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Broad, Social Influences Affect Jewelry Trends for 2010

In this day and age, trends are becoming more intricately connected to what’s going on in the world around us. The terms being used have more of a socio-political feel and a deeper resonance with the buyer.

Here’s what one expert has to say:

Over the last year, Gem Visions’ international team of trend and jewelry experts explored a broad palette of socio-cultural implications to come up with four distinct “mega trends” that they believe are most likely to influence fine jewelry. For 2010, those trends are: false nudity, oversized games, pure chaos and divine chimeras.

The first features ultra-light, airy designs focusing on light and transparency yet counterbalanced by minute details and rendered in milky pastel colors such as pale olive green, sugar-almond tones, salmon pink and deep powder blue.

Designs in the “oversized games” category feature a theatrical stylization of nature with extravagantly sculptural, playful forms in shocking and acidic colors juxtaposed with cold, concrete neutrals.

Draped materials, layers and random imperfections in stones and metals will be some of the design characteristics for pieces that fall under the “pure chaos” category. A mix of multicolors and monotones will make up the color palette.

Finally, “divine chimera” designs will be expressed through mismatched materials and hot oranges, reds and corals complemented by opaque shades of anthracite and brown. Pieces within the category are meant to unveil personal identity and express fantasy and escapism.