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Eye Color and Jewelry – How to Harmonize

The fashion you wear should ultimately flatter and enhance your existing skin, hair and eye color. Most of us can quickly name the colors that we definitely can’t wear. When it comes to jewelry, the same applies.

According to one fashion expert:

Those of you with light-colored eyes will look best in earrings augmented by cool-toned gemstones with a blue or green hue, such as Blue Topaz, Opal, Turquoise, Ocean Sky, Jade, Green Quartz, Aventurine or Peridot.

Those of you with dark eyes will look best in earrings augmented by warm-toned gemstones with a reddish or golden hue, such as the Carnelian, Citrine, Champagne, or even the purplish Amethyst.

Below, a human eye color chart…amazing that there is so much variation!