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  • Jewelry Color and Personality Types – What does yours Say?

    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we want to create jewelry pieces for life. Whether its moissanite or diamond, Gemesis or other gemstones, we’re in it for the long haul.

    And we know how personal jewelry can be. From a lucky pendant to a beloved heirloom, you become “one” with your piece. has this to say, regarding the color of your jewelry and the deeper, mythic meanings:

    A vibrant hue on your hand can be striking. Many members of the British Royal family would agree: Diana Spencer wore a sapphire engagement ring; Sarah Ferguson sported a ruby. As gem expert Antoinette Matlins, points out, “Colored gems are a more personal choice for brides, because [variations in tones make] each individual stone distinct from any other.”

    Red has long been a popular choice, for its connotations of the heart and love. One of Matlin’s favorite crimson stones is the red tourmaline, which is an affordable alternative to the ruby. Others include spinel and garnet, and if money isn’t a consideration, red emerald. The rarest of the scarlet rocks, it’s only found in one spot in the world: Utah.

    Green expresses faithfulness and continuity, but Matlins warns against choosing an emerald for everyday use. “Since most people don’t have the budget for stones of rare enough quality to be durable, it’s wise to buy them only in pieces of jewelry that will be worn on special occasions.”

    In lieu of an emerald, she recommends tsavorite. This stone, which is found in Kenya, comes in a wide range of greens and is considered to be more brilliant and durable than emeralds, not to mention a tenth of the price. Many experts believe it’s poised to replace the emerald as the most popular green stone.

    If you’re looking for a large selection of colors, your search ends with the sapphire. Not only is it one of the most durable stones available, but it also comes in an array of shades from yellow and peach to brown and black. For something that represents spirituality and purity, stick with the true-blue sapphire. Just make sure you go for a lighter shade. “Choose a sapphire in a rich blue color, but not so dark that it looks blackish,” Matlins says, since blackish stones are usually lower quality.

    If you want something closely connected with love and marriage, an obvious choice is pearl. For 3,000 years it has been an emblem of modesty, chastity, and purity. Like emeralds, however, only the most expensive pearls are considered durable enough for everyday use, so Matlins suggests wearing them on your wedding day in the form of a necklace, earrings, or bracelet.

    Our Latest Arrival – Gemesis

    A High Quality Sapphire gem

  • The MTV Awards – What Stars Shined

    The trend at star-studden ceremonies such as the MTV Music awards last week still remains subdued: a little understated but dazzling nonetheless. Many fashion critics raved over the Cameron Diaz’s simple but effective wide, textured metal white-metal cuff, sprinkled with diamonds set in yellow gold. More yellow gold encircles the cuff’s outer edges.

    Vanessa Hudgens kept it simple as well with two pendant necklaces:
    Sandra Bullock accented her outfit suitably, with little fanfare, with these mixed metal cylindrical earrings:

    And any star in the know knows they can’t go wrong with diamond stud earrings, like these worn by Hayden Panettiere:

    Take a look at our diamond stud earrings, bound to please any loved one and accent any outfit perfectly, whether its the red carpet or a simple night out on the town:

    Style 1177MS-2.10ct

    Cushion Cut Moissanite Stud Earrings

    Antique cushion cut stud earrings, four prong wire basket settings with friction backs and Charles and Colvard created moissanite. 2.10ct t.w. (dia equiv, 6mm stones)

  • The Look of Luck

    Whether it’s moissanite, diamonds of cubic zirconia, you can make your own lucky charm from your mind’s eye!

    Most of us believe, somewhere in the depths of our mind, that jewelry holds a certain degree of power. Of course, we all know someone (or we are that someone) who has a “good luck charm” of some sort.

    My grandmother swears by her lucky pearl earrings. She had them on when she  married  her husband of 43 years. She wore them when she bought a winning lottery ticket (she only won $300 but still!) and she had them on when she graduated college years after her kids had grown.

    Celebrity Heidi Klum has gotten a lot of recent attention for “clover necklace” which has double the luck, since of course, 4 leaf clovers hold tons of lucky power.

    What’s your lucky charm? Do you have one? Is there a necklace or pair of earrings that make you feel stronger, protected?

    If you don’t have anything, why not make one of your own. Our Dream it Yourself program allows you to be the designer of your own piece. At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we’re more than just designers, we’re artists. We know how to translate your dream into reality.

