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During a Tough Economy, Moissanite Shines Through

As wedding budgets continue to shrink and extraneous gift items become, well, extraneous, moissanite stands out as a viable, politically savvy alternative for jewelry choices as sales for this diamond alternative continue to increase amidst an ailing market.

One of the biggest pros, obviously, is the cost. Not only is moissanite less expensive than a diamond but more durable. It also has more “fire” – a term to describe the radiance and refractive quality of a gem.

Take a look at the example below:


                             Moissanite (on the left) with 2½ times more fire than diamond

Moissanite is also lacking in the stigma of other diamond alternatives. As the diamond mining process is experiencing more public scrutiny because of its political and ecological ramifications, moissanite is becoming a smart, politically correct alternative.

In other words, a moissanite choice isn’t simply based on affordability but consciousness.

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