grenade, Plane, Bullet, 

    and Eagle charms.


  • Blissful Brides Blatantly Ignorning Economy Woes

    In some rather surprising news, one of the few demographics that doesn't seem to be bending due to economic pressure is (drum roll please): today's bride.

    That's right. A recent study conducted by Modern Bride shows that "instead of reducing their wedding budgets, engaged couples have reprioritized and plan
    to spend their dollars on items that will last forever."

    This includes the honeymoon, photography and the (another drum roll) the engagement ring.

    Couples are now looking at rings with serious lasting potential, making platinum the material of choice. Why platinum? According to the Conde Nast Bridal Group, platinum is not only 30 times more rare than gold, but it is the most durable of all precious metals and will last a lifetime.

    "Even in the current economy, this is the one jewelry purchase
    brides are unwilling to compromise. Today's bridal customer will make
    the investment to have a ring that lasts a lifetime
    ," said Michael Flynn , sales associate for Tivol.

    Apparently, its not only diamonds that last forever…it's platinum!


    Style 6812WB

    Joseph Schubach Jewelers Platinum Comfort Fit Band With Satin Finish Center And High Polished Sides

    Platinum comfort fit wedding band, satin finished center, high polished sides, 6mm wide.

    Available Metal: Platinum
    Available Ring Size: 4 – 13

    SOURCE and Platinum Guild International

  • Customer Service, Down to an Art

    There are a plethora of jewelry websites out there from which to choose. Almost too many! How do you know where to begin?

    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we're not trying to keep up with the numbers race. We just try to deliver the same exacting, high-quality service we've been providing for decades and decades.

    Take a look at a recent customer letter:

    Dear Joe:

    The ring is absolutely perfect! I can't even describe how happy I am with it. It exceeded my expectations by a mile and I get such a good feeling when I look at it. Thank you and everyone who was involved in making this ring and thanks for coming through for me and Minh!

    I want you to know that you have won a loyal customer. I will for sure be a repeat buyer and will never hesitate to relay how well you took care of me. To me, the true test of customer service comes when things need to be addressed and when there are problems that arise. You have turned this experience into a success without a doubt. Thanks not only for making everything right but for listening to me and making the effort. I knew the first time that I talked to you that you were sincere and really cared and that's why I felt like I could give you guys the chances to make it right and I am so happy I did!

    I could go on and on gushing about it, but I just will say thank you one more time and hope I have expressed how much I mean that and how much I am thrilled with the service and the ring itself. Please make sure everyone who helped knows how happy I am with it too. It is beautiful.


    Eli Rubin

    PS Please feel free to print any part of this email on your site. I would be happy to write a testimonial for you guys as well, just let me know!

  • 6 Jewelry Classics that Work Anytime

    At Joe's Blog, we've been talking a lot about the latest trends in jewelry. From the statement piece to "world" jewelry, the trends say bold, colorful and singularly amazing. But what if you're not the "trendy" type? What if want to play it safe and own one piece of jewelry that works for decades to come? In this binding economy, you may want to focus on purchasing a piece where you get some serious "fashion mileage."

    Here are a few timeless, recession-proof choices:

    1. Single stone diamond earrings and pendants – Sometimes less is best. A single stone pendant can add an elegant accent to just about any outfit, which isthe key with timeless jewelry – it works anytime, with just about any outfit.

    2. Pearl studded earrings – The epitome of a timeless classic. What outfit doesn't work with a simple, stately set of pearl studded earrings?

    3. Cocktail Rings – These fun, affordable dazzlers have been around since the 1920's. Cocktail rings can be created from a wide array of material. The motivating factor with a classic cocktail ring? Sheer fun.

    4. The Diamond Tennis Bracelet – A diamond tennis bracelet
    is eye-catching without being too flashy and can be worn with an array of outfits.

    5. Hoop Earrings – Like the pearl studded earrings, hoops work in just about any occasion. They're fun, flirty and feminine.

    6. Custom Design Jewelry – When its a timeless look you want, why look any further than your own imagination? A piece designed from your own mind's eye is incomparable.


    Classic Hoops with a Diamond Studded Twist


    A Simple, Elegant Pendant Necklace – What outfit wouldn't this work with?


    The Classic to end All Classics – Pearls


    A Playful Eye-Catching Cocktail Ring – Design One Yourself!

    And Remember – Our D.I.Y. Custom Design Contest is officially ON. Make your own classic!

  • The 2nd Annual D.I.Y. (Dream it Yourself) Contest


    Thanks for your interest in our 2nd Annual D.I.Y. Contest.

    All you need to do is submit a photo, sketch or description of the jewelry of your dreams and we'll do the rest. We can discuss your budget.

    Deadline for submission is April 15.

    Send your ideas to

    We'll contact you soon after and tell you if we need further details.

    Or feel free to call us at:

    (888) 724-8222

  • More on Statement Jewelry – What Statement do YOU want to Make?

    What does your wardrobe say about you? Is it reflecting an older version of you, say, you in your college years? Do you feel stuck in a bit of a time warp? Or conversely, are you wearing the latest trends with no sense of inner connectivity?

    Jewelry says a lot about the wearer. And with the hot statement jewelry that's all the rage right now, what statement do you want to make?

