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Best Jewelry for Monday (Think Minimal)

Sure, you’ve read that certain seasons call for a particular piece of jewelry (like brighter, bolder jewelry during the summer months, for instance). But let’s think meta for a moment. Could every day of the week benefit from a certain style of jewelry?

Let’s take Monday, for instance. For most, it’s the day of the week where we have to start again, jump back into the work week or get the kids safely off to school. The weekend still hangs on us like a cozy sweater but the reality of all the “stuff” that needs done looms overhead. Often we’re feeling a little…uninspired.

For this reason, our staff has decided that Monday is a good day to keep it simple. Bold jewelry may be a little too taxing and no jewelry might be a little too lazy. So here’s our “less is more” on Monday approach.


main view of Minimalist Gold Rectangle Necklace

Minimalist Gold Rectangle Necklace

Minimalist and chic rectangle necklace, measuring 7.5x29mm. Available in 14kt white, yellow, or rose gold, with a 16″ chain.

Price: $365.00

main view of Modern Circle Necklace

Modern Circle Necklace

Modern and minimalist Circle necklace with a 13mm diameter and an 18″ rope chain. Available in all metals.

Price: $310.00 – $345.00