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  • During a Tough Economy, Moissanite Shines Through

    As wedding budgets continue to shrink and extraneous gift items become, well, extraneous, moissanite stands out as a viable, politically savvy alternative for jewelry choices as sales for this diamond alternative continue to increase amidst an ailing market.

    One of the biggest pros, obviously, is the cost. Not only is moissanite less expensive than a diamond but more durable. It also has more “fire” – a term to describe the radiance and refractive quality of a gem.

    Take a look at the example below:


                                 Moissanite (on the left) with 2½ times more fire than diamond

    Moissanite is also lacking in the stigma of other diamond alternatives. As the diamond mining process is experiencing more public scrutiny because of its political and ecological ramifications, moissanite is becoming a smart, politically correct alternative.

    In other words, a moissanite choice isn’t simply based on affordability but consciousness.

    Take a look at our vast array of Joseph Schubach Jewelers moissanite products. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we’ll be happy to create it.

    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we’re more than just jewelers, we’re artists!

  • Celebrity Engagement Rings – From Antique to Custom Design to Over the Top!

    Celebrity engagement rings come in all shapes and colors and sizes with only one thing in common: size! Now, where you average Joe and Jane can afford a replica of one of these over-the-top pieces (in moissanite or cubic zirconia, for instance), these people wear the real deal. (Though even celebrities feel the pinch of our latest economic woes!)

    Here are some literally stunning examples:.

    • Elizabeth Taylor, when engaged to her third husband, Michael Todd, wore a nearly 30-carat emerald cut diamond.
    • Lady Diana Spencer wore an 18-carat deep blue oval sapphire circled by fourteen diamonds when she promised to become Princess Diana.
    • Catherine Zeta-Jones’ nuptial promise to Michael Douglas was sealed with a 10-carat antique horizontal set marquise diamond.
    • Despite the eventual cancellation, Jennifer Lopez’s finger sparkled with a 6-carat radiant shaped pink diamond while she was engaged to Ben Affleck, a stone reported to cost more than $3 million.
    • Paris Hilton’s short-lived engagement was highlighted by the 24-carat emerald cut diamond ring.
    • Donald Trump presented his bride-to-be Melanie Knauss with an overwhelming 12-carat emerald cut engagement ring reported to cost a cool $1 million.


    Lady Diana Spencer wore an 18-carat deep
    blue oval sapphire

    Jennifer Lopez’s 6-carat
    radiant shaped pink diamond


    Catherine Zeta-Jones
    10-carat antique horizontal
    set marquise diamond

    If you don't have a rock star budget but want that same look, Joseph Schubach Jewelers can make your dream come true. Bring us a photograph or an idea and we can work together to make it happen.

  • Can the Sparkle Still Shine for the Jewelry Business?


    Of course, jewelry seems like the first thing to go during a tough economic phase.

    Zale Corporation announced in February that it planned to close 115
    stores. Fortunoff, a prominent engagement ring source for generations, filed for bankruptcy in February. Even Tiffany & Company
    reported that its profits in the fourth quarter dropped by more than 75

    But that's the entire story. Entrepreneurs in the jewelry business and smaller businesses in general can actually thrive during trying times.

    Jeffrey A. Carr, executive director of the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at New York University’s
    Stern School of Business, said entrepreneurs can thrive in recessions
    because they can bargain more on fixed costs like rent and personnel.

    Consumers are more willing to try out new brands when they have less
    money to spend, he said.“When things are going well and you have
    money, customers and consumers tend to get into patterns,” he said.
    “There’s lots of reasons to start a business now.”
    (Source: NY Times)

    So not is all doom and gloom. As we watch big business and big corporations tumble like houses of cards, it could be the small businesses that really blossom now, as people are forced to think outside the box.

    Check out our Moissanite Page which offers Charles and Colvard moissanite at the fraction of the price of a diamond. Do your part for the economy and good taste!

  • “Under the Mattress” Gold Helping the Economy

    By now, you've heard the commercials and ads: "Sell your unwanted gold jewelry for cold cash!" It's not surprising that this advertising plea is more common during tough economic times where people need the cash and jewelers need the extra business!

    In Turkey, exports of "under the mattress" gold, as its called, is actually changing the face of the economy. it is being reprocessed into bullion, dramatically increasing the power of
    Turkey’s exports. Exports of pearls and other precious stones are also
    on the rise. Last year, the sector as a whole reached $5 billion in
    exports, but it has already reached $2.6 billion in the first two
    months of this year.