  • A Few Words on our Service

    From Moissanite earrings to stunning engagement rings, our customers are singing our praises…and rightfully so.

    Here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we’re not afraid to show off a little. We pride ourselves in excellent service. And we don’t just talk about it, we live it.

    Jewelry is a highly personal purchase for our customers. We lead our customers on the journey and stand by their side, making sure the experience is full and rich.

    But let’s let our customers do the talking:

    Hi Beth:

    I received my rings and I love them! They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much for your personal and professional care that you offered. This will certainly not be the last piece of jewelry we buy from you. I will send you a name of the ring so it can be in your contest. I’ll think about it today and email you on Monday.

    Thanks again,


    Hi Beth:

    Got the ring on Wednesday. Opened it up and WOW!!!! The website just absolutely DOES NOT do it justice!  The ring turned out much better than I ever imagined. Did I say WOW yet!?!?

    The fire and brilliance were sooooooo much better than anything I have seen in a retail store.  I proposed to Heather (my, now, Fiance!!) on Friday and she has not stopped staring at it.

    Everyone that has seen the ring has had an eye popping response and given me all kinds of credit for doing such a good job (thanks to you guys!! Couldn’t have done it without you!!)

    Joe has a long term customer thanks to you! Heather will be needing some earrings shortly to pair with the ring for our wedding.

    The ring is beautiful, your service is beyond exceptional, and I am in your debt.  Thank you so much!


    Dear Joe:

    For our anniversary I just received a beautiful pair of Moissanite earrings from my husband, and was very impressed with their quality.  I kept comparing them to my engagement ring and, at least with my untrained eye, the Moissanite earrings look just as brilliant as my diamond.  I was interested in another piece of jewelry to complete the set, and saw the round three stone pendant (style 10099).  Could you please provide me details on it?

    Thanks much!

    Style 10099

    Round Three Stone Pendant

    Three stone pendant with round brilliant stones set on an 18″ cable chain.

  • Fancy Colored Diamonds – A Quick Lesson


    Ever since J Lo’s engagement ring, there has been a movement toward fancy colored diamonds. What is it about these magical, richly hued gemstones that capture the hearts of the buyer? And how are they created?

    For quite some time, any color found in a diamond was considered undesirable. Diamonds were meant to be clean and clear – devoid of any color or even the slightest hue.

    But now that fancy colored diamonds have become popular, gemologists are purposefully creating diamonds in a wide array of colors.

    Naturally, diamonds can have color due to the following factors:

    • Trace elements in the diamonds can produce color such as nitrogen which creates a yellow diamond.
    • Color can result when radiation is present during a diamond’s creation. For instance, green diamond hues are the result of radiation.
    • Inclusions are undesirable in a colorless stone, but can contribute unique tones and flashes of color in a fancy color diamond.

    More commonly, fancy color diamonds are treated in one form or the other. Synthetic colored diamonds are affordable and often very vibrant in hue. They are created in a laboratory but are still the “real deal.” With that said, you’ll want to do your research and find a company that creates a solid, authentic product (like Gemesis, for instance.)

  • Ugliest Engagement Rings Ever!

    Many people walk into Joseph Schubach Jewelers, confessing they know very little about engagement rings. Of course, we're more than happy to help them through the process. An ill-executed engagement ring, well…could end up in a lack of an engagement!

    So here, for your amusement (and warning!) are several photos of some of the worst engagement rings we could find:







    Okay, now erase those images from your memory…please. And take a look at one of our decidedly non-ugly engagement rings…so you know the difference:


    Cushion Cut Moissanite Ring With Pave' Diamonds And Six Genuine Sapphires

    pave' diamond and cushion cut moissanite ring. This ring contains one
    Charles and Colvard created moissanite with diamond accent stones and
    six genuine blue sapphires for a total gem weight of over 3.50ct!


  • Warming up your Jewelry with Gemesis Diamonds

    An interesting jewelry trend these last few years has been the "warming up" of colors contained within the pieces. These warm colors consist of many names but may include:

    • scarlet
    • tumbleweed
    • dandelion

    None of these colors are primary colors – they are secondary or tertiary colors.