    Fashion shouldn't just be something imposed upon you. It should be something you design from your inner being, reflecting your true spirit. The great part with some of the bolder statement pieces this season? You can find a piece that really screams you!

    Take a look at some of the photos below and then contact Joseph Schubach Jewelers. We can design you a piece that reflects who you truly are…or perhaps the "you" you want to be!



  • The Bold Floral Necklace resurfaces this Spring

    You might remember these necklaces from yesteryear. Perhaps your mother or grandmother or great aunt donned one. At the time, you probably sighed, thinking how dated they looked.

    Well, look again. Many fashion bloggers are noting the return of these intricate, colorful and decidedly vintage pieces.

    These are "stand alone" necklaces for the most part. You want to wear these pieces with a simple outfit and most likely, no other jewelry. They speak for themselves.

    Take a look at some of these hot numbers for inspiration, courtesy of MyItThings:


    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we are one step ahead of the trends. We can create a vintage floral piece as per your design. If you can dream it, we can create it.

  • Vintage Jewelry Perserveres in 2009

    Yuli Ziv, New York’s hottest fashion and fashion celebrity blogger, has a lot to say about the jewelry trends for 2009. And when she speaks, people listen.

    Yuli is an Entrepreneur (co-Founder of My”It”Things – online user generated fashion magazine and community) and Social media strategist (founding member of Style Coalition – coalition of independent online publishers in the fashion and lifestyle vertical.)

    So what does Yuli have to say about jewelery choices for the year ahead?

    Here's an excerpt from a recent interview with Gallery Atlantic:



    As a prominent fashion blogger what kind of jewelry do you think will be trendy this year?

    Yuli Ziv:  I think in the last few seasons we've seen
    lots of bold statement necklaces, and now the shift is towards earrings
    as the main jewelry piece. Anything from long pieces, or
    stones-encrusted styles like we've seen on the Vera Wang Fall 2009
    runway, to the unique sword-like earrings shown by Zac Posen –– will
    rule this upcoming season.

    Do you see any particular jewelry/watch/accessories trend among the celebrities and the glitterati on the streets of New York?

    Yuli Ziv:  Another emerging trend is vintage –– so
    anything vintage looking from 40s style brooches to cocktail rings,
    will play an important role in styling this year.


    If you could have an interview with any jewelry designer in the world, who would it be?

    Yuli Ziv:  I would love
    to talk to the late Daniel Swarovski. There aren't many true inventors
    in the field, and he was definitely one of them. It's amazing that
    Swarovski brand is flourishing years after his death and continues to


    Do you have a favorite piece you like to wear? What is it, why do you love it?

    Yuli Ziv:  I love simple
    modern looking jewelry, because it fits my personal style and most of
    my wardrobe. TeNo is one of my favorite brands, as they manage to turn
    any stones and metals into modern looking graphic shapes with a bit of
    futuristic appeal. I recently got this TeNo Steel Ring w/White Pearl as
    a gift and just don't take it off my finger.

    Joseph Schubach Jewelers can create the look you want for a fraction of the price. We are highly skilled craftspeople who can build jewelry from your mind's eye. Give us a try!

  • Design the Jewelry of your Dreams

    When we go window shopping, we adapt our dream to the product in the window. In other words, we like it and we want to make it our own…but its not of our creation, so its a step away from exactly what we want.

    Custom design jewelry gives you the opportunity to be the creator, making the end result that much more special to you.

    Think about a piece of jewelry you already prize:

    Are there ways you'd make it better if you could?

    Or perhaps there's a piece of jewelry you've always dreamed of, but its out of your reach financially.

    Designing your own jewelry gives you the chance to decide on the cost and create from there. Never before in history has there been more materials that are comparable to the real thing. Materials such as moissanite and Gemesis are virtually indistinguishable from their actual counterparts (in this case, diamond.)

    So during these trying times, take matters into your own hands. Design a piece of jewelry from the power of your own creativity. That piece will mean more to you than you can imagine.

    Here are some samples of our own custom design jewelry at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, from creators such as yourself:


    Custom Tanzanite Necklace


    Bamboo Diamond Wedding Ring


    Joe Jewelry Briolette Diamond Earrings

  • The Jewelry Trends of Now, 2009

    If you are the type who wants to keep up with the latest trend but realize your wallet doesn't seem to be as…fat as it used to, then this year will be fitting for you and your budget!

    The 2009 "in stepper" will be donning unconventional jewelry, using varying materials and colorful gemstones. Woods, ceramics, sea shell beads, leather will all make their way onto the 2009 look. The nice part? Many of these materials are more affordable than some of their more traditional counterparts (seashell beads versus diamonds…hmmm. Which one can you afford this year?)

    If you are a stickler for your gemstones, the trend this year is more colorful, unusually shaped gemstones. Think outside the box with brighter gems such as sapphire and rubies: an eye grabber any season, frankly.

    No matter which direction you choose, COLOR is the main lesson to be learned this year. Experiment, be bright and be bold!


    Genuine Yellow Sapphire And Moissanite Ring

    and handcrafted version of style 1250M: 6.80ct yellow sapphire center
    with 1.50ct (3.0ct t.w. dia equiv) moissanite trillions on either side
    set into 14K white gold.
    Metal: 14kt White Gold  
    Stone size: 6.80ct 
    Ring size: 4 – 8