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Jewelry Lessons for Monday

Come on, wake up that groggy brain of yours! It’s Monday. Time to expand your mind, increase your knowledge and get some work done.

Jewelry has a vast and amazing history across the world, signifying so much more than adornment.Here’s some bite-sized pieces of jewelry info so you’re a little more “in the know”:

The word Jewelry is derived from the Latin word jocale, meaning “plaything,” and the word jewel, which was anglicised in the 13th century from the Old French word jouel. The word “jewelry” (spelled Jewellery in European English) is used to describe any piece of precious material (gemstones, noble metals, etc.) used to adorn one’s self.

Jewelry in its most basic form has been used since the dawn of of man’s use of tools and clothing. Researchers believed that the ability to use symbolism did not develop until humans had migrated to Europe 35,000 to 40,000 years ago. Recently discovered mollusk shells that had been perforated to be made into beads are now thought to be some of the oldest known man-made Jewelry.

Used as a symbol of wealth and/or status as well as to protect against harm, ward of evil, and heal ailments, jewelry was used to adorn nearly every part of the body and has been made out of almost every material known to mankind.

Early Jewelry

Source: The History of Jewelry