    Here's an example of a classic, warm-toned piece that can only enhance your wardrobe:


    deep fancy yellow cushion cut Gemesis diamond of SI clarity set into an
    18kt white gold milgrain bezel pendant, featuring .05ct t.w. of bezel
    set white diamonds on a delicate 18" cable chain.
    Metal: 18kt White Gold

  • A Brief Lesson in Gemesis Diamonds

    Gemesis cultured diamonds are becoming increasingly popular for a vast array of reasons but the main ones include extremely high quality, affordable price and ecological conscientiousness. The consumer of today wants to feel decked out in jewels but in a way that's in step with our time.

    Gemesis began creating diamonds in its laboratories in the 1990's. According to Wikipedia:

    While visiting Moscow in 1995 someone asked retired Army General and
    West Point graduate Carter Clarke if he wanted to buy a diamond making
    machine. Three months later he visited Moscow again with the scientist Reza Abbaschian
    and brought 3 of the machines and also 3 Russian scientists to
    Sarasota, Florida.

    After 7 years of research and development in
    cooperation with experts from the University of Florida his company brought high quality diamonds onto the market.Gemesis started marketing its diamonds by polishing them and selling directly to jewelry retailers.

    Since then, the quality and craftsmanship of their product has steadily increased. We have a wide array of Gemesis diamond jewelry to choose from – or better yet, tell us what you'd like to create and we can make your dream piece for you.


    Hand made "half moon"
    chandelier earrings with 1ct t.w. Gemesis cultured diamonds in fancy
    yellow or orange color, 1/4ct t.w. pave natural round diamonds and
    1/2ct t.w. natural princess cut diamonds (1 3/4ct t.w.). Earrings
    measure approximately 1.5" without the ear wire. 
    Available Metal: 14kt White Gold, Yellow Gold And Platinum

  • Big, Bold but Affordable Jewelry Still the Trend

    From moissanite to Lucite, the focus of today's jewelry is big, bold and clean. A simple outfit can be accentuated in a big way with a statement piece that gracefully takes center stage.

    "It's the jewelry that actually makes the look," says fashion stylist
    Jesse Garza, co-founder of Visual Therapy, a New York wardrobe
    consultancy, and co-author, with his Visual Therapy partner Joe Lupo,
    of Life in Color: The Visual Therapy Guide to the Perfect Palette for Fashion, Beauty, and You!. Says Garza,

    "I love a flattering, clean backdrop with a statement piece–a pop of color."

    According to Forbes:

    This year, the emphasis is on bold, chunky jewelry–a triple-strand of
    big beads; a thick, geometric bangle; an oversized ring. Perhaps as a
    reaction to tough economic times, precious jewels have been stowed
    away, replaced with semiprecious stones such as lapis, pyrite and
    quartz; and materials such as horn, resin and even Lucite.

    "I think
    today, to walk around with a stack of diamond bangles doesn't feel
    right," Garza says.

    His and Lupo's picks for great daytime jewelry:
    chunky, midsized hoop earrings; wood cuff bracelets; and turquoise bead

    Don't let the sagging economic times take away the bling in your life! These trendy choices allow you a sense of wealth without the…wealth! Moissanite, for instance, can make you feel like a million bucks without (again)…the million bucks!


    Hand Made And Engraved Moissanite Ring With Yellow Sapphires And Pave' Diamonds

    made/hand engraved platinum ring with a 4.50ct (dia equiv) Charles and
    Colvard created round moissanite, 1/2ct t.w. yellow sapphires and 1/3ct
    t.w. pave' diamonds. Also available with pink or blue sapphires.

  • D.I.Y. Contestant Thrilled with Results!

    One of our D.I.Y. Custom Design Jewelry contestants is already raving about the finished product. (Frankly, he was the mastermind behind it – we just did the legwork!)

    You have a few more days to toss your hat in the ring, so what are you waiting for? Our contest allows YOU to choose the design and the material (from diamonds to moissanite to cubic zirconia, for instance.)

    Since you choose the material, you ultimately choose the price. Just by entering, you receive a 50% discount on our design fees. And if you win? $500 toward your purchase.



    To the Staff at Joseph Schubach Jewelers:

    Thank you Joe, and thank you Sarah so much for all your help. And thanks
    to anyone else who helped make this awesome ring!! The picture didn't do
    it justice, its so much more spectacular seeing it in person!!!

    It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! It's a lot bigger than I imagined it to be too!

    Anyway, thank you so much again and you do excellent work!
    All of my coworkers saw it and got jealous – they're all going to vote for
    it when the contest is over.

    I can't thank you enough, its just amazing!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Here's last year's D.I.Y. Contest Winner: