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  • Design the Jewelry of your Dreams

    When we go window shopping, we adapt our dream to the product in the window. In other words, we like it and we want to make it our own…but its not of our creation, so its a step away from exactly what we want.

    Custom design jewelry gives you the opportunity to be the creator, making the end result that much more special to you.

    Think about a piece of jewelry you already prize:

    Are there ways you'd make it better if you could?

    Or perhaps there's a piece of jewelry you've always dreamed of, but its out of your reach financially.

    Designing your own jewelry gives you the chance to decide on the cost and create from there. Never before in history has there been more materials that are comparable to the real thing. Materials such as moissanite and Gemesis are virtually indistinguishable from their actual counterparts (in this case, diamond.)

    So during these trying times, take matters into your own hands. Design a piece of jewelry from the power of your own creativity. That piece will mean more to you than you can imagine.

    Here are some samples of our own custom design jewelry at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, from creators such as yourself:


    Custom Tanzanite Necklace


    Bamboo Diamond Wedding Ring


    Joe Jewelry Briolette Diamond Earrings

  • The Jewelry Trends of Now, 2009

    If you are the type who wants to keep up with the latest trend but realize your wallet doesn't seem to be as…fat as it used to, then this year will be fitting for you and your budget!

    The 2009 "in stepper" will be donning unconventional jewelry, using varying materials and colorful gemstones. Woods, ceramics, sea shell beads, leather will all make their way onto the 2009 look. The nice part? Many of these materials are more affordable than some of their more traditional counterparts (seashell beads versus diamonds…hmmm. Which one can you afford this year?)

    If you are a stickler for your gemstones, the trend this year is more colorful, unusually shaped gemstones. Think outside the box with brighter gems such as sapphire and rubies: an eye grabber any season, frankly.

    No matter which direction you choose, COLOR is the main lesson to be learned this year. Experiment, be bright and be bold!


    Genuine Yellow Sapphire And Moissanite Ring

    and handcrafted version of style 1250M: 6.80ct yellow sapphire center
    with 1.50ct (3.0ct t.w. dia equiv) moissanite trillions on either side
    set into 14K white gold.
    Metal: 14kt White Gold  
    Stone size: 6.80ct 
    Ring size: 4 – 8

  • How to Design your Dream Ring


    Many women dream of their wedding gown for years but often, their ring is an afterthought. They just want the ring to be pretty, preferably large and certainly dazzling. But the more specific you can be when it comes to the ring of your dreams, the better. You will form a lifelong bond with this ring, so make sure it fits your dream specifications!

    A little knowledge about jewelry design is the first step.

    First ask yourself questions. Do want a more traditional ring or perhaps something a little more cutting edge and unusual? What's your personality type? How will your ring reflect who you really are or who you want to evolve into? Your ring should speak to your heart. Take a moment and envision a ring that truly represents you. Ask your friends or family. Consider your hand as well. What kind of ring suits your hand well?

    Second, decide on the metal.  Sometimes its better to focus on the metal before you move to the big choice, the stone. The band is your base, your starting point, from which you can build.

    Most engagement rings are made in gold or platinum. If you choose gold, the most
    popular are 18K or 14K gold and they come in either in yellow gold or white
    gold. Platinum is significantly more expensive than gold but is
    becoming more popular. Titanium is occasionally chosen as it is extremely
    durable but it cannot be formed into intricate patterns and designs.

    Last – but not least – choose your stone. Ah, the stone! This is when custom designing your ring becomes deeply personal. Gems are magical, strong stones that represent and strengthen the wearer. Research the history of the stone. Get to know your stone! Which stone resonates with you and your personality?

               And think outside of the diamond box! Check out sapphires, rubies and emeralds as well.

    As for size, the same applies. What shape of a stone symbolizes your personality, your character, your soul? Find the shape of the diamond. The common diamond shapes are
    round, princess, emerald, marquise, pear oval, radiant, heart and

    Creating your own ring assures you of complete satisfaction. Consider making these decisions with your partner. It can be a bonding, wonderful experience – a co-creation of your love. Be imaginative and collaborate!