    Of course, this isn't a trend seen only in Turkey. The United States and Western Europe are still the biggest export markets,
    but countries in the Caucasus and Asia are increasingly important.

    What does this mean to you the customer? It might be time to visit that jewelry box of yours and give it a good once over. If there are pieces you've been holding onto that are dated, broken or you just don't like, contact Joseph Schubach Jewelers and we'll turn that unwanted jewelry into cash – or a new piece of jewelry.


  • Our Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace


    A vintage
    style pendant with round brilliant stones set on an 18"
    cable chain.

    A Timeless Heirloom for Any Occasion

    Old is new. You read that right. Jewelry
    that hearkens back to yesteryear is all the rage right now. Why? Well, antique jewelry has a classic, timeless
    look to it and in these times, people want to make
    purchases that are smart, “trend proof" and make them feel terrific!

    why we’re particularly pleased to spotlight our Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace
    this week. This piece reflects an aura of years past but with a truly
    contemporary dazzle. And, it's a Joseph Schubach Jewelers DIY (Dream it Yourself) Piece where you dream the design and you set the price!

    right, you set the price. All DIY pieces can be designed to fit any
    budget and are made to your specifications. You choose the metal, the
    accent stones and the center stone. W
    e’ll then craft your dream to your specifications using quality materials and expert craftsmanship for an heirloom that's guaranteed to be an all-time classic in your collection!

    This version of the Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace boasts
    a 1/3 ct center stone surrounded by 14 round brilliant cut accent
    stones. It is a dainty and delicate piece, measuring approximately 3/8"
    in diameter yet solid enough to last a lifetime since the setting is a
    quality, sturdy cast piece, not a thin, lightweight stamped piece. The
    cable chain slides directly through the setting so the pendant will
    always sit straight in an optimal position on your neckline without
    moving up or down the chain. The 18" cable chain is the ideal length
    for most women to showcase a dangling pendant (longer or shorter chains
    are also available, just call for details.) The cable chain is very
    wearable and solidly made. It will not kink or bend and easily flows
    around the curves of your neck and neckline. This pendant is very
    versatile and can be dressed up for more formal occasions or dressed
    down to be worn every day with a pair of jeans. It is one of the basics
    for every woman's jewelry wardrobe. 

    Choose between:

    •  The Metal: 14
      karat, 18 karat or platinum

    • The Side
      Stones: natural diamonds, moissanite, ruby, sapphire or you choose!

    • The Center
      Stone: Whatever you dream, from ruby to sapphire, from natural diamond to clarity enhance diamond, from ______ to

    possibilities are endless since there are literally thousands of ways
    to make this piece truly yours. You can alternate pave set sapphires
    and diamonds or pave set rubies and diamonds around a white diamond. Or
    set a fancy color Gemesis cultured diamond in the center with natural
    white accent diamonds surrounding it. Or surround your birthstone with
    pave set diamonds.

    Whatever you dream, we can create.

    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace
    is one of our favorite signature pieces. The team at Joseph Schubach
    Jewelers believes this piece has a genuine personality that can be felt simply by holding it.

    a few words from a client who chose
    this piece with blue
    sapphire side stones:

    The magic begins when I
    put on this necklace. I swear, it changes my mood! It’s so
    elegant and timeless. I’ve worn it with a cocktail dress and
    I’ve worn it with jeans and a white blouse. And every time I
    wear it – and I do mean every time – someone comments on
    it. People are just naturally drawn to it. I have lots of jewelry but
    this is one piece that truly feels like mine, like it represents me.
    It’s a very personal piece of jewelry.”

    couldn’t ask for a better description of a signature piece –
    jewelry that reflects and defines you.
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace is
    truly a piece with personality – a signature piece within your

    Perhaps its slightly vintage feel
    adds to its appeal. As we saw from the Oscars this year, old is new
    (or “Old is the new new!) Fred Leighton’s classic pieces
    adorned many a star on the red carpet this year:

    Alicia Keys 19th-century diamond
    leaf pendant earrings
     by Fred Leighton

    Mamma Mia star, Amada Seyfried
    with a similar vintage
    look from the Fred Leighton treasure chest

