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  • Last Minute Valentine’s Gift for the Last Minute Types

    You know who you are. You buy your mother a bouquet of flower at a roadside stand on Mother's Day. You consistently forget your best friend's birthday to a point where its become a running joke. You sweat it out with the masses on Christmas Eve. And now here comes V-Day, where expectations can run high for a last minute person such as yourself.

    Joseph Schubach Jewelers offers elegant solitaires, guaranteed to sweep any significant other off their feet. Solitaires send a message of divine beauty, loyalty and simplicity. Keep it simple this year by going with a solitaire. Perfect for a newer relationship or someone on a limited budget.

    Surprise everyone. Send a message that you didn't forget this year!


    Classic Round Brilliant Moissanite Stud Earrings

    Come view our gallery of solitaire choices

  • The New and Improved Freshwater Pearls

    Freshwater pearls have a bad rap. They are often considered the poor step-cousin to the ever-glamorous saltwater pearl. For many years, freshwater pearls came in awkward sizes, rough textures and garish colors. But the past ten years, the freshwater pearls have experienced a real “makeover” in the jewelry world.

    Freshwater pearl farmers have revamped their cultivation and processing techniques, creating a pearl that is comparable to saltwater pearls in luster and nacre.

    Thing is, seawater pearls are very regulated to ensure that the customer is only presented with the cream of the crop, whereas freshwater pearls don’t have the same restrictions. In other words, you have to find the right jewelry dealer with the highest quality product.

    That’s where we come in. For a short time only, we’re offering luscious, high-quality freshwater pearls at a price that won’t cost a lot of clams.

    As the economy worsens, more customers are opting for the quality, revamped pearls, which give expensive cultured pearls a run for their money…literally.

    Take a look at the photo below (courtesy of The Pearl Outlet) of a strand of saltwater pearls (running close to $19,000) entwined with a strand of freshwater pearls:


    Click on the photograph. Look closely. Can you tell the difference? That’s how far Freshwater Pearls have come!

    For the full pearl experience, view our
    wide array of oversized Chinese Freshwater Pearl necklaces, available
    for a limited time only.

  • Bringing a Ring back to Life

    One of the most important facets of Joseph Schubach Jewelers is our personalized customer service. We have customers spanning decades, returning to us because we genuinely care about what we do and how our customers feel.

    Take Katherine Mowry for instance. She came to us with an engagement ring that needed some serious loving care. It was over 20 years old and needed our touch to appear as dazzling as the day her husband proposed.

    We completely refurbished it, including replacing two bezel set
    sapphires, one on each side of her diamond, with new ones and replacing
    the shank (which is the bottom part of the ring) that had worn out. One of our prize team members, Sherry Sheridan, spent time with Kathryn, experimenting with different stones until the ring was just how Katherine dreamed.

    If you’re in the market for an anniversary band with a classic style like Katherine’s, consider a unique, custom jewelry design of your own.

  • The Genesis of Gemesis

    (above) A variety of Gemesis cultured diamonds offered at Joseph Schubach Jewelers for custom designed jewelry, where you are the artist

    So what is Gemesis and why is it causing such a stir in the market?

    Well, let’s explore what Gemesis is not, first:

    • It is not a diamond imitation, like cubic zirconia
    • It is not as expensive as mined diamonds
    • It is not lacking in brilliance, fire or hardness as a mined diamond

    Gemesis is a laboratory-grown diamond of exceptional color and clarity. It is considered a “cultured” diamond but a diamond nonetheless.

    How does one “grow” a diamond?

    With a diamond seed, of course! Seriously. The seed is placed in a carbon-rich environment, heated and pressurized, then begins to grow, molecule by molecule into a beautiful gem.


     A diamond seed (do not try this in your garden!)

    Gemesis diamonds can be produced in a myriad of rich, inviting colors such as yellow, pink, blue, green, or even red. In these times, customers are looking for a quality gem and affordable prices. Gemesis offers just that, hence its success.