    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, if you can dream it, we can create it.

    Exquisite custom design jewelry is our specialty.

    It's what we do best.

    Let us bring your dream to life!

  • Jewelry Trends for 2009 – an Eye toward India

    As our collective purse strings pull a little tighter, luxury items like jewelry may begin to seem out of reach. But actually, this is the time to treat and adorn yourself. It's sort of an "outside in" approach; when you feel better about your look, you attract more plenty.

    That's right. Look rich and get rich!

    The nice part with the trends of this season is they are affordable as well. At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we're happy to work with you to create jewelry that is distinctly yours.

    So what are some of the hot looks for jewelry this year?

    Look toward India for the answer. As our global awareness increases, India and it's bright, rich colors are bedecking more and more women around the world. The palette of colors? Warm, with corals, yellow and turquoise taking the foreground.

    Take a look at the photo below for colorful inspiration.



  • A Surprise Wedding for Kristina

    Here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we witness a fair amount of moving engagement stories. Each one is like a thumb print, distinctly individual.

    Our friend and client Kristina shared with us her special story that we'd like to, in turn, share with you. We worked on her ring, a family heirloom of Kristina's that was in need of some TLC (pictured below.) That ring became part of a rather sudden wedding ceremony that, ironically, her and her husband had been planning for years:

    Dear Friends:
    Many of you know about the history of our LONG engagement due to the car accident, attempt in Vegas, busy schedules, one bizarre intervention or another, etc. So I wanted to provide you all with the latest up date.
    It was a HUGE surprise to me as well.
    Brent decided he would "take me to lunch" since he hasn't seen me very much over the past 2 weeks due to our work schedules (scary when we live in a the same house!) We have been trying for 3 1/2 yrs and have had 4 marriage licenses (they expire after 90 days) and countless event location rescheules all due to our crazy schedules.
    SO, he kidnapped me (so to speak). I told him I only had 30 minutes because of all the fires with a client's risk/payment issues and the program shutdown. So he asked that I dress nice (business casual) we picked up our friend who is a minister, and then his best friend who was the best man. I was busy on the phone and working and didn't realize everyone had on suits until his best friend brought out his mega camera with tripod. At that point, I asked WHAT THE HECK is going on?? Are we doing lunch? I need to get back to the office. 

    That is when, Brent told me were going to get our marriage license (again) and we were getting married TODAY, one way or another. So I was speechless. The only thing I could say was okay then, since this will take a while, we need to go back to the house so I can grab my laptop so I can work on this client's issue until we get ready to tie the knot.

    After we got our license, with the minister and the best man as witnesses, we went back home so I could grab my laptop and change into a nice ivory suit then we were off to the NC Museum of Art. We married on their lawn in front of the sculptures there. The most appropriate sculpture was the "3 Rings of Life" (gigantic iron rings coming up out of the ground) Great symbolism – the rings behind us as a backdrop while we said our vows and the rings on our fingers. Kinda cool.

    We are planning to have the "big shin dig" which everyone will be invited to! Hopefully it won't take us 3-4 yrs. to make it happen.

     Here ya go.. proof this is not a mirage/hoax… it truly did happen:


    Brent and Kris'…ngs 2.26.09

    Brent and Kris_… up_2.26.09
    Brent an_…ISS_2.26.09

  • Spotlight on Ice Princess Loree Rodkin

    Perhaps you haven't heard of Loree Rodkin but Michelle Obama certainly has. Rodkin is a former interior designer who switched over to
    jewelry making over a decade ago. Her client list is stocked with powerful
    women such as Cher, Sharon Stone and of course, the First Lady herself. 

    Loree Rodkin"It's
    a privilege to be a part of history," Loree Rodkin revealed in an an AP report. "The
    First Lady is a symbol of hope, courage and great style. I am honored that she
    has chosen my jewelry."