    Cate Blanchett epitomizes the "return to classic" trend
    in an pendant necklace featuring more than 100 carats
    of rose-cut diamonds

    Now while these vintage treasures
    dazzle on the red carpet, our
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace adds a certain sparkle
    to your everyday. You get a little bit of that “statement
    necklace” feel without the “style overload”
    designed for over-the-top events such as the Oscars!

    biggest trend in jewelry during these tough economic times is wise,
    timeless choices. Women don’t want to forsake their jewelry
    purchases but also need to choose something lasting with classic
    appeal. This
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace fits the bill
    perfectly. Not only is the look of our
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace
    decidedly eternal,
    but you can choose the stones or choose your price, making it
    accessible as well!

    budget is a real issue for you, then you can have the same classic
    appeal of the
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace for
    a fraction of the price, if you choose moissanite or clarity enhanced diamond as your main pendant

    If you’re new to the wonders
    of moissanite and clarity enhanced diamonds, here’s a quick lesson:

    Moissanite and clarity enhance diamonds have seen rising sales
    despite a sagging economy…and for good reason. They're
    durable, dazzling and decidedly doable, price-wise.

    What is moissanite exactly?
    Moissanite is the best diamond alternative available. It is a lab-created gemstone that reproduces (and in
    some cases exceeds) the fire and brilliance of diamonds. Moissanite
    is not a “fake diamond” in the true sense of the term.
    It’s a diamond replicate that is becoming increasingly popular
    because of its powerful, enduring presence. Moissanite
    possesses a hardness of 9 1/4 on the Mohs’ scale, compared to
    diamonds, which rates 10 so it wears extremely well. Moissanite also has a refractive index that
    is higher and closer to diamonds than cubic zirconia. Its high
    thermal conductivity transmits the same readings as a diamond on
    standard heat conductivity-based diamond testers so it tests positive on some diamond testers. In a nutshell,
    moissanite is often indiscernible from a diamond, even by a
    professionally trained eye.
    For additional moissanite information, click here .

    option is clarity enhanced diamonds which are natural diamonds
    enhanced to show their natural vibrant beauty at 1/3 less than the
    price of a comparable, non enhanced diamond. CE diamonds are natural
    diamonds with a flaw that reaches the surface. That flaw is then
    seamlessly filled and completely hidden using century old techniques
    with the final product that looks like a more expensive, better
    quality diamond. For additional information on clarity enhanced diamonds, click here .

    there’s one jewelry purchase to make this year, it’s our
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace. We
    guarantee classic, long-standing style with personality and a price
    you can afford.

    Make a statement for yourself this year. You’re
    worth it!

    please check us out on
    and Twitter (joeschubach). We’d love to network with you

  • Can Jewelry Improve your Figure?

    Well, no…jewelry can't improve your figure. We don't want to make any crazy claims here! But jewelry can be used in strategic ways to pull an outfit together and improve your overall look.

    For instance, if you're feeling like winter weight has really gotten the best of you but need to attend an upscale event, consider the power of dazzling earrings or an eye-catching necklace that pulls the focus toward your upper body.

    And also consider the color you are wearing.

    Black, for instance, is a fashion "minimizer" so consider a basic black dress and focus on your jewelry to really make you dazzle. The other advantage to wearing black? Because the color is so basic and adaptable, you can really make some bold jewelry choices. Wear that wild, chunky necklace or those over-the-top earrings!

    Ultimately, fashion is about working with what you have. We're not all runway models (nor would we want to be necessarily!) But jewelry can add that certain flash and dazzle that will help accentuate the gifts you have!

    Below, Queen Latifah, looking as regal as ever:



    Consider this attention getting Rose Gold Diamond and Pink Moissanite Ring at Joseph Schubach Jewelers:



    Stunning, delicate 14kt rose gold engagement ring set with a 1.0ct Charles and Colvard created round moissanite color enhanced to
    spring pink surrounded by 1/3ct t.w. white diamonds. Matching earrings
    also available.

  • Matching Jewelry to your Fashion – the Basics


    Image from

    You've seen her before. She seems to have all the most fashionable clothes, the most "in step" pair of shoes and most dazzling jewelry yet somehow looks like…like a virtual train wreck!

    All of us can fall victim to fashion sometimes. It's easy enough to do. Some of the latest fashions looks great on a runway model – but not on you!