    So what is a “Gemesis cultured diamond”? As the Gemesis Company puts it so aptly:

    “Simply put, a Gemesis Cultured Diamond is a diamond.”


    Hand engraved pendant with hand applied scrolls and a 3/4ct Gemesis
    cultured diamond with fancy yellow or orange color on an 18″ wheat
    chain. Pendant measures approx. 8mm in diameter.

    Available Metal: 18kt White Gold and Platinum
    Available Stone Size: 3/4ct

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  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    The first date my current wife and I went on was to Dairy Queen on a
    Sunday afternoon; so it only seemed natural that when it came time to
    propose marriage to her I had to do it at Dairy Queen. So on a Saturday
    night I took her to Dairy Queen and ordered a banana split for the two
    of us. Then I placed a diamond solitare ring on the top of the sundae,
    as I got to the table where she was seated I got down on one knee and
    asked her to mary me. It was a night that we will never forget (and
    probably the folks in Dairy Queen too).

    Thank you!

    Randy Pope

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    I have a beautiful diamond set in platinum from 1928.  It belonged to
    my grandmother and then my mother.  People who appreciate fine jewelry
    always comment on how lovely it is.

    Michelle Dry

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    Time Travel:
    "Don't Fence Me In" has been the motto of my boss over the years. 
    She's now in her 80s and yearns to trot around the world but because of
    this and that health issue for her husband and herself, she has been
    grounded BUT what trips she has taken over the years.  Each of her
    trips was topped off with gifts of jewelry for me.  There was a
    beautiful, multi-colored beaded necklace from Venice, silver and
    turquoise earrings from Mexico City, turquoise from Tokyo, and silver
    from Jerusaleum.  Her care over the years in selecting pieces she knew
    I would love has made each piece of jewelry precious.

    Sylvie Warren

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    I have a special jewelry story.  Four years ago, my father died
    suddenly.  It was such a shock and tragedy.  He was only 49.  My whole
    family took it really bad.  But I think I took it the worst, since he
    died at my house and I found him.  That night after we all left the
    hospital, my mother came into my room and sat on my bed.  She looked so
    sad, I will never forget that look.  She took my hand and gave me hers
    and my fathers wedding rings.  I looked at her in shock.  She said he
    would want you to have them.  I told her I would treasure them
    forever!  One of my sisters was upset she did not get one.  She just
    got engaged, and I went to my mother and said maybe we should give "Lu"
    your engagement ring.  My mother said OK, if it is alright with you. 
    It wasn't but I loved my sister so I said OK.  To make a long story
    short.  A year later my sisters marriage didn't work out.  I noticed
    she didn't wear the ring anymore, so I asked her where it was?  She
    said "away".  Well come to find out she pawned it!  How could she of
    did this!  I was so upset.  I prayed to my father to bring the ring
    back to me where it belonged!  With the other rings.  Three months
    later, my mother called me.  She said "guess what?"  I said what?  She
    said I got the ring back!!!.  I was shock and asked her how?  The ring
    she had was specially made and one of a kind.  She said a friend of
    hers was shopping and spotted it in a pawn shop and recognized it as my
    mothers and bought it!  To this day I still think my father sent her
    friend into that shop that day!  Thanks DAD!!

    Gina Benway

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    I asked my wife to marry me after meeting her on a cruise
    and only physically see her 5 times.  She wanted an antique ring.  We went to
    30 pawn shops in the Memphis
    area.  We gave up and were driving to the airport to send me back to Idaho when we saw   a
    pawn shop.  We found the most fabulous ring for only $500.  Fifteen years later
    and two kids and we are still happily married.
    Steve Scott

  • Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

    My Grandfather had an old battered trunk that he brought over from
    Norway as a young man at the turn of the 20th Century.   I have been
    storing it for years in the attic knowing it was beyond use or repair.
     I found an old silver chain necklace that belonged to my Mother in my
    jewelry box and put the key to the trunk on the chain.  I finally had
    the heart to throw out the trunk knowing I can wear the necklace with
    fond memories of them both.

    Marilyn Chapman