    First Lady Michelle Obama's shoulder-length diamond earrings at
    were Rodkin's white gold and triple rose-cut danglers with garland
    diamond briolette drops.

    If you want that dazzling Rodkin look for a fraction of the price, consider Josephs Schubach's Custom Design Jewelry. We're more than just custom design jewelers – we're professional artists specializing in high-end custom design jewelry. 

    These eye-catching Rodkin earrings can be remade with your design input and our artistry for a look that is distinctly high-end.


  • The Saga of Amy Adams Necklace

    The vote is most certainly out when it comes to Amy Adams and her "statement necklace" worn at this week's Oscars. Some think her Fred Leighton colorful jeweled bib necklace really stole the show while others think it was a case of jewelry overkill, clearly overshadowing her Carolina Herrara gown. One commentator proclaimed it looked like she was wearing a Christmas tree!

    What's your vote?



    (above) Amy Adams decked out in Fred Leighton special
    – 630 carats of sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds

    If you're looking for a statement necklace that's a little more…uh, understated, check out our line of Joseph Schubach Custom Made Jewelry. We can give you that statement necklace look for a fraction of the price.

    You dream it, we create it.

  • 2009 and the Power of the Statement Necklace

    Taraji P. Henson in a Fred Leighton Statement Necklace

    Trying economic times don't have to mean foregoing all the glitz!

    Take a
    look at this week's Oscars: the statement necklace was all the rage.
    The film world wanted to maintain a glamorous look without seeming
    out-of-touch with our economical woes.

    Enter, the statement necklace:

    Statement necklaces are a simple way to transform any outfit into an elegant, "red carpet" look. It enhances your outfit, simply but with panache.

    Here are few affordable samples from our Gallery that can make the difference between daywear and night "wow":


    Round Journey Pendant

    Our five stone round journey pendant
    with 1 ct. round brilliant stones set on an 18" cable chain will
    transform even the simplest black dress into an Oscar-worthy outfit.
    And the price won't break your bank!

  • The Oscars – Is Less Bling a Good Thing?

    The Oscars are known for uber-glamor and royalty-infused decadence. But during these tough economic times, how can a star shine, while showing some sensitivity and awareness to our current situation? Certainly, there was less bling to be seen in general. The choices were more selective and simpler, yet glamorous nonetheless.

    As one commentator put it: "It's a recession, not an apocalypse."

    "No one wants to be inappropriate in a time when people are
    struggling," said Sally Morrison, director of the New York-based
    Diamond Information Center. "The trend is fairly big, but fairly
    simple. Classic styles with sizzle that any woman can wear." Other
    jewelers say colored stones are also being considered over diamonds.

    "Rather than making sure that you have the necklace, earrings, bracelet
    and ring, it's more about the one thing that can say it all," said
    Rebecca Selva, spokeswoman for jeweler Fred Leighton.

    Here's a few examples of bling on stars, even during penny-pinching times:


    Jennifer Lopez, keeping it simple and elegant at
    last month's Golden Globes


    Beyonce wears a 200-carat diamond necklace
    to the Golden Globes in January. Definitely
    not "underblinging"!


    Actress Laura Elena Harring wore Stuart Weitzman
    shoes with $1 million worth of gems at the 2002
    Academy Awards.
    Bling central!

    If you want that red carpet feel for a fraction of the cost, take a look at our Charles & Colvard created moissanite – more bling for less ca-ching!

  • The Oscars – Is Less Bling a Good Thing?

    The Oscars are known for uber-glamor and decadence. But during these tough economic times, how can a star shine, while showing some sensitivity and awareness to our current situation. Certainly, there was less bling to be seen in general. The choices were more selective and simpler, yet glamorous nonetheless.

    So while overblinging may be taking a backseat as we all watch our collective wallets, stunning jewelry still can be seen, just a little more on the "simple and effective" side.

    As one commentator put it: "It's a recession, not an apocalypse."

    Here's a few examples of bling on stars, even during penny-pinching times:


    Beyonce wears a 200-carat diamond necklace to the Golden Globes in January.