    So here are some pointers to reduce the "fashion train wreck" quotient in your life:

    1. Find that metal that suits your mood. Just because its gold doesn't mean it glitters on you. These aren't ironclad rules but for the most part, brunettes,
    redheads and grays look better in silver jewelry, while blondes look smarter in
    gold. Women with black hair can go either way.

    2. Match your jewelry to your clothing. Sapphire earrings can really showcase your favorite deep blue dress, for instance. But take some time to experiment. Sometimes really powerful earrings can overwhelm a dress. You're looking to accentuate not overpower. If you're wearing black, you can pick from numerous pieces (hence why black is such a "go to" color, fashion-wise.)

    3. Match jewelry with other jewelry. Some people play jewelry a little too safe! Try a series of bracelets or two necklaces that naturally compliment one another. Try two complimentary but different earrings. Take some fashion chances – but ask a friend first, before you walk out the door!

    Here are some other tips from the experts:


    1. Black makes bright colored stones pop.
    2. Wedding rings don’t have to match other metals in your jewelry.
    3. Wear necklaces 3”-4” below your neckline.
    4. Wear larger earrings for a "smaller" appearance.
    5. Use proper sizes of jewelry to match your body shape. Petite women
      will often be overwhelmed by a piece of jewelry that looks delicate on
      larger women.
    6. Keep textures the same – antique with antique, shiny with shiny etc.
    7. Wearing 3 bracelets on one arm is an attractive option.
    8. Wear a bracelet with your watch.
    9. Long necklaces create vertical lines, thus making you appear taller and more slender.
    10. Jewelry is the most cost-effective accessory you can own & changes the look of each outfit.
    11. Wear jewelry to add color. For example if you're wearing an all
      black and white outift, a pink necklace, and/or bracelet, and/or watch,
      will really dazzle.

    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we have jewelry to suit every occasion and any outfit. What makes us truly unique is our craftsmanship. We can create a piece of jewelry with only you in mind. Take a look at our site for some ideas. You dream it, we create it!

  • The Most Expensive Earrings Ever?


    Harry Winston
    Extraordinary Diamond Drop Earrings
    $8.5 million

    According to Forbes, these earrings may be one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world. And with 60.1 carats to these pear-shaped diamond drop earrings, who would expect less?

    You may sigh with diamond envy, but figure it this way: you'd have to hire your own personal bodyguards every time you wear them. And you could never casually say, "Oh shoot, I lost an earring." Instead, you'd bellow, "I just lost four million bucks! Four MILLION bucks!"

    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we can create extraordinary diamond (or moissanite or clarity-enhanced diamond) earrings like this for a fraction (and we do mean a fraction!) of the price. We specialize in recreating fine pieces like the ones above at a price you can afford.

    Better yet, join our DIY (Dream it Yourself) Custom Design Jewelry Contest and create drop earrings that are drop dead. Just by entering, you save 50% in custom design fees. If you're piece is chosen as the Winner, you win $500 toward your purchase.

    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, you create the price, we create the piece!

  • Choosing the Right Setting for your Ring

    The setting for your ring is the foundation of your piece. It’s an often overlooked aspect when choosing a ring but its as personal of a decision as the stone itself. Many factors come into play, such as your lifestyle and the cut of the gem itself.

    There are basically three types of setting:

    The Prong Setting

    The prong engagement ring setting is a traditional ring setting that dates back to the early 1900’s. It’s a “basket” setting that holds you stone via prongs. This setting allows light to approach the stone from more angles, adding to the sparkle of your piece.

    The Flush Setting

    The flush setting is a more modern ring
    setting. A tapered hole is made within the band for the
    stone to reside. When done correctly, the stones are secured in an embedded manner into the ring. This is often a good choice for an active lifestyle.

    The Cluster Setting

    This engagement ring setting is good for those
    on a limited budget. With the cluster setting you can take many
    small stones and make them look like one single large stone. You can use this setting to arrange gemstones into a shape of your choice.

    Again, lifestyle factors come into play when deciding the setting for your ring. If you’re using your hands a lot throughout the day, then a secure setting for your ring becomes critical. You want to go through your day confidently, without the fear of damaging your ring. The setting of your ring needs to stand up to your day-to-day needs.


    Traditional Prong Setting

             Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring With Diamonds

    cut engagement ring with .08 ct t.w. round brilliant diamonds set around
    four prong head.